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The Transformation in Retail Banking

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Financial institutions in Europe are finding different ways to recover performance and win the battle for the customer. Fujitsu solutions around retail banking and self-service tackle basic challenges, enhancing customer experience through the multichannel service improving the availability, flexibility and the reliability of one of the most used contact points: the ATMS. They create additional ROI enabling bank branch teams to focus on the personal customer attention by freeing staff from transactional activities. Fujitsu can help to achieve best of market KPI around systems availability, customer satisfaction and ROI through an end–to-end solution that will support the financial institutions in their transformational journey.
Miguel Feu Gallego

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The Transformation in Retail Banking

  1. 1. 0 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Fujitsu Forum 2016 #FujitsuForum
  2. 2. 1 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU The Transformation in Retail Banking Miguel A. Feu Gallego Managing Director Grupo Santander Global Account
  3. 3. 2 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Digital Waves Online consumer business Hyperconnected World A huge impact to every industry 1st Wave The Internet Connected, online 2nd Wave The Mobile Internet Real-time, anywhere 3rd Wave The Internet of Things and Big Data - Convergence of physical & digital 4th Wave AI and Robotics Knowledge & automation
  4. 4. 3 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Organisations need to cross the chasm… Technology adoption model: adapted from “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore, 2014 Entrepreneurs Start-Ups R&D Shadow IT Mainstream organisations and ICT departments The disconnect ...and embrace Fast IT
  5. 5. 4 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Digital Challenges:Our Approach to Digital Leadership & Talent Security Complexity Adoption Organizations face difficult challenges in shifting to digital Fujitsu Edge Portfolio of technologies and services, driving digital transformation
  6. 6. 5 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Retail Bank: Situation, Trends, Decisions Situation  Address new generation of customers.  Offering a better customer experience through new products and channels.  Fundamental concept of a trusted institution .  Pace of change is increasing rapidly.  Need to deepen customer relationships. Megatrends Industry Priorities  Developing a customer-centric business model.  Optimizing distribution.  Simplifying business and operating models.  Obtaining an information advantage  Enabling innovation, and the capabilities required to foster it.  Proactively managing risk, regulations and capital. Challenges  Customer expectations and behaviors evolve FASTER than Banks evolution path  Evolve their customer experience to be more female-friendly.  Cyber security is paramount to rebuilding the trust. Winning decisions  Every bank will be a direct bank.  Branch service officers and bank customers use the same platform.  Branch will take over new roles.  Banks will organize themselves around customers instead of products or channel.  Expanded ATMs’ will be in-store or in other well-trafficked sites, and as valuable as marketing, sales, transaction and cash-handling points – perhaps even with dedicated staff.  Leaders will rapidly improve their footprints, reducing branch size and costs, introducing new models and migrating low value transactions to low-touch digital channels.
  7. 7. 6 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Our Vision for Digital  Our vision is to leverage the power of technology to enable people to build a safer, more prosperous and sustainable society. We call it a Human Centric Intelligent Society.  Fujitsu is committed to fulfilling this vision by working with our customers and partners to generate greater business and social value. Human Centric Innovation Driving Digital Transformation
  8. 8. 7 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Developing a customer-centric business model Real customer-centric business model  Who are their target customers?  What is their value proposition to those customers?  What competitive advantages will distinguish them in the market- place? A bank does not need to be all things to all people. Customers are redefining their expectations  Multichannel access.  Product simplicity.  Seamless integration of a convenience, personalization, accessibility and ease of use.  Flavours: “ Feel like their bank is anticipating their needs”, “They want transparency and no surprises in terms of fees”  Better customer experience leads to greater loyalty, advocacy and revenues. Focus Points  Enhancing customer data collection.  Evaluating bank performance, metrics and best practices from customer viewpoint.  Allowing for increased customer choice in configuring product features, including pricing.  Using social media to monitor customer preferences.  Offering a mix of self-directed and personal interaction channels to customers.  Creating a flexible and agile product portfolio adapted to customer segment.  The winners of 2020 will develop a much deeper, holistic understanding of their customers. They will need to acquire, integrate and analyse multiple sources of internal and external data. They will be able to understand their customers’ needs, and be present with a relevant solution at the time of need. They will simplify their product sets. And they will redesign their core processes from a customer point of view. (Pwc Report Retail Banking 2020)
  9. 9. 9 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Battle Card for the Retail Banking Transformation Challenge  Win the fee war.  Be every place , work with the community .  Surviving banks will be low-cost producers  Fix the bad, fast.  Help your story get told.  Go digital but improve your human touch.¡¡¡¡ Battle Card
  10. 10. 10 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Redefinition of the branch Each bank will find their own model Do-it-yourself branch Full service Branch Specialized Branch Flagship Branch • Enables customer to perform medium to complex operations • Automation follows bank strategy and regulation with broad opening time • Self-service supervised by an employee • Sharing interest and relevant information that allow personalized advice to the client • Spaces dedicated to meet new customer Knowing customer: • by segment or type, such as private banking and corporate banking. • rural segment • corporate • Where the physical combination and digital responds to the aim of enhancing the brand image and values ​​of the bank • Branding • Finantial Institution DNA Agile Branch • Dedicated to operations that don’t require personal attention • Agility and immediacy are the key values.
  11. 11. 11 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Customer’s point-of-view • Cosy and modern environment • A place to be listened • Same experience in all channels • Pos-sales and complains support Bank’s point-of-view • Shorter Time-to- market • Customer centred • Sales and consultancy driven • Technology based • All channels seamlessly integrated Focus: enhance the relationship with the customer The Self service channel …as a pillar to the new Retail Banking Model
  12. 12. 12 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU The Self service channel …as a pillar to the new Retail Banking Model Fujitsu is delivering intelligent solutions for smart branches • Multifunctional and highly available ATMs • Intelligent Capture • Dynamic Marketing • Complete line of terminals: computer, tablet, touch screen • Innovation and consultancy Different approaches • Branding • Lab for technology testing • Pilot for network branches Same guidelines • Techie • Wireless • Face to face • Customer centred • “Shop” and cosy • Innovation • Sales and consultancy oriented • Modern and mobile
  13. 13. 13 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Profitability of the self-service channel Reduction of the current TCO and increasing income Modernization of the self-service channel According to business, technological, functional, safety and regulations requirements Focus on the business Assuming the achievement of the operational excellence in a Self-service Channel focused on customer Service excellence in the self-service channel Ensuring a high level of service The Self service channel Main challenges 1 2 3 4
  14. 14. 14 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU ATM Manufacturer & Supply ATM Refurbishment & Restyling ATM Environment Certification & Testing ATM Application Development & Support ATM Middleware Development & Support ATM Environment Audits ATM Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes Programme Management & Initiative Fulfilment Cash Replenishment (through Partner) ATM Customisation ATM Design Proactive Monitoring & Automated Responses Triage & 1st Level Remote Support Incident Tracking & Management Study Desk & Problem Management Service Management & Reporting On Site Engineering & Support Cash Forecasting & Optimisation H/W ATM-as-a-Service Utility Model H/W & S/WH/W H/WH/W S/W S/W CHANGE CHANGE CHANGECASH CASH SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT Our solutions tackle two of the basic challenges faced by banks: • Improving customer service through better access to and availability of key services. • Enhancing the value of the branch through freeing staff from transactional activities to focus on higher revenue sales. Benefits • Increased Switch In • Increased Customer Satisfaction • Improved Cost income ratio • More Upsell and Cross Sell of products • Reduced time to launch new products Enhanced ATM Support Services Self Services Banking Solutions Transformation around Retail Banking
  15. 15. 15 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Transactions absorption of low added value by the self-service channel: • Free employees to assume a more sales/consultative role; • Optimizes investment in branch networks; • Enhances Customer Experience The channel ROI is based on the achieved Absorption Rate 100% 85% 70% 68% 38% 25% Branch 30% Self Service 70% Customers make the choice: they will only use self-service if it is easier, practical and more useful Easier to use ATMs with better functions immediately benefits absorption, leading to greater efficiency and sales productivity at the branch Absorption is the % of transactions done at the ATM vs the branch, during branch opening hours. It is our main efficiency KPI. 2003 47% 2009 65% 2013 72% The Self service channel Is a pillar to the new Retail Banking Model
  16. 16. 16 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Euro Branch 4 Call Center 3,75 ATM 0,85 Online 0,17 Mobile 0,08 • A same operation made in the ATM can cost up to one fifth of the cost when executed in the branch. • The increase in the absorption rate leads to a better use of the investment of the network. • Current ATM models with new functions can offer a broader range of services to customers. The increment in the absorption rate has a direct impact over the network profitability. Saving ~3,5€ “ Migrating low-added transactions to ATM channel will enable the new branch model, with sales-focused staff, supporting the bank’s strategy and also providing costs saving. “ The key: absorption rate Migrating operations
  17. 17. 17 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Highlighting ATM channel value Safe, flexible and available In the operation’s migration process, the self-service channel must be a comfortable and safe experience to customers, provided by a omnichannel solution: hardware, software and services An attractive channel: Clean, available, modern, customized Quick: Easy to use, operations done quickly, connected with mobile Intuitive. Friendly interface designed to customers Humanized: Improves customer relationship A CONSISTENT AND RICH EXPERIENCE High capillarity Broader opening time Safe environment
  18. 18. 18 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Mobility solutions for self-service channel A safe and mobile experience at the ATM Design, service and network monitoring. A complete solution from one vendor, taking advantage of synergys from a global leading company in IT solutions. 100% Fujitsu solution Fujitsu is innovating the self-service channel to build a more efficient, flexible, modern channel and adapt it to current market needs, while searching for the best user experience. Extended desktop: allows to operate with the ATM taking the complete application to your mobile device. Mobile payment: operation that you perform from the mobile phone and generates a code, which you can use on a atm to withdraw. Alert in your mobile phone and SmartWatch warns when your card is being used in a ATM, allowing to block it temporaly. Mobile solution for field technicians a QR code displayed on the operator screen, shows ATM status, error details and solution.
  19. 19. 19 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU CaixaBank: free to focus on core business 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 Approximately 1 in every €4 in Spain withdrawn comes from CaixaBank ATM CaixaBank – highest Self-Service Channel ROI due 75% Absorption rate : ■ Enhanced customer experience ■ Maximised ROI investment in branch ■ Staff focused on value-added operations a.e. proactive selling . ■ Increase efficiency due reduce cost per earning ratio Absorption = Branch Transactions during branch opening hours via self-service channel 75 70 65 65 55 50 45 40 3.5 3 2.5 1 2 1.5 Reducing transaction unavailability: ■ Increases absorption ■ Focus in the customer experience ■ Requires more than smart engineering ■ Requires careful planning, and ongoing optimisation. AbsorbtionNon Availability Non Availability (%) Absorbtion (%) Source: RBR
  20. 20. 20 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Data Analytics to improve ATM Business Quick answers to support business decisions: ■ Absorption rate ■ Device profitability ■ Transactions performed ■ Notes dispensing ■ Profiles of customers ■ Geolocation of transactions at ATMs ■ What if?
  21. 21. 21 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU