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Get your Backup Strategy ready for the Digital World!

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Digitizing everything drives new forms and larger scales of IT architectures: Hyper-converged, Hybrid IT and massive scale-out platforms for HPC as well as for business analytics and big data. The new diversity of new and traditional types of IT infrastructures demands a rapid adoption of backup and archiving technologies. This is key in order to quickly benefit from new IT trends without putting business data at risk. Have a look how latest data protection innovations from Veritas enables you to master old and new challenges better, and how the cooperation with Fujitsu delivers complete solution stacks.

Andreas Bechter
Frank Reichart

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Get your Backup Strategy ready for the Digital World!

  1. 1. Human Centric Innovation Co-creation for Success © 2018 FUJITSU Fujitsu Forum 2018 #fujitsuforum
  2. 2. © 2018 FUJITSU Get your Backup Strategy ready for the Digital World! Andreas Bechter Global Technical Alliance Manager, Veritas Frank Reichart Senior Director Product Marketing, Fujitsu
  3. 3. The truth in information Get your Backup Strategy ready for the Digital World!
  4. 4. Who we are to our customers SCALE SPEED EFFICIENCY OPENNESS SUPPORT Veritas NetBackup has been the trusted leader in data protection for decades. Veritas NetBackupTM Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies4
  5. 5. Veritas NetBackupTM Best-in-class data protection for where we know our customers are going. Why you should consider Veritas 5 SCALE SPEED EFFICIENCY OPENNESS SUPPORT +++ more… Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies
  6. 6. BUSINESS CHALLENGES Associated with build-your-own data protection solutions Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies6 ITPROBLEM Build, manage, and multi-vendor support challenges Poor performance, high management costs BUSINESSCHALLNEGE Component compatibility and downtime Reliability challenges, lack of high availability System updates are complex and time-intensive projects Difficulty protecting modern workloads, cloud technologies UPGRADE
  7. 7. The world of Hyper-converged IT Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.7
  8. 8. At The Example Of Fujitsu - Virtualization: Traditional – Converged – Hyper-converged?  Hardware components procured separately  VMware, PRIMERGY, ETERNUS, … Traditional  Hardware components integrated in a single chassis  PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSphere and NFLEX Converged  Hardware pre-integrated with virtualization software  Software-defined DAS storage  PRIMEFLEX for VMware VSAN, VCF, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Hyper-converged ORCHESTRATION NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE OS App VM OS App VM OS App VM OS App VM NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE OS App VM OS App VM NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE OS App VM OS App VM Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.8
  9. 9. Hyperconverged = Simplification ? Look for integrated systems!
  10. 10. The Fujitsu answer: PRIMEFLEX Hyper-converged Integrated Systems Hyper-converged Solutions vCenter Cloud Foundation NSX SDDC Manager vSAN vSphere Hardware Management Plug-Ins Hardware Management Services (HMS) Horizon Suite (Optional) vRealize Suite(Optional) Pre-qualified vSAN Ready Nodes (rack-mount servers incl. storage) Management Switch ToR Data Switches Inter Rack Spine Switches Compute and Storage Cluster Storage Space Direct Hyper-V Virtual Machines Shared pool of local disks vSphere vSAN VM VM VM VM VM VM Managed by vCenter SSD HDD SSD HDD SSD HDD ... ... vSAN Storage Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.10
  11. 11. Protecting Hyper-Converged Infrastructures The management software of HCI usually provide high-availability and disaster recovery functionality for virtual machines But what about data protection, recovery, and management? Accidently deleted data Data Corruption Lifecycle management of VM Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.11
  12. 12. Why backup for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Do I still need an additional backup? Example replication: • Replicate also errors/virus/ accidental delete High availability doesn't help against data corruption! Cluster PRODUCTION DISASTER RECOVERY SW Human Virus Replication ServerServer RAID systemsRAID systems Bang Bang Bang Bang Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.12 APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS
  13. 13. The complete Out-of-the Box Solution ORCHESTRATION NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE NETWORK COMPUTE STORAGE HCI fast deployment and flexible scalability of virtual infrastructures out of the box BACKUP Veritas NetBackup Appliances fast and easy backup of HCI out of the box + COMPUTE STORAGE SOFTWARE Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.13
  14. 14. Access data inside VMs backed up on a NetBackup appliance instantly Enables recovery of selected files without restoring VM VM admins can easily do their own restores Supports any filesystem Agentless: Eliminates the need for agents in a VMware environment Four options within the NetBackup Web based UI – Browsing the file and folder directly from backups – Download the selected file without restoring the VM – Recover a selected single file without restoring the original VM – Creating a new Virtual Machine with the selected VM backup VMware Instant Access Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.14
  15. 15. User interface (UI) – ‘Form and function’ 1 Operate faster – 30+ steps to 3 (VMware)! 2 Automate asset discovery and protection 3 Enable self-service 4 Crush Service Level Objectives 5 Report on capacity/consumption in real time 6 Manage from ANYWHERE Dynamic web-based UI for a modern experience Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies15
  16. 16. NetBackup Appliance Customer Use Cases Appliance strategy - eliminate complexity with scalable and agile integrated solutions Simplify enterprise data management with NetBackup Appliance solutions. AGILE. SCALABLE. INTEGRATED. Scalability Scale with data growth. Resiliency Enhance resiliency and performance. Simplicity Converged solutions for complex data management problems. Efficiency Deliver operational efficiency and insight. APPLIANCESTRATEGY Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies16
  17. 17. Veritas Converged Solution Stack NetBackup Appliances in a nutshell  Deploy faster  Minimize planned and unplanned downtime  Streamline management tasks  Improve staff efficiencies and service levels Increase Operational Efficiency  Lower CapEx by combining multiple point products in a single appliance  Reduce operating expenses  Decrease space, cooling, and power requirements Reduce Costs with Consolidation  Optimize performance via tight integration of hardware and software  Reduce bandwidth and capacity requirements with deduplication  Easily add capacity as your environment grows Maximize Performance and Scalability Simplify enterprise data management with NetBackup Appliance solutions. AGILE. SCALABLE. INTEGRATED. Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies17
  18. 18. Access Appliance Long term retention, tape replacement and backup archiving Veritas Appliance Family Move deduped data into/out of public and private clouds NetBackup CloudCatalyst Protection for small or medium workloads NetBackup 5240 High performance protection for Enterprise workloads NetBackup 5340 Consolidate multiple NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst deployments on a single platform Flex Appliance Protection for the virtualized enterprise NetBackup Virtual Appliances DATACENTER ROBO Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.18 Corporate Responsibility Report 2017
  19. 19. What is means for you and and your company NetBackup Appliances Save time and money with integrated appliances. Streamline acquisition Simplify installation and integration Eliminate complex administration processes and tasks Automate deployment of patches and upgrades Reduce support requests Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.19
  20. 20. Getting away from the Traditional Single Client Backup Model for the good of HCI Workloads NBU Client NetBackup Master Server NetBackup Media Server NBU Client 20 Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.
  21. 21. New Scale Out Backup and Recovery Architecture NetBackup Master Server NetBackup Media Server NameNode Proxy Client 1 DataNode 1 DataNode 2 DataNode 3 DataNode 𝑛 b1 b2 b3 b4' b1’ b2' b3’ b4’’ b1’’ b2’’ b3’’ b5’ b4 b1’’ b1’’ b5’’ b5’ Proxy Client 2 Proxy Client 3 b1 b2 b3 b4 b5’ b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 … Backup Storage Proxy Clients Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.21
  22. 22. New Scale Out Backup and Recovery Architecture - Advantages Eliminate Complexity Agentless Backup Pool aggregate resources from NetBackup Media servers or Clients – Leverage proxy backup clients Distribute workload among proxy clients Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.22
  23. 23. Our Motivation Shorten the amount of time for adding support for a new workload in NetBackup Make it easy to integrate with HCI solutions Grow the list of new supported workloads HDFS, HBase, Nutanix, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB etc… A much simpler framework for adding support for new workloads – New workload support is as easy as implementing a well defined API Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.23
  24. 24. Our Framework Principals Build on top of a strong NetBackup core – Job Management, Policy, Media Management etc… – Data Movement • Movement of data • Image - Packing and Unpacking Data • Compression and Decompression • Encryption and Decryption – Discovery • Resolver Framework – Image Duplication/Replication, Tape Out, Replication to cloud – Accelerator Application specific things are done through well defined API Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.24
  25. 25. NetBackup VirtualMachines/Nodes … Acropolis VirtualMachines/Nodes … Acropolis VirtualMachines/Nodes Acropolis … Parallel streams NetBackup Big Data Policy Parallel streams Parallel streams ………… NetBackup Parallel Streaming NetBackup 8.1  Agentless backup and recovery  Dynamic scale with “N” backup hosts  On-demand plugin downloads  Plugins available independent of NetBackup releases  Flexible Backup Host configurations – Client, Media, or Master server  All operations run on NetBackup  Eliminates performance bottlenecks  Modern cloud-scale data protection Master Server aggregated storage pool Hyper-converged workloads “N” Backup Hosts out of the box workload plugins PERFORMANCE DYNAMICALLY SCALED Nutanix Support – Fujitsu / Veritas win/win Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.25
  26. 26. DataNodes Master ServerBig Data Policy Backup Host Storage All backup and recovery operations are run on NetBackup (Agentless backup and recovery) Parallel streams Scale up by adding Backup Hosts Name Node RegionServers HbaseMaster VirtualMachines Acropolis Out of the box plugins for workloads Parallel streams Other workloads Hadoop Support – Fujitsu/Veritas win/win Availability of plugins for workloads is independent of NetBackup releases You can configure clients media servers master server as Backup Host … … … … Parallel streams … Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.26
  27. 27. Performance and Sizing Hadoop 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 700000 1 2 3 4 No of backup hosts vs Throughput • Performance Setup Details – Hadoop Cluster • 6 Nodes – 1 NameNode – 5 DataNodes • Configuration for Each Node – 16 GB Memory – 2 CPU Sockets Intel Xeon 2.9 GHz,, 4 Cores Per Socket – Single Disk – Throughput Around 150 MB/Sec – NetBackup Setup • 4 Nodes – 1 Master + Media – 3 More Media Servers • Configuration for Each Node – 32GB Memory – 2 CPU Sockets Intel Xeon 2.9 GHz, 8 Cores Per Socket – Single Disk – Throughput Around 150 MB/Sec Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.27
  28. 28. Full Disaster Recovery package – second site or in Cloud NetBackup Appliances and Resiliency Platform Backup Data NBU Master Server Primary Site Secondary Site NBU Master Server Backup Data on DR site NBU Auto Image Replication 001111110010 101001101110 Resiliency Manager Virtual Appliance Resiliency Manager Virtual Appliance 001111110010 101001101110 VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM  Gain Predictable, Integrated Resiliency  Meet ALL Service Level Objectives Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies28
  29. 29. NetBackup CloudCatalyst – Storing Data in Cloud/ObjectStorage Network NetBackup Media Servers • Store/deduplicate client backup data • Writes/retrieves optimized backup data segments to/from the cloud Data Encryption Support OPTIMIZED OPTIMIZED OBJECT STORAGE Public/Private Cloud  Transfer Deduplicated Data Optimized Transfer • Data is not rehydrated during transfer Lower Costs with Optimized High Performance Transfers to the Cloud Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.29
  30. 30. Integrated Snapshot Management On-Premises Hardware Integrated Snapshot Management Cloud Workloads HP 3PAR | HDS | Unity | Pure Amazon | Azure | Google Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies.30 Integrated Snapshot Management
  31. 31. Azure Cloud & Azure Stack: A consistent hybrid cloud platform Write once, deploy to Azure or Azure Stack • No double development, configuration Leverage existing skills • From Azure to Azure Stack or vice versa  Speed up new cloud app development • Open-source SW from Azure Marketplace  Promising benefits • Maximize agility and efficiency • Maximize developer productivity
  32. 32. PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack combined with Veritas NBU appliances reduces time, risk and cost Fujitsu PSWITCH (2x ToR, 1x management) 4 – 16 X PRIMERGY RX* Fujitsu Infrastructure Manager PRIMERGY RX (HLH) Azure Cloud Services Services (consulting, deployment, support, …) Azure Stack Backup of Azure Stack data on-prem with Veritas NetBackup Appliances HLH = HW Lifecycle Host * = Azure Stack nodes
  33. 33. With our Veritas Fujitsu Partnership you can help customers to START MANAGE DATA RISKS EMPOWER YOUR USERS CAPITALIZE ONYOUR DATA REALIZE BENEFITS: Data protected everywhere (i.e. cloud, open source, etc.) Data is classified, making compliance achievable Downtime risks minimized (i.e. ransomware) Infrastructure modernization and savings BENEFITS: App owners, Devops, architects, etc. empowered Skills gaps mitigated with simple, ”versatalist” -ready solutions IT better serves the business without increasing risks Total costs are reduced where spend can be reallocated BENEFITS: Data management fuels data insights Predictive analytics improve operations Machine learning/AI initiatives realized Data management fuels competitive advantage Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies34
  34. 34. SECONDARY STORAGE TERTIARY STORAGEPRODUCTION WORKLOADS Modernizing data protection & storage Workloads: CloudPoint (IaaS DP) SaaS Backup Resiliency Platform (DR) IRIS (Scale-Out DP) Hyperconverged system Scale-out architecture Simple UX NetBackup Flex (Core DP) Unified data center backup Single catalog Tier direct to cloud Most efficient dedupe technology CloudCatalyst Primary storage performance Cost of tape & cloud Access (LTR) Information Map SDS Management Platform Global data visibility Operational analytics Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies35 STOP BY OUR BOTH IN THE EXHIBIT HALL FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COMPLETE END TO END OFFERINGS !!
  35. 35. Q & AQ & A
  36. 36. Thank you! Copyright © 2018 Veritas Technologies. All rights reserved. Veritas and the Veritas Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Veritas Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Andreas Bechter andreas.bechter@veritas.com +49 172 8524895