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Best-practice Backup Scenarios from Symantec and Fujitsu

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Mr. John Hilger (Symantec)

Mr. Rene Köhnen-Wiesemes (Fujitsu)

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Best-practice Backup Scenarios from Symantec and Fujitsu

  1. 1. 0 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Best-practice Backup Scenarios fromSymantec and Fujitsu John Hilger (Symantec) René Köhnen-Wiesemes (Fujitsu)
  2. 2. 1 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Who we are John Hilger Sr. Principal Systems Engineer Specialist for Backup, Storage & Availability products SymantecRené Köhnen-Wiesemes Sr. IT Solution Architect Storage Data Protection Fujitsu
  3. 3. 2 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Data Protection You don't miss your water ‘til the well runs dry William Bell from the album The Soul of a Bell (1961) You don’t miss your data unless it’s gone Always fulfill the core intention: Ensure the required SLAs Typical challenges for data protection •Perception of backup (-> cost) •Compliance requirements •Data growth & Migration costs •Level of disaster resilience and risk The proof point for a backup solution is the restore case
  4. 4. 3 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Integrated Products become Solutions &
  5. 5. 4 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Up to 22.2 PByte(based on DX600 shelf / 4TB disks) Co-existence of B2D2T andDeduplication SynchronousCache MirrorevenwithDeduplicationViNSinterfaceforCIFS/NFS fileservicesUpto10 front-orbackend controller(ICPs/IDPs) Scalable Entry Model (4-24 TB) Scalable Scale Model (16-320 TB) Asynchronous Data Replication Co-existence of VTL and NetBackup OST deviceTape-out for long term retention (CS8000 possible) CS8000V6 CS800 S5 … and from Fujitsu
  6. 6. 5 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Real world example of integrated products making an enterprise solution NAS ICP ICP ETERNUS CS8000 V6 NetApp FAS8000 Together Fujitsu and Symantec can help reduce data at it’s source, e.g. for Archiving Exchange Exchange Server  ETERNUS CS8000 as a single platform for Data Protection and Archiving  NAS ICP adds CIFS & NFS protocol to ETERNUS CS8000 ViNS (Virtual Network Storage)  ETERNUS CS8000 supports 2 billion files and 3 Million virtual tape drives  Symantec Enterprise Vault and KPMG certified WORM functionality WORM non productive productive Exchange Data Enterprise Vault Server LAN/SAN
  7. 7. 6 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Control & schedule backup & restore activities Track contents of backups (Maintain catalog/index/lifecycle of the protected data) No hard limit on number of media servers or clients Performing backups & restores - “I/O work horse” that uses desired backup media (disk, tape, dedup appliance, cloud, etc…) No hard limit on number of media servers or storage units Servers to be protected No hard limit per Media Server or Master server Master Server Media Server(s) Clients Looking at the components from Symantec… OpsCenter Server Central Management and Reporting (optional) VMware ESX Servers MSFT App Servers File Servers Unstructured data Database Servers SAP Servers
  8. 8. 7 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions CS800 S5 Looking at the integration (e.g. CS800) NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) The OST API leverages the best of NBU & the OST device to maximize the capabilities & value OST Plug-in Any connectivity direct-attached, NAS, SAN, … Any format proprietary file system, deduplication,… Any protocol FC, TCP/IP, combination, … Storage Server NetBackup OpenStorage Leverage unique Vendor features for Optimized Backup & Restore like: • Optimized Duplication Dedupe before replication between OST devices • Automatic Image Replication (AIR) Automatically copy backup images incl. metadata between NBU Masters/Domains using OST devices • Optimized Synthetics Create synthetic full backups from incremental backups, without moving data from OST device • Direct Copy Shared Copy backup images copied directly to a shared tape device without Media Server involvement OpenStorage API - “neutral zone” Leverage NetBackup for : Policy, Control, & enhance appliance Media Server(s)
  9. 9. 8 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Symantec OpenStorage (OST) Partners
  10. 10. 9 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions NetBackup OST HCL for Fujitsu –Nov 2014
  11. 11. 10 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Enterprise Deduplication Solution One size does not fit all, enterprise environments need ALL deduplication solutions Full Integration with Deduplication Storage Media Server CS800 Catalog Data Source / Client Side Deduplication Media Server / Target based Deduplication CS800 Catalog Data Data Data
  12. 12. 11 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions NetBackup & Fujitsu CS800An Enterprise Backup & Dedupsolution via NBU OST integration (SPEED) SPEED SPEED SPEED Install & use SPEED on NetBackup clients for client/source deduplication Install & use SPEED on NetBackup Media server for target side deduplication. Send data to CS800 with SPEED for storage based deduplication Storage based deduplication SPEED NetBackup Media Server NBU Clients * Speed requires an NBU media server / OST, but NBU platform license enables unlimited media servers, thus enabling you to upgradeall NBU clients to media servers Target based deduplication Fujitsu CS800 Source based deduplication
  13. 13. 12 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Enterprise Deduplication SolutionMultiple typesof dedupsolutions standing side-by-sidedoes NOT equal an enterprisededupsolution 1 SourceDedup next to Target Dedup does NOT equal “Enterprise Dedup” Source based deduplication Target based dedup •No global deduplication between source & target deduplication solutions ( Duplicatecopies of data exist on BOTH deduplicationstorage devices ? ) •More “data hops” = “more negative impact to network” •Restores require multiple “re-hydrations”, and multiple hops ( DD Avamar client ), which hurts your RTO 2ndcopy of dedupdata sent to 2ndbackend storage 2ndcopy of rehydrated data sent to 2ndbackend storage Avamar Data Domain SourceDedup AND Target Dedup AND Storage Dedup “All-in-One “Enterprise Dedup” BEST •Global Deduplication (Maximum deduplication benefits) •One hop for backups & restores, and one rehydration for restore (Best for RTO) Source based deduplication Target based deduplication Deduplication for VMware Storage based deduplication NetBackup Media Server Fujitsu CS-800 Deduplication for Databases
  14. 14. 13 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions NetBackup OST : Auto Image Replication (AIR) 1 Source Domain Master Server Target Domain AIR image replication • NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Polices (SLPs) control the replication from Domain A to Domain B • Once the image is automatically imported into Domain B by the AIR policy, the image copy in Domain B is then managed by that domain Image Image Image Optimized Duplication Client Backup MSDP Media Server Duplication Import image metadata Master Server Image Metadata is added CS800 CS800
  15. 15. 14 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Real world solution example Cluster CS800 WAN Replikation via OST OST AIR OST Tape-Out Load balanced Media Servers (Storage Unit Group) Dedup / Non-Dedup Dedup NBU-Agent NBU-Agent (optional) HANA– Snapshots Fast Restore HANA– Snapshots Fast Restore Synchronous Mirror
  16. 16. 15 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Real world backup performance increaseNetBackup & ETERNUS CS vs. Competitor “C” Main drivers: #1 Leverage functionalities like VIP, SANbackup, Offhostbackup etc. #2 Usage of disk based storage #3 Deduponlywhere it makes sense #4 Fulfill business aspects: Often restore SLAs are more importantthan backup SLAs #5 System tuning (e.g. buffer size, DBparameters, firewall rules, SLP settings) #6 CS8000 automate and control thecreation of 2nd. or 3rd. backup copies #7 Tight integration of ETERNUS CS intoNetBackup
  17. 17. 16 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions New Features •Accelerator •Accelerator for VMware •Instant Recovery VMware (IRV) •Array based Snapshots for VMware
  18. 18. 17 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions NetBackup Accelerator for VMware Accelerator is “The Perfect Incremental” Traditional Incremental backups require processing during backup to determine changes Change Journaling / CBT tracks changes as they occur (eliminates processing at backup time) NBU Accelerator utilizes data change tracking technologies to eliminate change processing time & overhead NBU 7.5 introduced Change Journaling for Windows clients Windows clients with change journaling enabled Targeted at files (CIFS/NFS) NBU 7.6 introduced Change BlockTracking (CBT) VMware environments Accelerator does NOTreplace deduplication Ideal solution is to use BOTH Accelerator and NBU client side dedup
  19. 19. 18 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Traditional Full Backup Step 1: Read All data Step 2: Send all data Step 3: Write all data (including duplicates) Step 4: Send all metadata to NBU catalog Results: High I/O cost Moderate CPU cost for long durations on client High network cost High storage cost and catalog growth 1 2 3 Application File System 1 Client Backup Server 2 3 Backup engine Master Server 4 NBU Catalog Backup agent 4
  20. 20. 19 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Backup engine 4 Backup Server Dedupe Engine Client Side Deduplication Step 1: Read alldata Step 2: Dedupe alldata Step 3: Send unique data Step 4: Write unique data Step 5: Send metadata for all files to NBU catalog Results: •High I/O cost on client •High CPU cost with long duration on client •Network bandwidth and storage cost minimized 1 2 3 4 3 Application File System 1 Client Dedupe 2 Master Server 5 NBU Catalog Backup agent 5
  21. 21. 20 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions NetBackup AcceleratorNetBackup Accelerator for VMware Backup Server Client Backup engine Step 1: Read only changed data Step 2: Dedupe only changed data Step 3: Send unique data Step 4: Write unique data and generate synthetic full backup Step 5: Send metadata for changes onlyto NBU catalog Results: •Backups complete quickly •Low I/O & CPU cost on client •Network bandwidth and Storage cost minimized 1 2 3 4 5 3 4 NTFS Change Journal Application File System Synthesis Engine Accelerator agent 1 Dedupe Engine 2 Master Server NBU Catalog 5 ETERNUS CS800
  22. 22. 21 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Advantages of the NetBackup Accelerator for VMware –Significantly less CPU utilization saves HW and VMware license costs –Backup is significantly faster –backup more VMs with same/less HW –Retain all restore functionality –single file, folder, VM, database, application Backup Processing Impact ESXiHostCPUUtilization Standard FULL VADP backup (NBD transport) NetBackup Accelerator For VMware
  23. 23. 22 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Advantages of the NetBackup Accelerator Backup (network) –Significantly less network traffic on already busy VMkernelport (NIC) –Less backup hardware required –Shorter backup window Backup Processing Impact ESXiHostNetworkUtilization Standard FULL VADP backup (NBD transport) NetBackup Accelerator For VMware
  24. 24. 23 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions  Instantly power on any protected VM from disk backup target  No need to restore VM first  Uses standard NetBackup backup images  No need to change any backup process  Supported on SYMC disk based solutions  Basic disk, Advanced disk, MSDP  Once powered on, VM is 100% available  After power-on, VM disks transferred to ESXi storage (Storage VMotion)  Storage VMotion ensures no disruption of service VMware Instant Recovery For demanding RTO’s & RPO’s in VMware environments ESX/ESXi SAN/NAS NetBackup NFS Datastore Restore Boot RTO OLD RTO NEW Boot vMotion 400X FASTER RECOVERY
  25. 25. 24 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions 0:05:04 0:05:17 0:06:30 0:08:29 3.04 1.59 0.78 0.51 0.00 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 0:00:00 0:01:26 0:02:53 0:04:19 0:05:46 0:07:12 0:08:38 0:10:05 100 200 500 1000 NetBackup Replication Director Results Total Time Seconds per VM Array Based Snapshot for VMware
  26. 26. 25 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Mutual Customers (Excerpt) Munich Re Krones Lufthansa Systems Portugal Telecom Colruyt Public Sector: 1 x ETERNUS CS8000 (VTL + ViNS); 3 x ETERNUS CS800 (Entry and Scale); NetBackup licenses 150TB Front-End Capacity Public Sector: 2 x ETERNUS CS8000; 1 x Quantum i6k; 16 x ETERNUS CS800 (Entry and Scale); NetBackup licenses 600TB Retail: 1 x ETERNUS CS8000; NetBackup licenses 150TB Front-End Capacity
  27. 27. 26 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Did you know … The Symantec Team (EMEA) 5 Program-team members 17 Account Manager 4 System Engineers 8 Technical Account Manager Plus international resources in Marketing, Alliance, Engineering Fujitsu EMEA Certified Symantec Sales Experts •106NetBackup/ 37 Backup Exec •18EnterpriseVault Symantec Technical Specialists •25NetBackup/ 11 Backup Exec •10EnterpriseVault
  28. 28. 27 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Fujitsu as valued partner for any NetBackup related project (Migration, Integration, Upgrade) Today we are responsible for 100+ NetBackup projects around the world Fujitsu delivers 1. and 2. Level Support for NetBackup Fujitsu delivers B&R solutions which meets future growths Fujitsu as on-stop-shop for all B&R projects -from solution design to build to operation and support Fujitsu and Symantec are technology partners
  29. 29. 28 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Engineering to Engineering (Excerpt) Bestpractice Status Further integration of ETERNUS CS8000 media prefetch feature into NetBackup Symantec development committed to further integrate ETERNUS CS8000 prefetching mechanism into NetBackup to avoid script solutions. Current Status: First Beta Customers got a hot fix. Test results were positive. This feature is expected to be general available with NetBackup Further integration of ETERNUS CS8000 media prerecycling feature into NetBackup Fujitsuand Symantec development investigating how to better integrate ETERNUS CS8000 prerecycling mechanism into NetBackup to avoid script solutions. Current Status: In discussionbetween the engineering teams Further integration of NetBackup OST feature set into ETERNUS CS800 Fujitsu committed to add further OST features into its deduplication appliance system.Accelerator soon will be complete the available rich feature set.
  30. 30. 29 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Strong integration of Symantec OST and ETERNUS CS800 Engineering-to-engineering alignement Single Point of Contact for both, products and maintenance Integration CS8000 as a single repository for NetBackup and EnterpriseVault Tape refresh, required media break, or number of copies transparent to NetBackup or EnterpriseVault Dual site high availabilty by designMajor benefits (excerpt) Switch to ETERNUS CS 2000 in April 2013 220TB weekly full / 10TB daily incr. backup No single unplanned downtime 1 hour / week adminstrative effort NetBackup and EnterpriseVaultFujitsu uses Symantec SW itself Partnership since 1992 Global Strategic IT Alliance since 2010 ETERNUS CS are a certified platform Fujitsu is Symantec‘s 2nd largest partner worldwide The Partnership ETERNUS CS and Symantec: Meeting your SLAs
  31. 31. 30 © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Questions Rene Kohnen-Wiesemes (M) +49 176 10172130 (E) Rene.Kohnen-Wiesemes@TS.Fujitsu.com John Hilger (M) +1 (214) 621-3050 (E) John_Hilger@Symantec.com