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How to Ensure Access to your Data anywhere, anytime

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Mr. John Rozwadowski (Brocade)

Mr. Frank Reichart (Fujitsu)

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How to Ensure Access to your Data anywhere, anytime

  1. 1. 0 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Human Centric Innovation Fujitsu Forum2014 19th –20th November
  2. 2. 1 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU How to Ensure Access to your Data anywhere, anytime John Roswadowski Global Executive Fujitsu Business Unit, Brocade Frank Reichart Sen. Dir. ProductmarketingStorage, Fujitsu
  3. 3. 2 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Agenda Fujitsu’s partnership with Brocade Does your Data matter? Where is data located? Is the data secure? Solutions to use & manage your data? Conclusion
  4. 4. 3 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Fujitsu & Brocade Partnership Brocade supports Fujitsu’s services & solutions which provide End Users with the industries most comprehensive value Partnering for over 12 years Who is Brocade: Brocade is focused on the NETWORK.. Only Brocade defined ‘fabric technology’ in both Fibre Channel and Ethernet Brocade is embracing the ‘Software Defined’ changes that are coming
  5. 5. 4 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Brocade’s Value Proposition FABRICS 40MFIBRE CHANNEL PORTS SHIPPED SDN/NFV Utilization Increased by 200% 2 MINUTESvs. 100 Commands “SIX NINES” of Uptime 1.5MNFV downloads SOFTWARE-CAPABLE Network Hardware Industry’s leading open source SDN controller 1.3MOpenFlow-enabled ports shipped GLOBAL OPERATORS PLAN TO IMPLEMENT NFV 93% ENTERPRISES WILL HAVE SDN DEPLOYED BY 2015 72% #1 SAN MARKET SHARE 90% GLOBAL 1000 DATA CENTERS
  6. 6. 5 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Big Changes impacting IT professionals today
  7. 7. 6 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Does your data matter?
  8. 8. 7 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU YES, Data is important.. to the business owner Financial Healthcare Social media companies Gaming companies All businesses have “business critical” data “meaning the business doesn’t run or can’t exist without it”
  9. 9. 8 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Where is data located? Do you know..
  10. 10. 9 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Your Data could be anywhere? Facebook: world’s most popular website (1 trillion page views each month) ~ 9% of all internet traffic Massive IT Data Centers •Oregon, North Carolina •Sweden •Leases space in many more 3rdparty DCs NOTE: 70% of Facebook’s audience is in other countries Google data center locations Google:
  11. 11. 10 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Do you want it located elsewhere? Follow the Sun/Moon Energy rates Employee rates Customer support Disaster preparedness Active-Active Data Centers Cloud Bursting Data Mining
  12. 12. 11 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Is your data secure?
  13. 13. 12 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Data Breaches All Data prone to breaches (internal and/or Cloud) Heartbeat & Shellshock/BASH bug & Poodle Recent (significant) breaches •European Central Bank: security breach of a database resultedin 20,000 records being compromised •Home Depot: malware compromised 56 million credit card payments. Will cost an estimated $62M •Target: compromised 40 million debit and credit card payments. Will cost an estimated $148M Forbes –“While the two retail giants may have the wherewithal to absorb the earnings hiccups that invariably accompany a security breach, smaller and more highly levered companies won’t always be so fortunate.”
  14. 14. 13 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Extreme weather events Disasters can strike a data center at any time Regardless of whether the cause is Mother Nature or human error According to a survey conducted by Emerson Network Power, the typical data center in the US experiences an average of two downtime events over the course of two years, and the costs of downtime for an average data center can easily surpass $1 million in less than two years’ time.” –source: The Data Center Journal
  15. 15. 14 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU What happens when…. What if you lose your whole Data Center Money can buy……new servers Money can buy……new network gear Money can buy……new storage capacity In the darkest of times, money can even hire new staff What is the one thing money can’t do? Money can’t replace data that doesn’t have a secure copy This is NOT a video game; there are no “do overs”
  16. 16. 15 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Solutions to use & manage your data?
  17. 17. 16 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Analytics/Big Data Overview 90% of the data that exists today has been created in the last 2 years Mining information out of large amounts of information Real-time analysis vs paralysis Challenges Getting data into and out of a Big Data Appliance Performance/speeds to within the Big Data Appliance Consideration: Can your existing infrastructure support Analytics?
  18. 18. 17 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU FUJITSUPower Appliance for SAP HANA What it is Pre-installed / pre-configured, tested, SAP validated In-Memory Database solution Store and process all data in fast server RAM Instantly available results Powerful data compression One single platform for OLTP and OLAP data Large RAM enables real-time analysis of large data volumes SAP HANA DB Server Networking Switches Linux Internal or external Storage
  19. 19. 18 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Flash Overview Increases performance of storage (faster & more efficient) Can be located either at compute or as pooled storage Flash helps meet the new application & compute performance requirements Challenges Integration into existing infrastructure Management Consideration: What is the best Flash for my needs
  20. 20. 19 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU ETERNUS DX200 F -Value Proposition Delivering full flash performance at lower costs without creating a new storage silo
  21. 21. 20 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Flash EITHER FC or IP (iSCSI or NAS) 80-90% of solid-state arrays are attached to Fibre Channel Considerations for introducing Flash Consideration #1: Can your (network) infrastructure support the increase in performance?
  22. 22. 21 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Flash Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel 83% of VM workloads run on Fibre Channel 8.2 Tbpsof bandwidth for intensive applications Enables hyper-scale OLTP deployments 4,032 VDI sessions, at the lowest cost Scalability Automatically detect and recover from errors Validate infrastructure prior to deployment Minimize downtime with faster troubleshooting Over 5 nines of availability Availability 100% of top 20 VMmarkbenchmarks use Fibre Channel Empowering 50% application performance increase 420 million frames per second speed Gen 5 unleashed 4million IOPS Performance
  23. 23. 22 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Flash EITHER FC or IP (iSCSI or NAS) 80-90% of solid-state arrays are attached to Fibre Channel Considerations for introducing Flash Consideration #1: Can your (network) infrastructure support the increase in performance? Consideration #2: How will you know if your infrastructure is supporting your applications optimally/efficiently?
  24. 24. 23 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Flash Consideration #2: How will you know if your infrastructure is supporting your applications optimally/efficiently? Improve OpEx savings through automated actions Save $1M+ on CapExcosts from 3rdparty tools Validate infrastructure prior to deployment Reduce Costs Eliminate 48% of maintenance cost Simplify Monitoring Deploy 15 years of best practices in one click Deploy predefined policies, rules, and actions Increase instrumentation and granularity Visualize network health and performance Increase Availability Automatically detect and recover from errors Provide early warning of potential problems Minimize downtime with faster troubleshooting Reduce common network problems % 50
  25. 25. 24 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Virtualization Overview Use of Virtual Machines to optimize server utilization 100% of Fortune 100 companies use virtualization Next phase: pooling and using automated orchestration mechanism Challenges Integration Controlling & sustaining growth Consideration: How do I increase my virtualization efforts with my existing infrastructure
  26. 26. 25 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Virtualization New Server Platforms require New IP infrastructures •Able to handle High performance east-west traffic patterns •Flexible enough for continued VM Mobility expectations •Supports the greater IOPs requirements •More Open architectures to support OpenSourceinitiatives [OpenDaylight, OpenStack] Ethernet Fabric Fibre Channel Compute Networking Storage Scale Out or Scale Up Multi-tenant Heterogeneous Simplified management (improving OpEx/ ROI) Appliance by Appliance Converged Infrastructures
  27. 27. 26 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Appliance for VMware EVO: RAIL Ready-to-run appliance –“hyperconverged” Four servers, storage, network in a 2 U rack enclosure Includes VMware virtualization software For 100 server VMs / 250 desktop VMs Max. density, min. space & energy Scales capacity and performance by adding nodes Business continuity after node failure Maintenance and support for hard and software Use cases VDI, private cloud, server virtualization
  28. 28. 27 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU vShape Reference architectures Various sizes (25 / 50 / 100 VM) HA configuration for each size Choice VMware vSphereor Microsoft Hyper-V ETERNUS DX or NetApp FAS Based on standards No vendor lock-in Investment protection
  29. 29. 28 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Backup & Archiving Overview Protecting data Designed with rapid recovery or longer term retainment Challenges Determining solution required for your business Performance/availability of Application/Appliance Consideration: Do you have a Backup/Archiving strategy for your Business Critical data?
  30. 30. 29 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Fujitsu ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances ETERNUS CS8000 Complete consolidation of backup and archiving infrastructures Unified management of disk, dedup. disk and tape targets ETERNUS CS800 Cost efficient backup to disk trough data deduplication Easy integration of remote locations Easy to setup and operate
  31. 31. 30 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Fujitsu BaaS(Backup as a Service) -Value Proposition Provides a fail proof, cloud-based backup and recovery service Delivered from the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform Offers the levels of speed, convenience and reliability demanded by organizations today Available on Demand & via a self-service interface Monitor and manage your backups Store and optimize backup data Enable rapid and effective recovery
  32. 32. 31 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Overview Overarching method to control pools of compute, network and storage •Regardless of physical location •Regardless of vendor •Regardless of application Challenges: HW that can integrate with SDDC architecture Need strategy for implementation (Open vs Proprietary) Consideration:Do you have a SDDC strategy?
  33. 33. 32 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Software-defined Storage from Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 ETERNUS CD10000 UnlimitedScalability Open Standards Cost optimized The newunified ImmortalSystem ZeroDowntime
  34. 34. 33 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Software defined Networking: SDN/NFV SDN and NFV are complementary concepts SDN: Software Defined Networking •“Manipulator” •Global controller •Orchestration & automation NFV: Network Function Virtualization •“Manipulated” •Virtual machine-based •Elastic & agile
  35. 35. 34 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU SDN (Software Defined Networking) Logically Centralizes the control plane Controls heterogeneous: •L2 switching nodes •L3 routing •L4 NAT, Firewall, VPN, Load Balancing
  36. 36. 35 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU NFV (Network Function Virtualization) SW instead of HW Replaces physical devices and runs as VM or image on Server Less equipment (space/cooling) Faster deployment Disaster Recovery On-Demand
  37. 37. 36 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Conclusion
  38. 38. 37 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Call to Action Is your current Infrastructure capable of transforming to meet the requirements of the NEW Data Center? Do you have a strategy for your important data? Do you have a Private/Public &/or Hybrid Cloud strategy? ANSWER: Contact your local Fujitsu team VISITthe BrocadeBooth & FujitsuBooths for more information
  39. 39. 38 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU Contacts Brocade’s Global team supporting Fujitsu: FujitsuOEMTeam@Brocade.com Brocade’s EMEIA team: FujitsuEMEA@Brocade.com Brocade’s JAPAN team: fujitsu-se-supp@Brocade.com
  40. 40. 39 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU