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Growing Carsharing Services Key to Future of Urban Mobility in Europe

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This Frost & Sullivan analyst briefing gives an overview of the European carsharing services in Europe, highlighting the key carsharing operators' strategies.

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  • @jeanmarclegrand98:
    Thank you very much for your feedback. The analyst of this webconference did capture statistics including this CS operator in his recently finished research study on the European Carsharing Market.
    His research shows about 29 cars in 17 locations in Brussels with 100 members approximately doing carsharing around end of 2011.

    With best regards from Frost & Sullivan
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  • Dear Jean-Marc,
    Thank you for your comment. We have passed this on to our team looking after this market.
    With best regards..
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  • Thanks, this is a very interesting study. I am active in Belgium and did notice you did not identify yet ZEN Car in Brussels, electric car-sharing for PtoP and BtoB. I believe you should contact their CEO Régis Leruth : rl@zencar.eu.
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Growing Carsharing Services Key to Future of Urban Mobility in Europe

  1. 1. Growing Carsharing Services Key to Future of Urban Mobility in Europe European Carsharing Membership Expected to Grow Multifold to Reach 15 Million by 2020 Vishwas Shankar, Industry Analyst Automotive & Transportation 25 July 2012© 2012 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. This document contains highly confidential information and is the sole property ofFrost & Sullivan. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, copied or otherwise reproduced without the written approval of Frost & Sullivan.
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter Vishwas Shankar Industry Analyst – Automotive & Transportation Frost & Sullivan Experience base covers a wide range of industry sectors, forming long standing relationships with senior executives in the • Microcars • Electric Vehicles • Micro-Mobility • Carsharing More than nine years of total work experience including working with Indian and multi- national passenger car original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) 2
  3. 3. Focus PointsToday’s Agenda 1 Overview of the European Market for Carsharing Services 2 Key Carsharing Operators and their Strategies 3 Comparative Country Level Analysis 4 Drivers for Growth and Drivers to Achieve Profitability 5 Key Conclusions and Strategic Recommendations 3
  4. 4. Objectives of the Research Introduction to European Market for Carsharing Services Definition and Segmentation Key Market Drivers Comparative Analysis Key Operators Key Growth Markets Understand Future Growth Opportunities Market Forecasts Profitability Analysis Source: Frost & Sullivan Analysis. 4
  5. 5. Definitions and SegmentationP2P carsharing has car owners renting their vehicle to CSOs which in turn incorporate these vehicles in theirfleet; In traditional carsharing CSOs own the vehicles they operate in their fleet Market for Carsharing: Definitions, Europe, 2011 • Flexible, short-time rental of a vehicle, often by hours • Renting an individual’s private vehicle into a carsharing fleet • Drivers are registered members • Cars available usually for a few hours • Cars parked at designated spots of travel • Cars not owned by CSOs Traditional P2P • There is revenue sharing model • Dominant powertrain is gasoline or Carsharing Carsharing between the individual and CSO diesel • Cars are owned by CSOs • Insurance plays a key role in this carsharing • Any revenue is taken by CSOs • Examples: Whipcar, Tamyca, • Examples: Zipcar, Greenwheels, SocialCar, Zilok, and WeGo Cambio, Mobility, CityCarClub Market for Carsharing: Segmentation, Europe, 2011 Carsharing Traditional P2P For-Profit Non-Profit Co-operative For-Profit Non-ProfitPersonal Corporate EV Non-EV One-way Round-Trip Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis 5
  6. 6. Carsharing Analysed In-depth as a Part of Global Mega Trends that willImpact Mobility in the Future New Micro- Urbanization E-Mobility Mega and Smart Cities Mobility products Sustainable Public Integrated Mobility New Business Models Carsharing Transportation and Solutions (Value for Many) BRT High Speed Rail Geo-Socialization Connected and Power to the Middle Class And Social Media Wireless Planet and Gen Y Images: Only for illustration, Source: Frost & Sullivan Analysis. 6
  7. 7. Opportunities in Global Carsharing 2020:Carsharing to emerge as additional business opportunity for automotive manufacturer for customer retentionand long-term sustainability Member Carsharing Vehicles & Members (World), 2010-2020 Carsharing subscriber base to be nearly 15 Million in Europe by 2020 Worldwide nearly 31.2 Million subscriptions Vehicle expected by 2020 Nearly 0.24 million shared carsharing vehicles expected in Europe by 2020 Potential Market United Kingdom, Germany and France to hold at least 60 percent of market share by 2020 Usage of Electric Vehicle (EV) Vehicles (Thousands) Members (Millions) By 2020, 1 in 3 vehicles of the carsharing vehicle fleet is expected to be a battery powered EV Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Carsharing More than 24 P2P CSOs with 0.74 million members and 0.31 million cars in network in Europe by 2020 Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 7
  8. 8. Overview of the European Market for Traditional Carsharing Traditional carsharing in Europe is expected to reach nearly 15 million members and 0.24 million vehicles by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan scenario Market for Carsharing: Overview of Traditional Carsharing, Europe, 2011 and 2020 2011 CSOs Approx. UK Approx. 15.0 Million >150,000 Members 0.24 Million • Zipcar Members • CityCarClub Vehicles • Connect Others* • Hour Car Others* Salisbury France Approx. 15,000-80,000 Members 0.7 Million Approx. 0.02 Million •Veolia U.K. U.K. •Autolib Others* •Carbox •Car2Go Others* •Hertz France France •Keylib U.K. U.K. Germany France France >150,000 Members Germany • Stadtmobil Germany Germany • Greenwheels Germany • Cambio • DB Flinkster 2011 2020 • Car2Go • Drive Now • Quicar*All Others include countries like Austria, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Note: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2011.Finland, Ireland, Portugal and remaining countries in Europe including Turkey Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 8
  9. 9. Typology of Traditional CSOs in EuropeLargely three types of CSOs exists in traditional carsharing in Europe: For-profit, not-for-profit and cooperative Market for Carsharing: Typology of Traditional CSOs, Europe, 2011 Country United Kingdom France Germany Type Private Companies (Privately Commercial Companies operated with local authority • Zipcar+Streetcar as a facilitator SAS, SARL, SA) Private Companies For-Profit: • Citycarclub • Caisse Commune • Cambio • Hertz on Demand • Moulauto, • Wombatcarclub • Autopartage Provence Owned and operated for Private Public Companies the benefit of the member (SCIC) Co-operative Companies: • DB Flinkster • Co-cars • Autotrement • Moorcar • Mobilib Not for profit – Community Enterprises Public Authorities (SEM) Community Interest • Commonwheels carclub - • Autolib Companies • hicar Operational Model charges usage fee based on time as well as distance Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 9
  10. 10. Introduction to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) CarsharingCar owners have the cars; target customers are drivers that have money but no cars; well-supported byinsurance, P2P CSOs have the technology and platform to aid rentals between owners and drivers Carsharing Market: P2P Carsharing-Introduction, Europe, 2011 Members 1 Donors (Car Owners / 2 Driver (Neighbours/Strangers) Entrepreneurs) • Owns at least one car 3 P2P CSO • Has the money, but no car • Volunteers to rent it using a platform • Rent the right car for the occasion/budget • Rentals can be as short as three to four hours • Six-months rentals via P2P carsharing in practice CSO Platform 4 Insurance • Insurance providers are key to smooth rentals • P2P CSO has the platform • Provide coverage to both owners and drivers • Connects the owners with drivers • Key partners of P2P CSOs Images are only for illustration, Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 10
  11. 11. Overview of the European Market for P2P Carsharing P2P carsharing market is expected to have nearly 0.31 million vehicles in network and more than 0.74 million members by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan scenario Market for Carsharing: Overview of P2P Carsharing, Europe, 2011 and 2020 2011 P2P CSOs UK Approx. 15,000-80,000 Members Approx. 0.74 Million 0.31 Million Others* Members Others* Vehicles •Whipcar U.K. U.K. Approx. France 0.14 Million Approx. 15,000-80,000 Members 0.03 Million Others* Others* •Voiturelib •E-Loue U.K. France •Zilok •Deways •Buzzcar •UneVoiturealoue France U.K. •Cityzencar •Livop France Germany 15,000-80,000 Members France Germany Germany Germany •Tamyca •Nachbarschaftsauto Germany •Autonetzer 2011 2020 2011 2020 •Rent’n’Roll*Others include countries like Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden Note: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2011. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 11
  12. 12. Case Study - Daimler Car2Go Vs. BMW DriveNow StrategiesExcellent Examples of an OEM led One-way Carsharing targeting mass market customers or premiumcustomers Market for Carsharing: Case Study of BMW and Daimler Fleet Strategy for Carsharing, Europe, 2011 Daimler Car2Go BMW DriveNowCorporate Vs. Personal Personal Carsharing Personal Carsharing • BMW also offers corporate carsharing via its AlphacityType of Carsharing brand 1 Way 1 Way(One-way or Two-way) • 60-70 vehicles in test fleetMarket Segment in network Mass Market customers – (Premium) Retail customer -(Premium vs. Mass 40,000 members 19,000 members • This is a two-wayMarket) carsharing service Smart FortwoVehicle Brands offered Mini, BMW(BMW vs. Competitor) • Future to include other nameplates also • BMW also offers personal carsharing via its BMW on • None currently • EV only fleet in Amsterdam Demand brandEV vs. Non-EV • BMW i series expected 2013 • Non-EV fleet in other cities onwards • 30 different models in 1,900 vehicle s in six cities 950- 950-1000 vehicles in three cities networkFleet Volume spanning three countries in Germany • This is a two-way • Expand ten fold in Europe in • Expand Europe and North carsharing service terms of membership AmericaFuture Vision • In addition targets growth in • Achieve 1 Million DriveNow North America also membership globally – 2020Partnership • Europcar • Sixt Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 12
  13. 13. Case Study of EV Carsharing – Autolib ParisAutolib Paris offers EV only carsharing in France; in addition it also offers recharging facility to private EV ownersat a yearly subscription which it plans to expand to 1,000 stations expected by 2012 Market for Carsharing: Case Study of Autolib Paris Carsharing, Europe, 2011 Ballore •The Ballore Group manages the Autolib Paris EV carsharing in France. Structure Group •Commissioned in December 2011 in Paris. Autolib •The programme is an example of an investor teaming up with a city mayor to launch this venture. Type of carsharing (one-way or round trip) One-way (similar to Velib bike sharing, which was one-way) PositioningCurrent Market Corporate vs. personal Personal (individual and family) Market segment (premium vs. mass market) Mass market audience with Four-seater Bluecars only Target Customers (office workers, shoppers) Office workers – Personal trips (Visit a store, see friends) Technical Support Supports Personal • Partner: City government On-field, Off-field Staffs EV Recharge • 66 vehicles in 2011 • Nearly 2,000 staffs on Personal EV Cars • 250 vehicles early 2012 dedicated jobs • Price - €180 (€15 x • 3,000 vehicles end 2012 • Support users with 12 months • From 10 stations in 2011 to more registrations and with Personal EV Bikes than 1,000 stations by end 2012 service of docking • Price - €15 / year • Cities: 30 cities including Paris stationsFuture Targets fleet size of more Targets to add five- to seven- Targets investments in solar than 15,000 cars in mid-term seater Cleanova vans farms in south of France Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 13
  14. 14. EV, Corporate and One-way carsharing expected to emerge stronger inEurope by 2020 Market for Carsharing: B2B, EV and One-way Carsharing Forecasts, Europe, 2011 Corporate carsharing EV Carsharing One-way Carsharing Mobility Carsharing, Car2Go, DriveNow, Operators Autolib, Autobleue Quicar Cambio Mobility budgets by One-way carsharing has organizations in the EV carsharing schemes the advantage to be future are expected to like Autolib offer green rented without having to drive corporate or B2B mobility return to pick-up point carsharing in a Current In addition, the Autolib systematic way To aid in providing first Opportunity stations also offer and last mile connectivity B2B carsharing for the charging solutions to and possible integration day trips is expected to private EV cars and with public transportation replace users of company motorcycles including trains owned vehicles More than 35 percent of One in three vehicles in One in three members 2020 Forecast the members could enroll carsharing fleet expected could be doing one-way under B2B carsharing to be EVs carsharing in Europe Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 14
  15. 15. Market Drivers - Impact + Addressable market Auto Ownership vs. Population Density profitability of CSOs Target customer group defined by age demography Utilisation rate Revenue hours per vehicle per day Parking cost and direct and indirect government support Short- and Medium-Term Drivers Macro economic factors, technology penetration, and so on Drivers for Profitability - Traditional Carsharing Good public transport network (Transit) Fleet market and mobility allowances by organisation to their employees Market for Carsharing: Drivers for Profitability, Europe, 2011 Integrated and local transport policy aimed at multi-modal sustainable mobility modal Addressable market with high utilisation rate and low parking cost is the key element for increased Long-Term Drivers Awareness about carsharing15 Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis.
  16. 16. Convergence in CarsharingIn addition to dedicated CSOs and OEMs, leasing companies and transport operators are aware of thegrowing European carsharing market; convergence is expected in the short-term Market for Carsharing: Convergence in Carsharing, Europe, 2011 Vehicle Manufacturers (OEMs) BMW Point of convergence Daimler VW Renault Mobility Greenwheels ALD Stadtmobil Leasing Companies LeasePlan Dedicated CSOs Cambio ING Lease Autolib Arval Zipcar Avencar Cologne Public Transport Helsinki Public Transport Swiss National Railway Amsterdam City PT Brussels STIB Transport Operators Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 16
  17. 17. Key Conclusions and Future OutlookTraditional carsharing is expected to be a part of the affordable and accessible integrated multi-modaltransport solution; smart cards are to unlock vehicles in traditional and emerging P2P carsharing Market for Carsharing: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Europe, 2011 More than 14 million new members are expected to benefit because of 1 increased adoption of carsharing and integration with public transport in Europe by 2020. Companies are expected to offer allowances mobility over existing car 2 allowances, with carsharing as the core. 3 P2P carsharing is expected to complement traditional carsharing by offering support via spreading awareness in Europe. Source: Frost & Sullivan analysis. 17
  18. 18. MobilityForthcoming Research Planned Research Title Regional ScopeStrategic Analysis of Carsharing Market in North America North AmericaFuture Mobility Trends and Analysis of Multi-Modal Mobility Strategies in Latin America Latin America Europe and NorthStrategic Market and Competitive Analysis of Smart Parking Management Systems in Europe and North America AmericaAnalysis of European Fleet Market for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles EuropeStrategic Analysis of the Global Taxi Market GlobalCompetitive Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis of Mobility Strategies of Key Global OEMs GlobalStrategic Analysis of Turkish High Speed Rail Market TurkeyHigh Speed Train Logistics in Europe EuropeImpact of the Mega Trends and Urbanisation Developments on Logistics Services, Business Models, Vehicles & Europe and NorthTechnologies - Strategic Analysis of the European and North American Urban Logistics Market in 2020 America Europe and NorthAnalysis of Bus Rapid Transit System AmericaThe Car Sharing Market European Voice of the Customer Study – Awareness, Interest, Features, Willingness to EuropePay, SegmentationAnalysis of Latin American Market for Fleet and Leasing Vehicles Latin AmericaThe Car Sharing Market North American Voice of the Customer Study – Awareness, Interest, Features, Willingness North Americato Pay, SegmentationFuture Mobility Trends and Analysis of Mobility Strategies in China ChinaEuropean Market for Outsourced Operations from Transport Operators Europe Europe and NorthEuropean and North American Outlook for Intelligent Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems America 18
  19. 19. Carsharing Voice of the Consumer StudyProject and Research ScopeProduct Definition – Car Sharing Geographic ScopeCar sharing (or Carsharing) is a membership based As the development of this market is widely drivenservice where people rent cars for short periods of on a local basis, the research will focus on specifictime, often by the hour. cities selected for its existing members, schemes and/or potential:They are attractive to customers who make onlyoccasional use of a vehicle, as well as others who UK Londonwould like occasional access to a vehicle of a Manchesterdifferent type than they use day-to-day. BirminghamThe organization renting the cars may be a Edinburghcommercial business, public agency, cooperative, adhoc grouping, and more recently as a peer-to-peer France Parismodel. Lyon Marseille. Toulouse Germany Berlin Munich Hamburg Cologne 19
  20. 20. Carsharing Voice of the Consumer StudyProject and Research Scope (Continued)Vehicle Scope – Passenger Vehicles Interview TargetFor the purpose of this voice of the customer study, The customer sample from each of the selectedthe research will focus mostly European cities will include people who own drivingon car sharing covering licences and fit the following profile:the various segments(A, B, C, D, SUV, MPV, etc.)and types (sedan, estates). - Non-Car Owners, currently using - Public TransportNote: Only a few questions will cover the interest in the concept of - Car rentalscarsharing for other vehicles such as bicycle, 2-wheelers and light - Taxicommercial vehicles.Deliverables & Timescales - Car Owners - Below 10,000km per yearThe deliverables will comprise of : - Above 10,000km per year - Detailed report analysis - Access to raw data via dedicated portal - On-site presentation of the findings (in EU) - People travelling for businessThe study will be developed through a span of fourmonths from the kick-off date. Of course all relevant demographics and socio-The study’s base year will be 2012 and demand economic groups will be represented.forecasts will be calculated for 2012-2018. 20
  21. 21. The “New Mega Trends” Book and Opportunity to Join ourCommunity of Thought Leaders and Future of Mobility Upcoming Book (to be published in Oct 2012): New Mega Trends Implications for our Future Lives By Sarwant Singh Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?pid=577423 Join Our Mega Trend Group On Mega Trends: Strategic Planning and Innovation Based on Frost & Sullivan Research Join Our Future of Mobility Group On Mega Trends: Strategic Planning and Innovation Based on Frost & Sullivan Research 21
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