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The 7 best ways to get quality feedback from your customers by @Frontapp

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96% of unhappy customers won't complain and stop using your product or your app. This means that you're actually only talking with 4% of your customers. What are the ways to increase this rate? Here are 7 easy solutions to start today.

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The 7 best ways to get quality feedback from your customers by @Frontapp

  1. 1. § Easy to set up and quick to fill for the customer § Ability to get answers to specific questions § Data is easy to analyze and compile By @Frontapp Toolbox Qualaroo for slide-in surveys, Survey Monkey for long form
  2. 2. § Websites are the first place people look at when they have questions § Email is easy to use for your customers, it feels intuitive § Given you have the right tools to reply, you’ll be able to sort emails and get back to customers easily By @Frontapp Toolbox Front to sort and deal with incoming emails
  3. 3. § Real time conversations allow more personal exchanges § People can ask their questions immediately instead of leaving the website § New conversations opportunities thanks to targeted chats By @Frontapp Toolbox Olark
  4. 4. § Objective feedback on your app and how it works (especially on things you’re not able to see anymore) § Ability to interact live and asks the questions that matter to you § Good to share with the entire team By @Frontapp Toolbox Usertesting, live demos :)
  5. 5. § Reaching out to customers shows them that you care § Ability to target customers depending on actions they are taking on your app § Response rates are higher for personalized emails By @Frontapp Toolbox Intercom, Autosend.io, plain email
  6. 6. § Easy to find: in app support lets you make sure people to give up to quickly § Can raise retention rates when backed with great support By @Frontapp Toolbox Your app or service, Front for the customer suppport
  7. 7. § Quick for your customer to fill in and short for you to go through § Adds a fun aspect to your app or website The PersistIQ wish box By @Frontapp
  8. 8. Start collecting quality feedback from your customers today CAN WE HELP?
  9. 9. Thanks for reading! Follow us on twitter for more content Or come say on frontapp.Com We’d love to hear from you.