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Blockchain Expo North America 2018 - Cryptocurrency and Financial Services - Opening Comments

  1. Cryptocurrency & Financial Services OPENING COMMENTS Nov. 29, 2018
  2. Introduction Associate Director, Strategic Advisory (2018 – Present) Blockchain Strategy Lead & Vice President (2015 – 2018) 120 clients 115 employees
  3. The Evolution of Decentralized Finance  Proliferation  Survival  Convergence
  4. Cryptocurrency and Financial Services What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
  5. The Proliferation of New Species Digital Assets Financial Services Distributed Ledgers a new system of record Crypto Institutions a new asset class Tokenized Assets a new issuance mechanism Decentralized Finance a new financial system
  6. A new system of record  Inspired by “Blockchain, not Bitcoin” in The Economist, Oct / Nov 2015  Permissioned, private, append-only, distributed databases for traditional assets and systems Distributed Ledgers
  7. Survival and growth Growth drivers  Risk mitigation for experimentation  Controlled phases of adoption, participation, and integration  Familiar governance and ownership structure INTERBANK INFORMATION NETWORK SM Survival factors  Understanding B2B network effects  Shifting from “command and control” to “participate and orchestrate”  Asking “Do we need a blockchain?” Distributed Ledgers
  8. A new issuance mechanism Tokenized Assets  Derived from Depositary Receipts-based solutions to securities settlement pilots of 2016  Process of immobilizing and re-materializing off-chain assets as digital tokens that inhabit permissioned or public blockchains
  9. Survival and growth Growth drivers  Investor familiarity with underlying assets driving inherent value  Streamlined execution and cost structure  Greater access to illiquid assets and unique financial instruments Survival factors  Navigating local regulatory requirements  Avoiding over-promises of liquidity (and returns) to investors  Educating investors on investment suitability and potential risks Tokenized Assets
  10. A new asset class Crypto Institutions  Grew out of the exchange hack lessons of 2014  Centralized financial institutions built to serve a new class of digital assets by facilitating their exchange, ownership, and productization
  11. Survival and growth Growth drivers  Sufficient scale and liquidity to meet market requirements  Secure, trusted fiat on-ramps  Gradual implementation of KYC / AML procedures Survival factors  Competing against “traditional” entrants on compliance & product  Improving user experience  Reconciling centralized intermediary role with a decentralized ecosystem Crypto Institutions
  12. A new financial system Decentralized Finance  Evolved from Distributed Ledgers, Tokenized Assets, and Crypto Institutions  Transformation of traditional financial services into open, trustless protocols based on decentralized networks and open-source financial primitives Traditional Financial Services Lending Derivatives Exchange Funds / Indices
  13. Survival and growth Growth drivers  Permissionless, censorship-resistant access to financial services  Programmable instruments and transactions with built-in escrow and global reach  Open-source ecosystem in active development Survival factors  Finding a sustainable business model  Achieving sufficient scale and liquidity to support market demand  Creating a user-friendly but secure experience for accessing decentralized financial services Decentralized Finance
  14. Converging on the future Convergence points  Adoption challenges  Business models  Governance approaches  Regulatory development No single solution can capture the future today, but in aggregate, we may succeed
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