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20160909 Digital transformation

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20160909 Digital transformation

  1. 1. 1 75%of B2B buyers now use online / social media to research vendors The need for Digital Transformation 90% of today’s B2B buyers never respond to cold outreach. 57%B2B buyers are 57% towards making a decision before engaging sales. Minds&More
  2. 2. DEFINITION OF DIGITAL STRATEGY 2 Digital Covers different types of online and web medias, content, social channels, technologies, devices, and more Strategy Defines ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ to achieve the defined objectives Provide an actionable and measurable direction on how to use digital to achieve a vision, and the specific business/brand /commercial objectives. Drive the desired experiences be it for our customers, prospects, employees/future colleagues, suppliers and investors. Today Gap To be Desired Future ORGANIZATION’S DIGITALMATURITY BASIC ADVANCED Digital Strategy TIME TODAY FUTURE Minds&More
  3. 3. ENSURE ALIGN MARKETING AND SALES AND CLARIFY ROLES AS PART OF THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 3 For Marketing For Sales Ensure to leverage and build digital assets so can execute activities that build the brand and get more revenues Minds&More is the exclusive distributor for BENELUX, France and has certified trainers in the social selling mastery designed for marketing & sales professionals (Distributors of Sales for Life)
  4. 4. EVOLVE YOUR DIGITAL MATURITY (SALES & MARKETING) OF YOUR ORGANIZATION TO GET AND ACCELERATE MORE REVENUES 4 Stage 1: Status Quo. Basic Maturity Stage 2: Random Acts of Digital and Social Stage 3: Business Case Stage 4: Deploy to Scale Stage 5: Sales & Marketing Integration
  5. 5. MASTERY® PROGRAMS FOR SALES AND MARKETING DETAILS ON OUR WEB SITE 5 Week 2: Build Your Brand Week 3: Find & Identify Buyers (Advanced Search) Week 4: Find & Identify Buyers (Sphere of Influence) Week 5: Educate Buyers Online Week 7: Develop & Grow Your Social Networks Week 1: Welcome to Social Selling 7 Pre- Work Week 2: Create Content (Mapping Content to the Buyer’s Journey) Week 3: Create Content (Organizing Your Content Library) Week 4: Create Content (Understand Asset Best Practices) Week 5: Organize Content Effectively Week 6: Discover Earlier - Inbound & Outbound Strategies Week 7: Evaluate Engagement (Creating Metrics & Feedback Systems) Week 1: Why Social Selling, Why Sales for Life? Week 2: Roles & Responsibilities Week 3: Setting Up Your Measurements &KPI’s Week 4: Workshop - Sales & Marketing Alignment Leadership Marketing Sales How to Coach to Social Selling Empowering Sales for the Buying Journey Build Pipeline & Revenue Leadership: 4 Weeks Marketing: 7 Weeks Sales: 9 Weeks Week 6: Engage With Insights Week 8: Learn Your Daily Social Selling Routine Week 9: Complete Certification Week 1: Welcome to Social Selling 9 Pre-Work Minds&More is the exclusive distributor for BENELUX, France and has certified trainers in the social selling mastery designed for marketing & sales professionals (Distributors of Sales for Life)
  6. 6. DETAILS TO HELP BUILD CAPABILITIES OF SALES AND MARKETING ON DIGITAL AND SOCIAL For Sales professionals • https://mindsandmore.biz/en/academy/training-session-social-selling-sales/ For Marketing professionals • https://mindsandmore.biz/en/academy/training-session-social-selling-marketing/ 6
  7. 7. EXAMPLE OF IMPACT 7Minds&More
  8. 8. MINDS&MORE cvba Park Hill Office Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16b 1831 Diegem www.mindsandmore.biz Tel: +32 (0)2 704 49 40 Pieterjan Kempynck, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)477 700 541 Email: pieterjan.kempynck@mindsandmore.biz Francois Delvaux, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)495 242 986 Email: francois.delvaux@mindsandmore.biz Benny Van Calster, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)475 633 483 Email: benny.van.calster@mindsandmore.biz Myriam Vangenechten, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)477 508 640 Email: myriam.vangenechten@mindsandmore.biz Pascale Hall, Partner Mobile: + 32 (0) 472 445 983 Email: pascale.hall@mindsandmore.biz Grégoire Van der Veken, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)495 582 221 Email: gregoire.vanderveken@mindsandmore.biz Thomas Donck, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)494 566 844 Email: Thomas.donck@mindsandmore.biz