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Business capability model v1.0

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Business capability model v1.0

  1. 1. Business Capability Model Normalizing the business, simplifying the World
  2. 2. Coming from Real Business Life Ability to produce bread Necessity to consume bread Business exchange is executed
  3. 3. Coming from Real Business Life ● Backer has an expectation about what the Market needs and what he can offer ● Consumer has a necessity and expectation about which product can fulfill ● Sell/buy bread is an abstract concept, well-known in the business domain. Both parts assume a process with incomings/outcomings even without knowing each other, based on the experience
  4. 4. Business Capability Model Discipline to capture the “what” business does composing by a set of capabilities, relaxing the view about “how” business is carried on
  5. 5. Concept of Capability ● Ability of a company to deliver value ● Abstract concept, it execution is concrete ● Capabilities is a longer term concept for the company. Business capability can change slightly but they are part of the business nature
  6. 6. Capability vs Request ● Capability is an value of the Market provided by a company ● Capability doesnt known producer, it is an abstraction which is realized by a company when is provided ● Capability is reusable, a backer sells bread, also a supermarket, a mall... ● Request has an producer who implemented, requesting has an implicit relationship request-producer ● Capability need to sign a contract as preliminary step before carrying with business process, this signature process meets both part each other ● Capability promotes the competition, providers can compete to maximize the generated value. Your bread is good but mine is better, so the consumer can change the contract ● Capability more agile and flexible. Due to the fact, both parts does not need to know in advance, to change of provider is easier.
  7. 7. Capability Model as Normalization Mechanism … coffee.. arabic.. puff... Cowmilk Morning, can I help you ? !! ● Consumers have a preconfigured idea about how a business exchange is ● Ad hoc business processes require time for consumer to be internally accepted ● Capability is a universal concept accepted for business participants in a business domain Colombian, Arabic, African coffee ? I want a coffee with milk ! Cow, goat, camel milk Cup or glass !!! God !.. Cup !!!! God !.. Your name, sir? John Dammit, 80 cents, sir I forgot my wallet !
  8. 8. Capability Model Implementation Weather Condition App << register >> Resource Available National Weather Condition Provider Sensor Condition Provider Provide condition Capability Weather Condition Service << use >> << use >> Business Competitor Download available code
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