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Francisco Lopez Junior resume WestWood

  1. 1. Francisco Lopez Junior 1524 North Rancho Avenue, Colton CA, 92324 909-264-4588 Areas of Specialty  Communication  Leader  Computers  Software Programs  Organization  Know the Safety Procedures of a Work Place Education High School Diploma Colton High School, Colton California May 2013 School Wise Experience Desktop Publishing, Colton California September, 2008 - Present Printing Usage  Knows how to operate a printer.  Knows how to operate a copying machine.  Knows how to operate a machine operated paper cutter properly.  Knows the safety procedures when it comes to operating the machinery. Computers  Knows how to use the following programs, Microsoft word, power point, and excel.  Knows how to use other programs other than the Microsoft office.  Knows how to use some of the adobe products. Safety Procedures in a Print Shop  I know how to handle sharp objects.  If there is a problem with one of the machinery I will notify the administrator or supervisor at once.  I know I must wear gloves when it comes to changing part in a machine.  I know when to put safety gear. Welding Occupation, Colton California September, 2008 – Present  I know how to operate and use a Oxy-Acetylene torch.  I know how to operated and use a Electro- Rod Welder  I know how to use a MIG welder.  I have little knowledge of how to use a aluminum welder.  Know how to change the lens on a welding helmet.  I know the different shade numbers in welding. Safety Procedures  I know how to use the safety gear and procedures.  I know you must have safety goggles once you have entered the work place.  I know before welding you must have leather jacket, gloves, safety goggles, and welding helmet on before you start. Equipment  I know how to read a measuring tape up to 1/16 increments.  I know how to use a measuring tape.  I know how to use many types of grinders  I know how to use the tools they have properly.  I know how to use a ban saw  I know how to use a metal hydraulic cutter.