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FranceElla Bowie Resume word

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FranceElla Bowie Resume word

  1. 1. Franceella Bowie 26082 Fairfield Ave Warren MI, 48089 Dedicated Customer Service Representative motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to company success. Customer Interface Greeted customers upon entrance and handled all cash and credit transactions. Assisted customers over the phone regarding store operations, product, promotions and orders. Multi-tasking Cashiered with two cash registers at once in tandem to maximize customer flow. Sales Consistently generated additional revenue through skilled sales techniques. Customer Service/ Sales Associate, 03/2005 to Current Sam’s Club - Roseville, MI Managed quality communication, customer support and product representation for each customer. Guaranteed positive customer experiences and resolved all customer complaints. Responsible for ringing up customers in a timely manner and guaranteeing high level of customer service. Assisted customers in finding out-of-stock items. Communicated all merchandise needs or issues to appropriate supervisors. Stocked and rotated inventory regularly. Performed store opening duties, including counting cash drawers and checking all equipment for proper functioning. Recommended, selected and helped locate merchandise based on customer needs and desires. Interacted with customers and retail buyers to follow-up on shipping statuses and expedited orders. Expressed appreciation and invited customers to return to the store. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND High School Diploma: General Education, 2004 Finney High - Detroit, MI, U.S Cell: 313-704-5913 franbowie86@gmail.com Customer service expert Opening/closing procedures Strong organizational skills Excellent listening skills Energetic work attitude Store maintenance ability CORE STRENGTHS CAREER OVERVIEW ACCOMPLISHMENTS WORK EXPERIENCE