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Google Analytics Overview

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Is your company starting to implement online marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC or social media? If this is the case, are you tracking your efforts through a web analytics platform like Google Analytics? If not, you may be wasting your time as you have no idea which strategies are driving traffic and converting visitors to leads or sales. If you are utilizing Google Analytics, what metrics are you looking at to determine campaign effectiveness? This presentation will provide info on the following: Google Analytics setup, advanced reporting features and reports offered by Google's free analytics platform. Learn how to measure your efforts, and better understand what success looks like.

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Google Analytics Overview

  1. 1. Formic Media Seminar Series: Google Analytics
  2. 2.  Around since 1981 Reaches over 20,000 people around Oregon Publishes 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon Provides readers with insight into  News, features & analysis from around Oregon  Newest innovations from all sectors  Interviews with CEOs on how to succeed Get Your Free Subscription  Use code FORMIC
  3. 3. Upcoming Seminars May 11th – Elements of Sales Success June 8th – Website Clinic July 13th – Advanced PPC Tactics
  4. 4. Agenda Overview Setting up Google Analytics Advanced Tracking & Interface Features Reporting, Metrics & Analysis Recent Updates
  5. 5. Google Analytics Overview
  6. 6. Google Analytics Overview What is Google Analytics?  Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. - Wikipedia
  7. 7. Google Analytics Overview Who Should Use Google Analytics?  Anyone that has to make decisions about your website, online campaigns and other marketing efforts (could be offline)
  8. 8. Google Analytics Overview Why Use Google Analytics?  It’s free  Easy to implement & use  Analyze online & offline efforts  Map to business goals & KPIs  Improve efforts by reviewing/analyzing the data  Links with AdWords  Use data for monthly reporting
  9. 9. Google Analytics Overview Business Case for Using Google Analytics  $50 Million in annual sales  Increase conversion rate from 2.0% to 2.1%  5% increase in conversion rate = $2.5 Million increase in sales
  10. 10. Setting Up Google Analytics
  11. 11. Setting Up Google Analytics Go to www.google.com/analytics Login with your Google Account or create one
  12. 12. Setting Up Google Analytics If Creating, simply fill out your personal information
  13. 13. Setting Up Google Analytics If Creating, simply fill out your personal information
  14. 14. Setting Up Google Analytics Once verified you will have the option to sign up forGoogle Analytics
  15. 15. Setting Up Google Analytics Once verified you will have the option to sign up forGoogle Analytics
  16. 16. Setting Up Google Analytics The first step in setting up GA, is to create a siteprofile
  17. 17. Setting Up Google Analytics GA will generate code to add to your site.
  18. 18. Adding Code to your site You will need to access your website files via an ftpserver or plugin. you will need to add the snippet Google Analyticsgenerated for you directly above the closing headtag(</head>) to all pages of your site
  19. 19. Check your code installation Look for a green checkmark in your site status, if youhave a yellow !, you still have some issues with yourinstallation
  20. 20. Check your code installation Visit EpikOne Site Scan: http://sitescanga.com/ Run the report, you will get page by page results ofany tracking issues
  21. 21. Adding Website Profiles Visit your Dashboard -> Click the box “Add websiteProfile”
  22. 22. Users Visit your Dashboard -> Click the box “UserManager”
  23. 23. Managing Users You can manage or add users through this interface
  24. 24. Adding Users When adding a user you can limit the sites they canaccess as well as their level of access, ie. reports
  25. 25. Advanced Tracking & Interface Features
  26. 26. Advanced Tracking & Interface Features Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels Custom Alerts Advanced Segments E-commerce Tracking Event Tracking URL Builder for Tracking Non-AdWords Campaigns
  27. 27. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels Filters
  28. 28. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels Goals  Always try to define at least one goal for a website  What are my Business Objectives?  Why do I have a website?  Examples of Website Goals:  Thank You Page  Software Download  Account Sign-Up  More than 3 Pages Viewed  Less than 5 Minutes on the Site
  29. 29. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels Three Types of Goals  URL Destination  Time on Site  Pages/Visit
  30. 30. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels
  31. 31. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels Three Types of Goal URL Match Types  Head Match: /dealoftheday/  Exact Match: /dealoftheday/thankyou.html  Regular Expression Match: /.*/thankyou.html  Will match the following: /dealoftheday1/thankyou.html /dealoftheday1/thankyou.html?query=sale /dealoftheday1/signup.html /dealoftheday2/thankyou.html
  32. 32. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels
  33. 33. Setting Up Filters, Goals & Funnels
  34. 34. Custom Alerts
  35. 35. Advanced Segments vs. Filtered Profiles Advanced Segments  May be applied to historical data  Are available across all accounts and profiles  Can be compared side-by-side in reports  Are easier to create than a filtered profile When to use a filtered profile:  To permanently alter or restrict the data that appears in a profile  If you need to restrict user access to a subset of data
  36. 36. Advanced Segments
  37. 37. Advanced Segments
  38. 38. E-commerce Tracking  Step One: Enable e-commerce tracking Analytics Settings > Edit Profile Settings > Edit Main Website Profile Information
  39. 39. E-commerce Tracking Step Two: Get Google Analytics Tracking CodeExample code:http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/gaTrackingEcommerce.html#Example
  40. 40. E-commerce Tracking  Step Three: Add code to receipt page to begin tracking transactions
  41. 41. Event Tracking Track visitor interaction with on-site elements,such as Flash movies Define categories,actions, labels andvalues View EventTracking under“Content”
  42. 42. Google URL Builder  Use when tracking non AdWords traffic – AdWords traffic is auto tagged when you link Analytics & AdWords  Track newsletter traffic  Track email traffic  Track paid traffic from external sites
  43. 43. Google URL BuilderRequired fields: Campaign Source Campaign Medium Campaign NameLocation:http://www.google.com/support/analytics/bin/answer.py?answer=55578
  44. 44. Reporting, Metrics & Analysis
  45. 45. Site Usage
  46. 46. Top Mediums
  47. 47. Top Mediums
  48. 48. Top Mediums
  49. 49. Top Keywords
  50. 50. Top Content
  51. 51. Top Content
  52. 52. Top Content
  53. 53. Top Content
  54. 54. Top Content
  55. 55. Top Visitors
  56. 56. Goals
  57. 57. Ecommerce Reporting
  58. 58. Custom Reporting
  59. 59. Recent Updates
  60. 60. Recent Updates New Version of Google Analytics released in Beta:  Released a month ago  Sign-up for the Beta here  Faster to find the data you want  More features (e.g. multiple dashboards)  Updated GA Help Section
  61. 61. Recent Updates Sign-up for the Beta!
  62. 62. Recent Updates Access to the Beta should take about 2-3 days: Click the “New Version” Link
  63. 63. Recent Updates New Dashboard:
  64. 64. Recent Updates My Site Stats Tab:
  65. 65. Recent Updates In-page Analytics (added last October):  Not available in the new Beta version of GA
  66. 66. Recent Updates Events Goals:  You can use Event Tracking in Google Analytics to track visitor actions that dont correspond directly to pageviews.  Downloads of a PDF or other file  Interaction with dynamic or AJAX sites  Interaction with Adobe Flash objects, embedded videos, and other media
  67. 67. Recent Updates Configuring Event Goals:  For more details on set-up, go here.
  68. 68. Recent Updates New GA Tracking Code feature: client side POSTsupport:  Traditionally, client-side tracking code beacons have been sent via HTTP GET requests, limited to 2048 bytes by some browsers and proxies.  Requests sent to GA that exceeded this limit were dropped, and the data never recorded.  Now, requests longer than 2048 bytes will be sent via HTTP POST, which has no such limit.
  69. 69. Recent Updates New GA Tracking Code feature: client side POSTsupport:  This feature requires no user configuration and has been pushed in the latest version of the JavaScript tracking code.
  70. 70. Contact: John McPhee, Account Director503-517-9059 x122| johnm@formicmedia.com http://www.formicmedia.com/seminars @formicmedia Facebook.com/FormicMediaInc LinkedIn.com/company/formic-media-inc.