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How do you calculate 'value' in your diet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fresh fruit, crusty bread, tuna, yogurt, chocolate. We put a value on every food we come across, and it isn’t just about whether that food is nutritious. Could this food elitism be working against real-world benefits? In this infographic, we check out the price/affordability, time cost, money cost, and nutrients in both packaged and cooked stir fry.

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How do you calculate 'value' in your diet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. All statistics taken from the ILSI Food Value Analysis tool (www.FoodValueAnalysis.org) HOW DO YOU CALCULATE “VALUE” IN YOUR DIET? FRESH ISN’T ALWAYS BEST Fresh foods aren’t always more nutritious than packaged alternatives TIME IS MONEY For many families, the cost of prep time is just as important as the sticker price EXTENDING FRESHNESS Americans throw out 26% of their grocery items, so the expiration date has value OR The value of price, time, and nutrition can vary greatly between fresh and packaged foods. BOTTOM LINE, THOUGH: “VALUE” IN ANY FAMILY’S DIET IS A PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT BASED ON PRIORITIES AND BUDGETS. D.I.Y. STIR FRY GOOD FOR 2-5 days Calories: 122 Protein: 3.5 g Sodium: 220mg Nutrition Facts Calories: 154 Protein: 3.1 g Sodium: 453mg Nutrition Facts PACKAGED STIR FRY