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Live Events Solution Brochure

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Flumotion Live Events Solution is the streaming platform for live events broadcasting that enables organizations to monetize their event and generate a greater audience and dissemination reaching every connected device. Check the results real time thanks to the advanced analytics tool.

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Live Events Solution Brochure

  2. 2. A streaming solution that fits your business model Our all-in-one streaming platform adapts to different business models of companies using online video and its specific needs. Close & Comprehensive Service We continuously accompany clients, offering and advising them on an end- to-end service to help them succeed with their online audio & video projects. AN ALL-IN-ONE STREAMING PLATFORM 2
  3. 3. Stream your events live and online from anywhere, improving the user experience of the viewers offering video in high quality, accessible from multiple devices. Flumotion provides you with all that is necessary for the streaming of your event and help you increase your audience and generate business with it. Premium Technical Support Support Team is responsible for service monitoring and resolve any abnormalities as quickly as possible. We also offer onsite support for live events. We are live specialists Our platform includes the necessary to broadcast live audio and video for either 24x7 channels or for specific events or technology. 3LIVE EVENTS SOLUTION
  4. 4. Monetize your online event: make profitable your event in streaming by inserting advertising in the video player. Integration with major social networks: expand your audience and stream your event in the page of your company in any social network. Customizable html5/ flash player: you can customize your player with your corporate colors and include your company logo. High quality video streaming with multi device technology: to reach 100% of viewers and clients 1 2 3 Your event can reach anywhere in the world and an unlimited audience. The online life of your event will be extended thanks to the automated live recording and the video availability on demand, once finished. The live event will be viewed from multiple devices: improving user experience. WHAT ADVANTAGES WILL THE STREAMING TECHNOLOGY PROVIDE TO YOUR LIVE EVENT? WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE FLUMOTION PLATFORM? 4
  5. 5. Automated recording and publishing of live video, that is instantly available on-demand. Analysis & statistics about your event, for example number of concurrent users, or detect what time the event has caused greatest interest. A quick set up and go of event channel thanks to the predefined web templates and the Wordpress plugin. Securitization of your online event: you can restrict viewing by IP address, geographical zone or password. 4 5 Integration with major social networks, which allow you to achieve greater virality and audience. You can analyze the results of your event: the number of concurrent users, number of views, etc... In 2010, the magazine Event Magazine reported a 62% increase in the number of events using streaming. 5LIVE EVENTS SOLUTION
  6. 6. We have broadcasted live events for large corporations as: HOW CAN I HIRE FLUMOTION’s STREAMING SERVICE? Contract the streaming service according to your needs or how often you need it, and we can assure you that the price we are offering you is as much competitive as possible. We want to hear your project. Contact Flumotion for more information about the options that you have for your streaming event. Explain us your project and we will help choosing the best option for your requirements, plus no extra cost to advise you on the next steps. 6
  7. 7. Since 2006 Flumotion has been a leading company in audio and video streaming solutions and named one of the 100 largest worldwide companies in online video, along with YouTube, Facebook and Apple. Companies such as Nestlé, Danone and Esade use Flumotion’s streaming platforms to implement their online video marketing strategies. Top broadcasting companies Radio Televisión Española, Barcelona TV, and Flaix FM maximize the monetization of their content and return on investment, thanks to Flumotion’s solutions. Flumotion Services S.A. Avda. Diagonal, 579-581 7º 08014 Barcelona T. +34 935 086 350 info@flumotion.com www.flumotion.com 7LIVE EVENTS PLATFORM