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Flowable What´s coming next?

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Joram Barrez and Tijs Rademakers, Principal Software Engineer at Flowable show a roadmap about what is coming next.

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Flowable What´s coming next?

  1. 1. What is coming next?
  2. 2. 6.4.1 release (beginning December) CMMN Engine improvements Plan item lifecycle listeners, event listeners, condition evaluation flexibility, parse handlers etc Support for call activity sub process and parent process activity migration, variable definition Process instance migration improvements Make it unnecessary to go to historic data when getting activity info for a running process instance Activity instance runtime data
  3. 3. 6.5.0 release (t.b.d)
  4. 4. DMN DRD Support for complex decisions Have multiple layers and dependencies to calculate the outcome(s) for a decision
  5. 5. DMN DRD (2) DRD editor in Flowable Modeler New model type and DMN decision tasks in BPMN and CMMN can be linked to DRD DRD runtime execution in DMN engine Calculate DRD elements in correct order and return the decision outcome at the end
  6. 6. Process instance migration v1 Support for doing simple to complex migrations Add more use cases for process instance migration, also based on community feedback Support migrating each process instance of a process definition version to a new version in batch (using job executor) Batch migration support Support migration running process instances to the newly deployed process definition in batch Migration on process deployment
  7. 7. Out-of-the-box support for message queues Remove the need for Camel and Mule for JMS messages Camel and Mule are powerful frameworks when implementing integration use cases, but JMS messages should be handled directly with a Flowable Module as well Make it easy to correlate incoming message to running process and case instances and add correlation info to outgoing messages Support correlation Support Spring message handling when running Flowable in a Spring context Provide Spring support
  8. 8. Stable version of MongoDB BPMN Engine Enhance current implementation with more coverage Current foundation is already more than a proof of concept, but enhance it with more test coverage Is MongoDB support a nice deliverable for the community? We welcome any feedback. Welcome community feedback and help
  9. 9. Kubernetes support Add Kubernetes support to Flowable deliverables Similar to the Docker images that are already provided, there will also be support for Kubernetes in specific As part of an internal Flowable Hackaton, already a prototype with Kubernetes support was implemented Prototype already available from Flowable hackaton
  10. 10. Heatmap support in Flowable Task App Provide visual information on duration and frequency
  11. 11. Upcoming book? In conversation with Manning Covering CMMN, BPMN and DMN Using Flowable as the platform to show examples
  12. 12. Flowable is community focused Feedback is very much appreciated We welcome feedback via the forums to discuss possible new features, potential bugs etc. Input for the roadmap can be provided at any time and we value feature requests via the community The roadmap is community focused Adding unit tests, writing sections of documentation, small features, or bigger features that we can work on together, everything is appreciated and valued by the rest of the community Contributions can be done at various levels
  13. 13. Any feedback / questions / remarks ?