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SMARTDAC+ Data Acquisition Multi-loop Setpoint Control

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n applications that need both control and recording, such as controlling the temperature of an industrial furnace or the dosage process at a water treatment plant, there is a need for systems that do not require engineering and can be quickly and easily commissioned. In a typical control and monitoring application, a separate recorder and controller is required to control temperature, flow rate and pressure. At the same time, a data acquisition station must communicate with the controller to ensure data is being capture and recorded. It is time consuming and oftentimes confusing, to ensure the controller and the data acquisition station is communicating seamlessly. By combining continuous recording function of the SMARTDAC+ and PID control module into a single platform, customers can now seamlessly control and record critical process data in one system. The SMARTDAC+ can control, monitor and record up to 20 loops. Each PID control module comes with 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.

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SMARTDAC+ Data Acquisition Multi-loop Setpoint Control

  1. 1. Bulletin 04L51B01-31EN Multi-loop and setpoint program control SMARTDAC+ Data Acquisition & Control In Virginia contact Flow-Tech at 804-752-3450 or visit Flowtechonline.com
  2. 2. Report file SMART CONTROL Multi-loop control and centralized monitoring Network Controller LAN Netwo Utility building Factory GMGM GX10GX10 GX20GX20 Reliable, proven PID controller 2 loop control on each module ●Reliable PID algorithms developed with UTAdvanced ●Comes with "Super" overshoot control function ●Supports cascade control and 2-input switching control ●Fully integrated into GX/GP/GM * Photo is with the /BC option. C Measured data … Data file A Data file B Auto Internal memory * When measured data fills t the unit begins writing to th Up to 10 loops (expandable up to 20) Up to 16 loops (expandable up to 20) Up to 6 loops Of Now, with ... Simply choose a module and enter parameters ● No programming ● No screen building High integrity dat ● No data loss from pow ● Records control data, and alarm history ● Future proof add addi Seamless network functionality with secure format ● Email, web, FTP, SNTP... ● Create reports automatically (optional)
  3. 3. Min. ork Browser-based remote operation and monitoring Perform remote operation using built in web server Simple touch panel operation Control operation and monitor screens A wealth of easy-to-read monitoring and operation screens Program pattern control option 99 patterns times 99 segments PCPC ●Setpoint profile per loop along a single time axis ●32 time events, 32 PV events ●Total number of segmenets: 9801 Copy … Data file A Data file B External memory (SD card) save he internal memory, he external media. fice Program pattern display Controller Face plate OverviewTuning Control operation summary Control alarm summary Email warning of alarms ta storage wer failure operation summary itional modules as required Custom display function Option ● Customize operator screens for optimal display functionality Variety of MATH functions Option ● Ability to write mathematical functions to control inputs ● Enables PV, SP, and logic calculations ● Supports carbon potential control through CP calculation Touch to change loop operations Controller Face plate Overview Tuning Control operation summary Control alarm summary
  4. 4. Sigh up for our free e-mail newsletter www.yokogawa.com/ns/ Subject to change without notice All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2017, Yokogawa Electric Corporation AZ-S-2E Printed in Japan, 705(AZ) [Ed:01/d] YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION Control Instruments Sales Division http://www.yokogawa.com/ E-mail: ns@cs.jp.yokogawa.com YOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA http://www.yokogawa.com/us/ YOKOGAWA EUROPE B.V. http://www.yokogawa.com/eu/ YOKOGAWA ENGINEERING ASIA PTE. LTD. http://www.yokogawa.com/sg/ Atmosphere control CP value Furnace temperature (TC) Thermocouple CO partial pressure CP value (on the GX20) CP calculation Fixed value PID O2 partial pressure (mV) O2 sensor (O2 sensor component) GM10 Test engine 3Test engine 2Test engine 1 Rotations and load control signals Variety of analog signals Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5 Zone6 GX PV/SP simultaneous display Program progress and time events are obvious at a glance GX90UT PID Control Module Control functions Digital input (switching the SP, operation mode, etc.) ●Loops: 2 ● Control intervals: 100 ms, 200 ms ●Alarms: 4 per loop ● PID parameter groups: 8 per loop ●Overshoot control function: Included ●Inputs: 8 ●Innput type: Non-voltage contact or open collector ●Contact rating: 12 VDC or more, 20 mA or more Analog input (measured input) Digital output (of alarms, events, etc.) ●Measured points: 2 ●Measurement types: DC voltage (DCV)/standardized signal, TC/RTD, DI (LEVEL and non-voltage contact)/DC current (with external shunt resistance) ●Outputs: 8 ●Output type: Open collector (sink type) ●Output contact capacity: Max 24 VDC, 50 mA Analog output (control output/transmission output/sensor power supply) ●Outputs: 2 ●Output types: ・Current, voltage pulse, or sensor power supply ・Current output: 4–20 mA or 0–20 mA, enables reverse deflection (load resistance 600 Ω or less) ・Voltage pulse output: ON voltage = 12 VDC or more(load resistance 600 Ω or more), OFF voltage = 0.1 VDC or less. ・Sensor power supply: Can be used as a 13.0–18.3 VDC power supply * When not used as a control output/sensor power supply, measured values, set points, and other values can be sent via analog retransmission. For more details, please see the general specification for GX90UT PID control module (GS 04L51B01-31EN.) Specification Application examples Continuous furnace control (multiloop) Centralized loop management (up to 20 loops) Modular construction for easy maintenance Carburizing furnace (CP calculation) With a zirconia O2 sensor and CO2 infrared analyzer you can calculate and control carbon potential (CP value). Engine endurance test (pattern generator) Program control can also be used as a pattern generator. Register up to 99 test patterns for efficient testing. Generates up to 20 analog signals simultaneously. Vacuum furnace control (program control) Monitor progress of program patterns ●Up to 99 patterns times 99 segments ●Up to 32 time events and 32 PV events ● Electronic component firing/drying furnace temperature control, and recording of managed data ● Storage temperature control and management of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, and temperature control of food sterilization processes ● Remote monitoring of wastewater treatment equipment in plants ● Other small scale process control and monitoring tasks involving heat treatment, and data recording