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Production and operation Management

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Production and operation Management assignment. Studied implementation of Production and operation management concepts in a jeans manufacturing firm.

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Production and operation Management

  1. 1. Submitted to : Dr. Nitin Wani By: Pradnya Desai Sneha Kamble Talat Hashmi Falguni Singh Suchitra Sugumaran Sabeen Fatma With the help of Mr. Ajay
  2. 2. Company Introduction Name : Shefali Enterprises Owner : Mr. Naik Location: Chandivali (Andheri – east) Type : Manufacturing Product: Jeans Labors: 40 Capacity: 800 pairs per day Clients : Nostrum, Cross fiber, Nut & Bolt etc.
  3. 3. Transformation Process Transformation Process *Building *Machine and equipment *Laborers *Electricity *Manager *Transportatio n facility *Raw material a)Fabric b)Thread c)Zipper d)Button e)Reveat *Good quality jeans *Genuine prices charged *Satisfied and happy customers Random Disturbances Labour Shortage Damaged raw material Government taxation policy Transportation failure INPUTS OUTPUTS Quality of outputs monitored Quality of inputs monitored Feedback Mechanisms Rise in revenue Repeated orders Increase in network with references
  4. 4. Plant Location The setup decision in the case of Shefali Enterprises completely relied on factors like cost, space and localization. The owner Mr. Naik is a resident of Mumbai which becomes his preference for business and Chandivali the setup location provides him a huge space at a low cost as compared to Sion and Dadar where other jeans manufacturing industries are established. Easily available labour in Chandivili favored his decision. Chandivili is also a location which favors transportation to various places in Mumbai, geographically located in the centre of the city.
  5. 5. Manufacturing System The type of manufacturing system is intermittent system i.e. this company manufactures only when an order is received. The classified type would be batch production.
  6. 6. Layout (process layout) Cutting of material Batch Numbers & Pockets are Allotted Stitching Loops & Buttons Final Product (End) Embroidery Office (Start) Check point
  7. 7. Layout (Process layout) START Jeans
  8. 8. Quality Control
  9. 9. Machine cutting loops