25 Restaurant Marketing Resources The Pros Use

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13. Aug 2014

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25 Restaurant Marketing Resources The Pros Use

  1. 25 Restaurant Marketing Resources
  2. Restaurant marketing is not tough at all when you’re fortunate to have great resources. We’ve scoured the Internet and come across 25 amazing resources to help you market like a pro.
  3. 1)5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Local Social Media Strategy TBy Victoria Devine. You may not believe it, but social media is important to local restaurants. Why? Many customers connect with local restaurants over social media. Victoria gives us the skinny on what we need to know.
  4. 2)Restaurant Marketing Academy Shannon shares videos on YouTube about marketing your restaurant. I couldn’t pick out just one, and I recommend that you view them all, but some stand outs include Best Way to Market My Restaurant and How Do I Get More Customers.
  5. 3)Help With Yelp For Business: Responding to Negative Reviews By Kathryn Cudemo. If you have a restaurant, you’ll eventually encounter a negative review. How you respond determines whether you can successfully bounce back and impress your customers with stellar customer service.
  6. 4) By AJ Kumar. Love it or hate it, Yelp is definitely important to local business, especially service-oriented ones, such as restaurants. Use AJ’s guide to help your business rank on Yelp. 5 Steps to Getting Your Business Ranked on Yelp
  7. 5)How to Start an Account on Yelp (For Businesses) Yelp is crucial to your online marketing strategy. Not only can you accurately share your restaurant information, you can interact with your customers. Follow this guide to start a Yelp account.
  8. 6)Neilsen Study Says Yelp Is Most Influential If you needed one more reason to sign up for a business account on Yelp, this is it. Yelp scores higher than popular sites like Angie’s List and Tripadvisor. Yelp is consider the highest quality review site.
  9. 7)Facebook Marketing Plan: How to Grow Your Business With Facebook By Michael Stelzner. Yelp can’t have all of the fun. Facebook is an important part of your marketing strategy. In this plan, Michael takes you step by step into engaging with your customers over Facebook.
  10. 8)50 Facebook Pages of Restaurants to Learn Tips From By Pat Parkinson. Pat takes you through all 50 states to shop you different restaurants on Facebook. He includes a screenshot, and explains what works and whate doesn’t.
  11. 9)How 6 Restaurants Use Online Marketing By Blaise Lucey. Anyone interested in a case study? Download Constant Contact’s free guide on the matter. You’ll learn how real restaurants, like yours, grew subscribers and expanded their network.
  12. 10)How to Use Pinterest for Restaurant Marketing By Corey Eridon. Pinterest and restaurants are a match made in heaven. Because Pinterest is a visual medium, post photographs of your food and pin them to your boards. It’s a delicious, yet indirect, way to sell your foods.
  13. 11)14 Restaurant Marketing Tips for Success Online and Off By Laura Briere. Laura’s advice features some of the most actionable information, such as retooling your menu to show that you’re cutting edge. My favorite tip is #4, where you ask local food bloggers to review your restaurant in exchange for a free meal.
  14. 12)Restaurant Promotion Ideas- How to Attract New Customers It’s easy to will attention is which a discount. Provide a discount of 20%.That way, you still make a profit, and customer feels like they’re getting a deal.
  15. 13)10 Integrated Content Marketing Ideas for Restaurants By Susan Burns. Susan shares a great list of marketing ideas, but my favorite is the chef in action. Take a video of your chef making a popular dish. It’s all about connecting with your audience on a human level.
  16. 14)10 Ways YouTube Helps You With Local SEO By MatthewY. Video marketing is just starting to take off. Here’s a list of ways that you can leverage YouTube to help you market your local restaurant.
  17. 15)10 Ways Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Grow By Mike Gingerich. Mike gives you options on how to make the most of your social media platform. Use social media to ask for feedback.
  18. 16)Add A Menu to Facebook and 6 Other Local Restaurant Marketing Ideas By Ramon Ray. Ramon gives us a short and sweet overview of how to successfully interact with your Facebook page.
  19. 17)Social Media Marketing for Restaurants: 21 Tips By Krista Bunskoek. Krista takes a look at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and details how to use certain strategies to drive more traffic to your restaurant.
  20. 18)Setting Goals for Your Restaurant Social Media Marketing By Brandon Hull. Brandon gives amazing insight into this social media marketing. For example, simply visiting your restaurant should not be your call-to-action. Brandon goes over what you need to know in setting results-oriented goals.
  21. 19)Four Tips for Conducting Your Own Restaurant Marketing By Guy Holmes. Guy discusses the four basic ingredients that a restaurant owner needs to develop their own marketing plan.
  22. 20)Turn Up the Local SEO Heat for Your Restaurant Marketing Summer Strategy By Tyler Barnes. Did you know that 33% of people search more restaurants on their mobile device? Visit Tyler’s article for more amazing insights about restaurant marketing.
  23. 21) Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Getting More Reviews Not enough reviews? Train your staff to identify and ask highly satisfied customers for their review. Use this strategy to get positive reviews on third party sites, like Yelp and Google+.
  24. 22) 10 Excellent Restaurant Marketing Ideas General tips but good ones, especially staying current with your marketing plan. You need to keep an eye on your competitors, as well.
  25. 23)Why Restaurants Can No Longer Ignore Getting Google+ Reviews By Kathy. Google+ is here to stay, and it’s just good practice to embrace it. Customers who use the Google search engine will definitely see Google reviews, so Kathy shares how to maximize this to your advantage.
  26. 24)9 Ways to Stretch Your Restaurant’s Marketing Dollars Most local restaurants face a tight (or non-existent) marketing budget. This article shows you how to make the most of the amount you have, and stretch a dime into a dollar.
  27. 25)10 Facts About Using Twitter For Restaurant Marketing By Vee Popat. Facebook and Yelp aren’t the only social media platforms you need to focus on. Take a serious look at Twitter. In this article, Vee shares the reasons why restaurants use Twitter, and how it can improve their marketing efforts.
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