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  1. 1. Simple Skincare  Moisturizer, cleanser, facial wipes.  Founded in 1960 in United Kingdom.  Brand equity built on the fact the product line does not contain harsh irritants, perfumes or dyes.  Owned by Unilever, a global consumer product company headquartered in England.  Today, Simple is the leading skincare line in the U.K.
  2. 2. Made Simple  Simple Skincare products contain added vitamins such as Vitamin B5, and natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera to restore, soften and smooth all skin- types including sensitive skin.  Brand positioning: focuses on the skincare line as the best product for women with sensitive skin.
  3. 3. U.S. Launch  February 2012: Simple brand is launched in the United States.  Price range of $5.99 to $12.99  Available for purchase at major retail and drug stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens.  Hope Solo, professional womens soccer player signs on as U.S. Simple brand ambassador
  4. 4. Simple Brand Positioning  Positioning Statement: Among active young women who prefer natural- based beauty products, Simple Skincare is the line of affordable facial care products that does not use any harsh chemicals or irritants so that women with all-skin types, including sensitive skin, can have balanced and beautiful clean skin.
  5. 5. Strengths  History of success in U.K  Major retail distribution via Unilever  New product = no previous negative consumer brand associations.  Could fill a void since no other skincare product specifically created for women with sensitive skin
  6. 6. Weaknesses  Skincare category market saturation.  Skincare is a high-involvement product decision for most women, and consumers are often very brand loyal to their established skincare routine.  Poor shelf positioning at retail.  Lack of brand awareness.
  7. 7. Main Competitors  All competitors have product lines targeted for sensitive skin.  Priced in the same range and sold in the same retail space.  Olay is one of the most recognized brands in the world.
  8. 8. Simple’s Target Market  White women aged 18-49  Works in office, interested in fashion and staying in shape through fitness.  Large percentage have children aged 6 to 11
  9. 9. Campaign Objectives  Build brand awareness for the Simple brand in the U.S. market.  Create the image of the Simple brand as the preferred skincare line for women with sensitive skin.  Increase sales of the Simple brand.  Develop a database of customer mailing and email contact information.
  10. 10. Campaign Strategies  Develop brand associations with fitness and stylish lifestyle and the Simple brand.  Implement a national brand sampling effort.  Create a Sensitive Skin online application to capture consumer information.
  11. 11. Campaign Strategies (cont’d)  Engage fashion-conscious consumers with the Simple brand through a social media platform and contest.  Promote Simple as a corporate responsible brand that gives back to the community at-large.  Create word-of-mouth buzz about the brand by implementing a Simple brand ambassador program.  Entice first-time customers to try the brand by using coupon pricing.
  12. 12. Campaign Theme Beauty Made Naturally Simple: Nurture Your Sensitive Side.  Focus on good skin, personal style and a healthy lifestyle.  “Nurture Your Sensitive Side” reinforces the connection to Simple and sensitive skin, as well as conveying that this campaign is targeted towards women and encouraging them to make time to take care of themselves.
  13. 13. Campaign Tactics  Simple brand sampling events at LA Fitness clubs nationwide.  “Simple White Tee Style” Contest held on the Simple brand Facebook page and website.  In-store Simple Style and Living Promotional Event  Simple Bloggers featured in advertisements and product discount coupon
  14. 14. 1) Simple brand sampling events  L.A. Fitness, national fitness club operator shares similar target market to Simple = Fitness brand association  Sample size Simple moisturizing facial wipes distributed with product info handout  Simple brand ambassadors wearing Simple White Tee (“I Am Sensitive”)  Ipad Sensitive Skin Test and consumer email info collected on site.
  15. 15. 2)Simple White Tee Style Contest  How do your style a basic White T-shirt?  Bloggers (fashion and Mommy) to act as brand ambassadors and judges  Entries on Simple’s website  Sharing and voting on Facebook  Prize= Four geographic winners win $1,000 shopping spree accompanied by blogger.  Each entry = donation to Dress for Success up to $100K donation
  16. 16. 3) In-store Style and Living Promotional Event  Simple brand bloggers to host in-store events featuring style and living tips.  Simple dermatologist available to answer skin questions  Simple brand ambassadors distribute branded water bottles to those who take the Simple Sensitive Skin test.
  17. 17. 4) Bloggers in Advertising and Printed Coupon Each blogger will be featured in a print advertising campaign wearing a White Simple T-shirt with the tagline “I am Sensitive.”  Coupon offering $1 off Simple Product  Glamour & Fitness magazine
  18. 18. Campaign Schedule
  19. 19. Media Magazines (Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Fitness) Radio (Pandora, Local radio) Direct Mail (Postcard Mailing) Television (ABC Family, E!, Outdoor Advertising (Billboards, Commuter Ads) PR (Cause marketing effort) Social Media (Contest, Healthy lifestyle tips etc)
  20. 20. Campaign Rationale  Fitness brand association will help differentiate Simple from its competitors  Sensitive Skin test and Brand Ambassadors will create brand credibility  Brand sampling and coupon to encourage first-time purchases and repeat purchases.  Bloggers and content marketing= awareness and credibility.  Ad campaign personifies the brand