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Healthier eating habits for youth

  1. Healthier Eating Habits for Youth Fiona Murphy
  2. Needs Assessment Step 3 Prioritize Problems: 1) Inconsistent Environments 2) Obesity Rates are Rising 3) Malnutrition is existing and increasing within adolescent population
  3. Needs Assessment Step 4 Identifying and Prioritize Factors Linked to Health Problems 1) Not taught or applied nutritional and physical habits in the home 2) Not enough fruits and vegetables 3) Too much consumption of saturated fat and not enough complex carbohydrates
  4. INTENDED INTERVENTIONS Healthy Guru Incentive Program A 7 week long after school program. Students will pay set amount which will include curriculum, supplies and any other materials they will receive. Class is designed for 10-15 year olds (5 th -8 th grade)‏
  5. HEALTHY GURU INCENTIVE PROGRAM . The class will help identify the nutritional importance of mineral and vitamin enriched foods as well as educate on the negative aspects of popular foods today. The program will also educate on the benefits of physical activity and incorporating exercise into their daily routine.
  6. INTENDED INTERVENTIONS Grocery Store tours The final 30% of the program will incorporate the parents. A kiosk will be set up in in 2 main grocery stores in Bowling Green. In this part of the program parents and children will be given the opportunity to participate in the grocery store tours, which will build on the learned behaviors already acquired from this program.
  7. GROCERY STORE TOURS Have lists available which include foods which should be purchased depending on your need (2 family list, 4 family list, list for family on the go, etc.) Have a dietitian on staff to show you where these foods are. When families know where nutritious, inexpensive food is they are more inclined to buy it!
  8. SAMPLE SHOPPING LIST Lunch AVOID list: Pepperoni Ham Sandwiches French Bread pizza Lunch List All natural PB & J on whole wheat bread Healthy Choice Tomato soup Lean Pockets Tuna Turkey Sandwiches Roast Beef Sandwiches
  9. SAMPLE SHOPPING LIST Dinner AVOID List: TV dinners Alfredo Spaghetti and meatballs Chicken pot pie Dinner List: Thin crust pizza Baked chicken breast Steak tips Wheat Pasta Vegetables Rice
  10. SAMPLE SHOPPING LIST Dessert AVOID List: Drumsticks ice cream Pecan pie Cinnamon rolls Dessert List: Frozen Yogurt All Natural Ice Cream Sugar free Popsicles Fudge bars Fruit Salad Low fat cakes
  11. SAMPLE SHOPPING LIST Snacks List: Light and fit yogurt Baked Chips Pretzels (wheat) ‏ Ginger Snaps Fig Newtons Kashi Bars Salsa Bagel Bites Snacks AVOID List: Oreo's Regular chips breakfast bars Chewy Granola Bars Queso Pizza Rolls
  12. FOR THE “ON THE GO” FAMILY Chick-Fil-A -where no sandwich is over 500 calories Burger King -Whopper Jr. Without Mayo Dairy Queen -small chocolate sundae Domino's -2 slices thin crust pizza
  13. EVALUATION The children will be given a pretest and post test. The pretest will seek to answer just how much children already know about living a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and how they apply it. The post-test will be given after they have turned in their final project and will seek to see how much their diet has increased nutritionally.