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Fintech Startup Weekend Zurich 2016

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Fintech Startup Weekend Zurich 2016

  1. 1. Guest-Net-A 4102-SPD-hz @SWZurich #swzh16 WELCOME TO STARTUP WEEKEND Zurich Fintech Fall 2016
  2. 2. WELCOME TO STARTUP WEEKEND Zurich Fintech 2016
  3. 3. Organizing Team Bin DanielaRaphael Timo Ewa Gero Michal SaskiaJack Melanie Silvan
  4. 4. Signature Sponsor
  5. 5. Gold Sponsors
  6. 6. Silver Sponsors
  7. 7. Bronze Sponsors
  8. 8. Hi, I’m Filippos! Keep it simple, move fast, think & dream big 1 I’m a product designer for several companies 2 I have 4 names, most Ancient Greek 3 As a kid I wanted to become a rockstar, but things didn’t really work out
  9. 9. Welcome to Startup Weekend Zurich!
  10. 10. Are you ready? MAKE SOME NOISE FOR #SWZURICH
  11. 11. Housekeeping Time Toilets Next to Stage & Next to Kitchen ARRIVAL: 8:30AM CLOSING: 11:55PM Entrance If it’s closed, call Timo/Raphael Labeled Items The labeled items are not ours! Off Reach Tables The working areas are off limits
  12. 12. EPIC Rock > Paper > Scissors > Team B Team A ? Team C Team D Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person
  13. 13. Let’s split up Everyone gets a number. You go to the part of the room with that number
  14. 14. Our startup idea: Ice cream making cats! Automatic! Ice cream! The cloud! Cats! Half Baked 5
  15. 15. Meet a cofounder & build a team Learn a new skill Have met a Cofounder Validate an idea This weekend, will you:
  16. 16. OUR MISSION is to inspire change in the lives of entrepreneurs - like you! 800+ CITIES 200K+ ALUMNI 10k+ VOLUNTEERS
  17. 17. Toluca Doha Paris Hong Kong Bordeaux Taranaki Grenoble Dubai At this very moment Galicia Puerto Princesa Belo HorizonteSan Lorenzo LouisvilleVicosa Kielce
  18. 18. Are you ready? MAKE SOME NOISE FOR #SWZURICH
  19. 19. Coaches Axel Schultze Lucien Brahier Stijn Pieper Nicolas Egger Maebellyne Ventura Ernesto Lamaina Devesh Kothari
  20. 20. Coaches Ilona Baier Cédric Waldburger Tauras Sinkus Niklaus Brühlmann Oliver Gessl Jason Low David Butler Christian Schickler Dejan Juric
  21. 21. $300 in Cloud Platform credit for ALL attendees Go here for details: cloud.google.com/free- trial/ Global Partners Elevate your video marketing from start to finish 15% Off Vimeo Business membership vimeo.com/techstars15
  22. 22. Global Partners Throw events to market your startup, recruit talent, build email lists and more! check'em out at eventbrite.com FREE .CO domains for ALL attendees Go here for details: go.co/startupweekend SW16101802
  23. 23. Vote Braindump Form Teams Pitch MVP
  24. 24. This is a Fintech Event Your idea has to be related to financial technology
  25. 25. Weekend Schedule 8:30AM - Breakfast! 8:45AM - Begin Work 10AM - Speaker - Eric Postler 12PM - Lunch 1PM - Coach Speed Dating 2PM - Coach Sessions 4PM - Validation 7:30PM - Dinner 11:55PM - Wrap-up 8:30AM - Breakfast! 11AM - Pre-pitch 12PM - Lunch 3PM - Preparation/Tech check 4PM - It’s a Wrap 4:05PM - Cleaning Team ready 5PM - Final Presentations 7:30PM - Dinner 8:30PM - Judging & Awards 9:30PM - Go Home SAT SUN
  26. 26. Pitch Process 321 Get in line to pitch 60sec pitch on stage Tell organizer name of your idea SUPER IMPORTANT!
  27. 27. Q: Can I pitch something I’ve already started on? A: No, but well researched and vetted ideas are always welcome. FAQ Q: Can I pitch two ideas? A: No, pick your favorite. Q: What if my idea isn’t selected? A: Join another team, remember, it’s not about the idea. Q: Can I still work on my idea if it’s not selected? A: Yes, ONLY IF you have more than two other people on the team. Q: Can I use any pitch props, slides, etc when pitching? A: Props are ok, but slides are not. Remember it’s short!
  28. 28. Anatomy of a Pitch Hi, I’m [name]! The problem solving is [problem]. My solution is [solution]. To do this, we’ll need [team]. Let’s rock this weekend! Your name 1 The problem 
 you’re solving and who it’s for 2 Who do need on 
 your team 4 Your solution, it’s name, and why it’s unique 3
  29. 29. Time to Vote Your Idea Vote for my idea! Still need devs! Let’s rock this! I’ve got icecream! You got my vote!
  30. 30. Building the Team 65% of all startup failure is due to team issues Have diverse skill sets and perspectives No one is CEO! Everyone wears as many hats
  31. 31. Forget about very specific roles ! Don’t expect to sit around and order people to create stuff. You can use tons of software to create apps/websites yourself
  32. 32. Judging Criteria Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  33. 33. Judging Criteria •Did your team get out and talk to customers? •Are you actually solving a problem? •Have you identified a specific target market? Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  34. 34. Judging Criteria •Do you have an MVP or prototype? •How functional is your technical demo? •Design Matters! Is your product easy to use? Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  35. 35. Judging Criteria •Are you solving a problem? (value proposition) •Is your idea unique? •How do you plan on making this a successful business? Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  37. 37. 5min Break! 5
  38. 38. Time to Pitch!
  39. 39. Join the Facebook Group For quick updates & announcements, photos, sponsor codes, and of course networking! fb.com/groups/190187411421019 or Look for “Fintech Startup Weekend Zurich 2016”
  40. 40. What to do Join the Facebook Group fb.com/groups/190187411421019 Add your team on F6S (Check your email) f6s.com/startupweekend) Decide on your MVP Read the Coach bios online If the entrance is closed downstairs, call Timo or Raphael Take pictures and upload them on the group or Share with #swzh16