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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Volkswagen's Coolant Temperature Sensor

  1. 5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Volkswagen's Coolant Temperature Sensor
  2. Are you experiencing any of the following problems when driving your VW? Rough engine idle Weak engine performance High fuel consumption etc…
  3. If so, you’re likely dealing with a defective coolant temperature sensor.
  4. Want to know more about the coolant temperature sensor or CTS? Please, keep reading…
  5. Coolant Temperature Sensor- What Is It?
  6. It is a small part that has a huge impact on the overall performance of a vehicle.
  7. CTS essentially monitors the amount of heat a car engine is giving off.
  8. This data helps the engine control unit or ECU with the following things; Fuel injection Ignition timing Electric cooling fan operation etc...
  9. A faulty CTS can give rise to numerous engine problems in a vehicle.
  10. Suspect CTS Failure In Your VW? Look For These Signs
  11. #1- Weak engine performance
  12. The CTS assists the ECU in regulating various aspects of engine operation, such as; Fuel injection Ignition timing
  13. So, obviously… Your VW will struggle to pick up speed if its CTS is defective.
  14. #2- Increased fuel consumption
  15. Poor gas mileage may also signify a problem with your VW’s CTS.
  16. After all, it helps the ECU to dynamically adjust the air-fuel ratio within the
  17. #3- Electric cooling fan won’t work
  18. The ECU depends on the CTS to activate/deactivat e the electric cooling fan.
  19. If the CTS is defective, the cooling fan will behave erratically.
  20. #4- Rough engine idle
  21. Car’s RPM count fluctuating at idle?
  22. The cause could be a defective coolant temperature sensor.
  23. Check if that’s what the case is…
  24. #5- Activated check engine light
  25. Dealing with an illuminated check engine light is a challenging task.
  26. And, you would be surprised to learn that a faulty CTS can activate CEL on your car.
  27. To Be Brief…
  28. Check your VW’s coolant temperature sensor periodically.
  29. And, if you suspect a fault in it, reach out to a trusted car mechanic.