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Romania - European Fertility Week events 2016

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Romania - EFW events 2016

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Romania - European Fertility Week events 2016

  1. 1. EUROPEAN FERTILITY WEEK National Awareness Week of infertility social and medical phenomenon in Romania (5th Edition) 31st October – 6th November 2016 #EuropeanFertilityWeek and #?National_Infertility_Awareness_Week_Romania? Wi t hin t he Pan-European A wareness "European Fer tili t y Week" Campaign, SOS Infer t ili t y Associa tion or ganizes t he follo wing actions in Romania: Advocacy Actio n a t a poli tical level on t h e t o pic of fi g h ti n g agains t in fe r tili t y •Direct meetings with Ministry of Health decision-makers on the topic of In Vitro Fertilization Sub-Programme •Sending of direct letters on the subject of infertility (and adoption) to Mr. Klaus Iohannis, the President of Romania, Mr. Dacian Ciolos, Prime Minister of Romania, and to Mr. Vlad Voiculescu, Minister of Health •Joint action and mobilization campaign - the patients send to the Ministry of Health and National House of Health Insurance personalized letters, comprising requests and details over personal experiences on the subject " Ma ke t he 50% co m pe nsa tio n of infe r tili t y d r u gs ( w hich a t p resen t is vag ue an d discri mina t o ry) be real ” Online In fo r ma tion An d A wa re ness Campaig n •Provision of information about fertility / infertility and mobilization on social networks •Posting by patients of the "European Fertility Week" ribbon to their profile photo on social networks (by Twibbon platform - joint action at European level) •"I a m 1 in 5 ” and "IVF m u m and p rou d of t ha t ” actions – sharing on social media of photos including these messages, in order that the infertility subject should stop to be a taboo and a stigma •Thursday, 3rd November, at 19:00 hours - LIVE Session of questions and answers about infertility, held on Facebook by the founder of SOS Infertilitatea Association. The summary of the outcomes of this campaign shall be posted also on its own SOS Infertility Association platform (website, forum, newsletter). WE WANT CHILDREN (in original - VREM COPII) Mee ti n gs •Saturday, 5th November, at 17:00 hours – meetings of the SOS Infertility Association members and sympathizers in Bucharest and Iasi. Subject-related materials spread and offer of advice on fertility / infertility, assisted reproductive technology and adoption.