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Fauzia Burke: Consultant & Speaker

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Fauzia Burke, is the Founder and President of FSB Associates. She is in high demand for speaking engagements because of her knowledge of the publishing space and her no-nonsense approach to all things digital. She has developed custom presentation for publishers, like HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Workman, and has spoken at BEA, Digital Book World, AAP and more. With 20 years of publishing and digital marketing experience, Fauzia can help guide you successfully through the digital maze.

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Fauzia Burke: Consultant & Speaker

  1. 1. Fauzia Burke Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  2. 2. Biography President of FSB Associates since 1995 Founder of the First Digital Publicity/Marketing Firm in Publishing Blogger at Huffington Post, Maria Shriver & More Speaker at BEA, AAP, DBW, NYU, ASJA, as well as at the Macmillan and HarperCollins Sales Conference Consultant to Authors and Publishers Worked at Henry Holt and John Wiley Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  3. 3. Build a Smart, Sustainable Digital Marketing Strategy Integrate Digital Marketing in all Areas of Your Program Develop & Execute a Content Marketing Plan Start or Improve Blogger Outreach Understand Online PR Planning and Timing Consulting Do You Need To? Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  4. 4. Workman Publishing “Fauzia has highly specialized skills and knowledge that enable her to harness the power of various internet platforms. She is focused on results – and the fact that she approaches internet marketing from the perspective of a publishing person makes her insights especially valuable.” 
 -- Walter Weintz, COO Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  5. 5. Speaking Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  6. 6. Data-Driven Marketing Social Publicity: Integrating Social Media with Publicity The Seven Steps to Digital Marketing Success The Four Phases of Digital Marketing Personal Branding Advice for Authors Presentations Topics Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  7. 7. References Bob Miller, Publisher Flatiron Books, Macmillan Alison Lazarus, President, Macmillan Sales Division Josh Marwell, President of Sales, HarperCollins Susan Bolotin, Publisher, Workman Publishing Sally DeDecker, Education Director, BookExpo America Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke
  8. 8. Contact www.linkedin.com/in/fauziaburke ! ! www.facebook.com/FauziaSBurke www.facebook.com/fsbassociates 
 twitter.com/fauziaburke twitter.com/fsbassociates ! ! ! www.fsbassociates.com ! 908-204-9340 Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker @FauziaBurke