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18 Business Lessons in 18 Years

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Having my own business for 18 years has not always been easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Here are 18 things I have learned so far. Hope they help you avoid some of my mistakes.

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18 Business Lessons in 18 Years

  2. 2. Having my own business for 18years has not always been easy,but I wouldn’t trade it for theworld.Here are 18 things I have learnedso far. Hope they help you avoidsome of my mistakes.18
  3. 3. 1Be HonestBe honest always,with your staff, withyour clients and mostimportantly withyourself.
  4. 4. 2Keep PromisesKeep every promise,even the small ones.Apologize profuselyif you can’t keep one.
  5. 5. 3Show RespectTreat everyone withrespect. Apologize ifyou act disrespectfully.We all have badmoments.
  6. 6. 4Be On TimeBe on time, always inevery way. It’s theeasiest way to earntrust.
  7. 7. 5Say No to DebtDon’t borrow money.You can’t be your ownboss if you owe peoplemoney.
  8. 8. 6Size MattersBigger is not alwaysbetter. It took me 16years to learn this one.Being Happier is waybetter.
  9. 9. 7Value Your TimeTime is your mostvaluable asset, don’tgive it away, and don’twaste it.
  10. 10. 8Get a PartnerGet yourself anexcellent partner (inbusiness and in life). Iowe all my success toone very amazing man.
  11. 11. 9Hire Good PeopleHire really, really,really good people.Youmay be tempted to filla job quickly, butdon’t.
  12. 12. 10Ditch an IdeaKnow when to quit anidea. You can’t bebrilliant all the time.
  13. 13. 11Learn Everyday“Learn something neweveryday” is actuallygreat advice. Neverstop learning andevolving.
  14. 14. 12Ideal ClientDefine your idealclient/customer thendevelop services tohelp them.
  15. 15. 13No, Thank YouLearn to say nograciously, and often.Every choice has aprice.
  16. 16. 14Be KindEveryone messes up;Give second chances.Someday you may needone too.
  17. 17. 15Be an ExpertNobody can doeverything well,define your nicheand master it.
  18. 18. 16Don’t SpamDon’t spam ever,anywhere, in anyformat, on anynetwork.
  19. 19. 17Be GratefulBe grateful everydaythat you get to livewith passion and do thework you love.
  20. 20. 18UnplugTake time off andunplug. You’ll be moreproductive & creativeif you take regularunplugged breaks.
  21. 21. Having your own business is awesome.Go forth and learn lessons of your own.It is not an easy ride: expect sleeplessnights, and be ready to face every fearand every insecurity, but at the end ofthe day there is nothing better thanliving an authentic, flexible, brave,scary, passion-filled life.
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