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Assignment 12

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Assignment 12

  1. 1. Assignment 12:Individual Planning { Fatou Panzout Crime/Drama
  2. 2. Inspirational Films4.3.2.1 Costume inspired – all black, showing domination Female – the heroine Facial Expression – quite strong and passive Lighting – Blue and little bright – intensifies the seriousness in the scene
  3. 3. Inspirational Film 2Juice Costume Inspired – Hoodies and dark clothing Quite Baggy Facial Expressions – Quite dismissive and serious Male – often dominated Powerful and at the topLighting – Yellow Tone – decay ofmodern world – Often people losetemper – Seems more alert and decisive
  4. 4. Main character Two unknown comes out the Flashbacks to The criminal characters appear station and spotsCamera shot – is at a car behind the criminal two character in when she was and the criminal unusual clothingestablishment of park makingcharacters Character takes given her gives them a task to and starts out shisha pen undercover phone callshouse go after the main running and starts using task character it Character walks The criminal Goes back to the Whilst in use of Whilst giving a They all run out of house to then walks main character pen she begins warning it into an isolated go to appointed her journey to fades back to over to look just about to place and main location the train station over at the leave the train character the criminals surrenders point of view view of the station whilst at city gunpoint
  5. 5. Character  Name - Shenae  Role – Undercover Detective  Actor – Fatou  Representation – Female Dominated – Vulnerable  Body Lang/Facial Expression – Defensive,  Tone/Language – Casual  Costume/Props – Black Hoodie, Black trousers, black trainers or boots, White T-Shirt (Optional sunglasses and beanie [hat] ) Mobile Phone,
  6. 6. Character Name – Angel Role – Drug Dealer Actor – Jhane Representation – Female domination – Leader of the pack – Gangsta’s of modern day but female Body Lang/Facial Expression – Relaxed – Calm – Serious Tone/Language – Formal Costume/Props – Sweatshirt, Jeans, hoop earrings, lots of jewellary
  7. 7. SettingsExterior Interior Establishment of Criminal characters house making phone call Street of when character Criminal begins her looking out journey to of view for station when two character appear Character When main character and about to two others enter station confront each other
  8. 8. Conventions CONVENTIONS IN DRAMA EXAMPLE FROM FILM Characters: Usually Young – Has a troubled past Often apart of a gang Trying to escape current lifestyle they’re living Setting Equilibrium Estate areas Shopping centres Disequilibrium – Isolated locations, such as under a bridge, alleyways, empty parks
  9. 9. Conventions AppliedConvention Applied Use, Developed or Example from film Challenged ?Young with a troubled Used – as the characterpast is deeply troubled by their past AdulthoodApart of a gang Challenged – As the character is apart of an undercover police investigation team In Too DeepTrying to escape current Used – the character haslifestyle to get away from the people she tried to get but failed to do so
  10. 10. AudienceAudience Elements ExplanationAge 15+ - In the current society we live in, such major problems happen amongst people of this age. Therefore they will be able to understand it easierGender Female – Because its female dominated, and may females would be able to relate to the vulnerability of the main characterEthnicity Black Ethnic Group – As in these type of genre, its often stereotyped that its usually a black character who gets caught up in this lifestyleInterests/Hobbies People who like rap/grime music, those who believe they’re gangstaSocial Class Lower class – As with the class its often relatable as it occurs more within their status