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Operation Management ch1.pdf

  1. Operation andProcess Management Samir Chami
  2. Reference Operations and Process Management 3rd edition ByProf.NigelSlack, Alistair Brandon-Jones , RobertJohnston, Alan Betts
  3. Content 1. Operations and processes 2. Operations strategy 3. Supply networkdesign 4. Process design 1 - Positioning 5. Process design 2 -Analysis 6. Product and service design processes 7. Supply chain management 8. Capacity management 9. Inventory management 10. Resource planning and control 11. Lean synchronization 12. Quality management 13. Improvement
  4. Chapter 1 – Operations and Processes • What is operations and process management? • Does it have a strategic impact? • Should all processes be managed in the same way?
  5. Introduction Operations and process management: It is the activity of managing resources and processes that produce a service or a product. All organizations have ‘operations’ that produce some mixof products and services The differences inthe operations within acategory of business are greater than the difference between businesses
  6. Introduction
  7. Operation Management Expansion
  8. IKEA Example
  9. Input-Transformation-OutputModel
  10. Input-Transformation-Output Model:Example
  11. Three LevelsAnalysis
  12. Frompure servicespureproducts
  13. Examples
  14. Diagnostic Question
  15. Vs of Processes -Volume
  16. Vs of Processes -Variety
  17. Vs of Processes -Variation
  18. Vs of Processes -Visibility
  19. Vsof Processes – Implications
  20. VsAnalysis for some retail banking
  21. OperationsandProcessesManagement–GlobalModel
  22. Q&A