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The Fat Loss Factor Book PDF

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The Fat Loss Factor Book shows you how to quickly lose weight in a healthy and natural way. Find out how you can have the body of your dreams.

The Fat Loss Factor Book PDF

  1. 1. The Fat LossFactor Book The Four BiggestWeight Loss Myths!
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  3. 3. The Fat Loss FactorThe biggest reason that people fail to lose weight is simplybecause they lack the information that they need in order achievethe body that they desire. From starvation diets to so called “healthfoods” the approach that most people take to weight loss is justnever going to work.Dr Charles Livingston a Physicianand nutritionist was frustrated withthe results that people were gettingwhen trying to lose weight. Heknew how devastating it can beboth emotionally and physically tobe overweight.He knew there had to be a betterway for people to lose weight. Heunderstood that wanted peopleneeded was not just a couple ofweight loss principles, or an eatthis not that approach. What they needed was a comprehensiveprogram that if anybody followed they could achieve exactly thesame weight loss results.The Fat Loss Factor is the result. A 12 week program that beginswith a 2 week body cleanses to rid the body of all its accumulatedtoxins and wastes so that it is primed for weight loss. The enter the10 week rapid weight loss part of the course. At the end of whichyou will have achieved radical results and a new body.The course is fully supported by a course book, a DVD videoseries and a log book so that you are able to track your progressevery step of the way.If you are ready to get started with the twelve week course you canbegin by accessing it here: Access the Fat Loss Factor Course by Clicking Here
  4. 4. IntroductionWhen it comes to weight loss there are a lot of myths andmisconceptions which hold people back from losing the weight thatthey want to. In this guide we will break apart some of the biggestmyths and so that you can enjoy the kind of weight loss that youdeserve.When people are following thewrong principles of weight lossthe results can be verydepressing. Even if theirintentions are excellent it is likethey are rowing their boat in thewrong direction. They may rowharder and with greaterintensity but the end result isthat they simply end up go thewrong place faster.If you have tried in the past tolose weight and failed you should not necessarily feel that it is yourfault. Chances are you were following one of the myths of weightloss and thus you never had a good chance to begin with.
  5. 5. Myth One: Two – Three Meals a Day is BestUnfortunately the modern western diet with its focus on a few bigmeals is one of the main reasons that so many people are gainingweight.Over time has food has become cheaper and more accessible andour appetites ever greater the size of our meals have only becomelarger.Here is an experiment next time you are sitting down to your nightmeal take a look at the amount of food that you are about toconsume. The ideal size of a meal should be about what you couldfit inside of the palm of one of your hands.Take your hand and place some food on it. Now compare it withthe size of the meal that you are contemplating eating.This will probably give you a good illustration of why you arehaving trouble losing weight. The fact is that for most Westernerstheir meals are simply too big.One good way to reduce the size of your meals is to reduce thesize of your plates. The kind of dinner plate that is popular in theWest bears no relation to the amount of food that is healthy to eat.And it seems that these plate sizes are constantly getting bigger.Instead using what is often called a salad plate. Psychologically itwill seem like you are eating much more food if you have a fullsalad plate than if you have a half empty dinner plate.The other objection to this size of meal is that you will be hungry. Ifyou reduce your meal size and you are hungry throughout the dayit is because your not eating frequently enough.You should aim to eat six meals a day so that you are eating aboutevery 2 – 3 hours. Not only will you not experience the same levelof hunger you will also feel a constant supply of energy.When you are eating though out the day your body’s metabolismwill be constantly turned “on” and so you will actually be burningmore calories than if you stop and start with your eating.
  6. 6. Switching to 6 meals a day can require a period of adjustment andso you may find that you need to force yourself to eat. This canfeel strange if you are trying to lose weight where the naturalinclination is to try and reduce the amount that you are eating.This is an example though of what seems true, that you should eatless often, will actually contribute to your weight gain.
  7. 7. Myth Two: Trying Too Much At OnceAnother reason that people fail with their diet is because they tryand do too much at once. While discipline may allow them to keepto this for a few weeks eventually they find that they are goingback to their old routines.This could also be referredto the New Years Evecommitment problem. OnNew Years Eve people feelthe desire to make a realchange to their appearance.As a consequence they willtry and quickly put in placeall of the things that knowthey should be doing suchas eating healthier food, reducing their meal sizes, putting in placean exercise program.While this sudden shock treatment can be effective it is oftenoverwhelming for many people.Instead try a 90 day change program where you will make adifferent change to your diet and lifestyle every 30 days.Studies have shown that it takes about 30 days to have a newhabit to become engrained.For example on the first 30 days you could introduce an exerciseroutine. Perhaps 30 minutes of power walking or jogging withsome high intensity interval training. Your diet however wouldremain the same as you’re currently used to.Over the next 30 days you could change up your diet so thatinstead of eating 3 large meals you switch to 6 smaller mealsthrough out the day. Keep the kinds of food that you consumewhatever you are comfortable with and also maintain your daily 30minutes of exercise.Over the last 30 days change out the kind of unhealthy food thatyou are used to for more lean protein, whole grains, vegetables
  8. 8. and fruits. Keep to the six small meals a day that you are used toand the 30 minutes of exercise with interval training.Now at the end of the 90 day period you will have a diet that isperfectly primed for maximum fat loss. You will have achieved thiswithout having to make one sudden jarring change.
  9. 9. Myth Three: The Secret to “Six Pack” Abs in ExerciseMost of us have been sold on the idea that six pack abs arecreated through exercise.The reason for this is essentially marketing. Late night infomercialsare constantly coming up with some new machine that is going todeliver you the abs that you desire.The truth is though abs are created in the kitchen not in the gym.No matter if you are doing hundreds ofabdominal exercises a day or usingeven the most effective ab workoutmachine, if your body fat is too high thenyou are not going to see the results.Understand this is not an arguement fornot performing abdominal exercises.Working your abs will help to strengthenyour core and when you do get yourbody fat down it will make yourabdominal muscles more prominent.However there is no way you will havedefined abs unless you are able to losefat. In order to have highly visible sixpack abs you need a level of body fatlower than 12% before they will start toappear.This is not only true of your stomach but also the rest of your bodyas well. There are lot of people who are spending adequate timeexercising but they are not getting the body that they want.Nutrition must support your exercise program if you want toachieve the body of your dreams.
  10. 10. Myth Four: Starvation is the Best Way to Get ThinAnother common misconception is that the best way to lose weightis to starve yourself.Not only will you lack energy andmental focus if you try anddeprive yourself of calories youwill find that the results are alsooften counter productive as well.When you starve yourself yourbody switches into “emergencyfat storage” mode. It notices thatfood suddenly seems to be inshort supply. In order to makesure that your do not die it slowsdown your metabolism.You are now using up fewercalories as energy. So even ifyou are eater fewer calories eachday you may find that you arenot losing weight.Also because you have sloweddown your metabolism if youstart to increase the amount offood you are consuming. Whichmost people naturally do because they can’t starve themselvesforever when food is so readily available you will find that yourweight quickly increases.This is due to your bodies slower metabolism. When you start tofeed yourself calories again your body will store as much aspossible of this as fat. It expects now that in the future it may bestarved again and so protects itself by building up its fat stores.The best way to think of your metabolism is like an engine. Youneed to constantly feed it high quality fuel so that it continues torun steadily and smoothly. This is why it is crucial to eat morefrequently and not less when you are trying to lose weight.