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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Food Bank of Southern Tier, New York

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Food Bank of Southern Tier, New York

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Food Bank of Southern Tier, New York

  1. 1. A Regional Agency of 388 Upper Oakwood Avenue Elmira, New York 14903 P: 607.796.6061 A Member of F: 607.796.6028 Proudly serving Broome, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, www.foodbankst.org Tioga, and Tompkins counties since 1981. Tompkins Schuyler Steuben Chemung Tioga BroomePlant a Row for the HungryWhat’s happening? More and more people in the Southern Tier are turning to emergency food programsfor help. In 2011, the Food Bank of the Southern Tier’s network of food pantries, soup kitchens, and otherprograms received over 1.3 million requests for food.How can YOU help? The Food Bank is encouraging local gardeners like yourself to plant a row of cropsfor the hungry in 2011. Why not team up with a friend or a neighborhood group? Your gardening skillsand fresh vegetables can make a difference.What can gardeners donate? All vegetables are welcome. Beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions,peppers, squash, and tomatoes are especially popular.Where and when can you drop off vegetables? There are two options:1) Bring your donation to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, or2) Bring your donation to a food pantry or other program in or near your community.In 2011, 2,547 pounds of produce were donated to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. See reverse side for participating food pantries. Log on to our website www.foodbankst.org and click on the “Get Help” section to find member agency locations and hours._________________________________________________________________________________________For more information on Plant a Row for the Hungry contact:Darlene Bachman • Volunteer CoordinatorPhone: 607.796.6061 x4043 • Fax: 607.796.6028 • email: dbachman@feedingamerica.org
  2. 2. Share Your Garden Harvest with a Local Food Pantry Log on to our website www.foodbankst.org and go to the “Get Help” section to find Food Bank member agency locations and hours.BROOME COUNTY STEUBEN COUNTYCatherines Cupboard 607.722.4388 Addison Community Food Pantry 607.359.2555Catholic Charities Broome Bradford Food Pantry 607.583.2012 Community Food Pantry 607.723.4563 Buena Vista Wesleyan ChurchCatholic Charities Broome Food Pantry 607.698.4484 Mother Teresas Cupboard 607.741.0011 Catholic Charities Turning Point Hornell 607.324.3457CHOW Pantry Program (23 sites) 607.724.9130 Catholic Charities Turning Point Steuben 607.776.4575Colesville Community Pantry 607.693.1228 Christian Hope Center Food Pantry 607.936.4656Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry 607.724.5304 Cohocton Community Food Pantry 585.728.2228Pathway of Love Food Pantry 607.797.3757 Corning Community Food Pantry 607.962.6750Salvation Army Food Pantry 607.722.2987 Gospel Tabernacle Food Pantry 607.661.4511St. Pauls Emergency Food Pantry 607.722.6492 Greater Steuben Red Cross Food Pantry 607.324.6511St. Anthony Food Pantry 607.748.5184 Greenwood Rexville Food Pantry 607.225.4968Windsor Human Development 607.655.8117 Jasper-Troupsburg Community Food Pantry 607.525-6113CHEMUNG COUNTY Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry 607.569.2647Big Flats Community Food Pantry 607.562.8048 Painted Post Churches Food Pantry 607.962.1455Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry 607.733.0300 Pantry of Angels 607.523.7250Catholic Charities Samaritan Center 607.734.4898 Prattsburgh Emergency Food Pantry 607.522.4721Chemung Food Pantry 607.529.3321 Pro Action/Woodhull CommunityGrace Lee Wesleyan Food Pantry 607.962.3225 Family Resource Center 607.458.5164Horseheads Food Pantry 607.739.5226 Salvation Army Food Pantry Corning 607.962.4681In His Presence Ministry 607.529.6387 Salvation Army Food Pantry Hornell 607.324.1933Lowman United Methodist Church Steuben County Rural Ministry 607.698.4725 Food Pantry 607.222.3398 Wayland Kitchen Cupboard 585.728.2641New Beginnings United Methodist Church Food Pantry 607.734.2293 TIOGA COUNTYNew Life Assembly of God 607.735.0461 Berkshire Helping Hands Pantry 607.657.2677North Chemung Food Pantry 607.732.1001 Bread of Life Food Pantry 607.659.3343North Presbyterian Church Food Pantry 607.734.2977 Catholic Charities Tioga Outreach Center 607.565.7580Oakwood United Methodist Church Lounsberry Food Pantry 607.699.7281 Food Pantry 607.732.6042 Open Door Mission-Pantry 607.687.1121Pennsylvania Avenue United Park Terrace Food Pantry 607.625.4134 Methodist Church Food Cupboard 607.733.4485 Project Neighbor of Newark Valley 607.642.8811Riverside Food Pantry 607.732.5737 Spencer Van Etten Food Cupboard 607.589.4412Salvation Army Food Pantry 607.732.0314 Tioga County Rural Ministry 607.687.3021Wellsburg Ashland Food Cupboard 607.732.4902 TOMPKINS COUNTYSCHUYLER COUNTY American Red Cross Food Pantry 607.272.4426Bethel Fellowship Pantry 608.742.9297 Baptized Church Food Pantry 607.277.6140Catholic Charities Schuyler Caroline Food Pantry 607.539.9928 County Outreach 607.535.2815 Danby Food Pantry 607.272.1687Cayuta Food Pantry 607.594.2245 Dryden Kitchen Cupboard 607.844.8321Hector Food Pantry 607.546.2134 Enfield Food Distribution 607.277.0266Monterey Food Pantry 607.259.2641 Freeville Food Pantry 607.844.8760Odessa Montour Food Pantry 607.535.7310 Groton Food Providers 607.838.3573Reynoldsville Food Pantry 607.546.8410 Immaculate Conception Food Pantry 607.273.6121Tyrone Food Pantry 607.292.3239 Ithaca Kitchen Cupboard 607.273.2400 Lansing Food Pantry 607.533.4070 Newfield Kitchen Cupboard 607.564.7860 Southside Community Center 607.273.4190 Tompkins Community Action 607.273.8816 Trumansburg Food Pantry 607.387.9024 Your garden can help fight hunger when you plant an extra row to donate to hunger-relief agencies. The Food Bank of the Southern Tier is a participating organization in Plant a Row for the Hungry, a campaign of the Garden Writers Association.