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Webinar - How to Prepare Your Social Ads for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means you need to get your seasonal marketing campaigns locked in. The right social media ad strategy will be central to your success. Will social play a bigger role in your effort between Halloween and New Year’s?

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Webinar - How to Prepare Your Social Ads for the Holiday Season

  1. 1. How to Prepare Your Social Ads for the Holiday Season #FalconEd
  2. 2. Kasper Fenger Social Media Manager Your Presenters. #FalconEd Mette Louise Schmidt Customer Success Manager
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda. 1. Why social advertising? 2. Advertising at Nic. Christiansen Group 3. Ad spend around the holidays 4. Install a pixel and succeed 5. Advertise checklist 6. Ads year-round vs. holiday spend 7. Hot tips for the holidays 8. How to sell a jag 9. Q&A #FalconEd
  5. 5. • Taking us back to the golden days of TV advertising • Example: CDs. Not only was ad spend controlled but market too • Now: Many actors, less controlled, global competition • Now: Opportunity for everyone from small business owners to large companies to target intelligently You might know the what, but do you know the why?
  6. 6. • Clear ROI - By the way: You have to install a pixel! • Data on all the content that you produce • Changes in algorithm has left you with no choice • Do we even need to talk about the whys anymore? Why social advertising?
  8. 8. • How did we get started • What’s our philosophy? • What’s the motivation? Advertising at Nic Christiansen Group
  9. 9. AWARENESS BOTTOM-LINE RESULTS • Brand awareness • Reach • Page Likes • Post Engagement • Event Responses • Website clicks • (Store visits) • Video Views • Conversions • Lead generation • App Installs • Store Visits • Offer Claims • Catalogue Sales
  11. 11. • 8 in 10 holiday shoppers find inspiration online before making a purchase • Bid prices can increase by 140% during the holidays • Conversions fall up to 20% for every second delay of mobile page load time • Holidays cross borders more than ever Advertising during the holidays
  12. 12. • Think global • Think mobile • Think long-term Advertising during the holidays
  13. 13. Install PIXEL and succeed!
  16. 16. • Ad bidding is higher - you need to know your audience even better than usual • Use you own data to target to your audiences • Which products are eligible for targeting? • Do you offer a good mobile experience? Otherwise avoid doing mobile ads during the holidays Hot tips for the holiday season
  17. 17. Advertise Checklist 1.Allocate budget
 2.Find your audiences - Known audiences, saved audiences
 3.Find your audiences - Interest-based, saved audiences
 4.Find your audiences - Engagement-based, saved audiences
 5.Define eligible products according to segmented audiences and budget
 6.Define proper content to sell those products to those audiences
 7.Make a content plan - distribute according to personal peaks
 8.Set up ad sets in November
 ◦Budget alright?
 ◦Placement alright?
 ◦Audience size alright?
 ◦Device alright? (remember mobile!)
 ◦Content matches audience?
 ◦Audience matches objective?
 ◦Objective matches your business goals?
  18. 18. • Don’t just focus on the holidays • Set your priorities wisely • Compete where there’s a shot at winning • Don’t subjugate yourself to the larger holidays Kasper’s golden tips for sustainable year-round ad spend
  19. 19. HOW TO SELL A JAG
  20. 20. • New social campaign • Our experiences and learnings Case: How to sell a Jag
  21. 21. Create Awareness & Buzz. Sharing car details with the target audience. 1
  22. 22. ’Tis the Season to Retarget . Technique was to retarget visitors to a) the I-PACE site and b) the order site but incomplete order. 2 I-PACE currently the 3rd most sold car in Norway!
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  24. 24. Up Next: November 29th Lessons Learned from Cringeworthy Social Media Fails ft. Netino by Webhelp #FalconEd
  25. 25. @falconIOfalcon.io welcome@falcon.io