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  5. 100 million online sources 100,000 brands 8 billion pieces of content
  6. Improved Inclusivity Cross-generational Marketing Retro Revolution Noiseless Niche In fl uencer Commerce 2022: What the crystal ball says Community Content Social Support Audio Activity Content Candy Mixed Reality
  7. 2022/5. 1. Retro Revolution 2. Community Content 3. Noiseless niche 4. Social Support 5. In fl uencer Commerce 6. Mixed reality 7. Content candy 8. Cross-generational marketing 9. Audio activity 10.Improved inclusivity
  8. Nothing stays the same.
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  10. The pandemic has made consumers crave the familiar. Nostalgia marketing is already a trend in 2021, and it will only continue next year.
  11. Nostalgia Pays.  The COVID-19 pandemic — a time of immense global upheaval — has made us long for simpler times when words like masks and vaccines were not a part of our daily lingo. This collective longing for the years gone by has made nostalgia marketing a big part of every marketer’s playbook. People are clearly craving the comfort of the familiar in these tumultuous times, and it shows.
  12. Tamagotchis have made a comeback. Oreos launched a limited edition packaging that lets you create your own mixtape. ABBA announced its fi rst studio album in 40 years.
  13. Pepsi hit the right notes for Grease. To celebrate Grease’s 50th anniversary, Pepsi reimagined You’re the One I Want, featuring rapper and songwriter Doja Cat. The brand used this campaign to launch two limited-edition fl avors complete with retro cans and callbacks to the soda shops of the 50s and 60s. Per Falcon Benchmark, this video ended up being Pepsi’s second most engaging of all its videos in 2021 at the time of writing this eBook.  Early Movers.
  14. NYX Cosmetics and the Y2K aesthetic. In July 2021, NYX Cosmetics became the fi rst brand to use Triller’s livestream shopping — another 2022 trend right here — to host a throwback-themed event. The show featured early 2000s pop stars, who recreated their Y2K looks using the NYX Cosmetics Fall 2021 collection.  Early Movers.
  15. Y2K is having a moment on social in 2021, with several brands like H&M, ColourPop Cosmetics, and DollsKill all publishing posts around it. Y2K is having a moment.
  16. Starburst and the little lad who likes berries and cream. 2007 2021 • The Berries and Cream trend blew up, amassing over 1.2 billion views • Starburst launches an o ffi cial “Little Lad” Halloween costume with a sweepstakes, asking fans to recreate the original song and dance in their TikToks for a chance to win the o ffi cial Little Lad costume used in the commercial.
  17. If a trending hashtag appears, can brands be far behind? #BerriesAndCream
  18. Now you can’t unsee it Nostalgia is everywhere! Source: Pizza Hut & Burger King
  19. • Find the right theme. What retro idea do you want to use for your next campaign? • Research your audience. • Personas • Demographic • Which generations do your products or services cater to the most? • Be timely and relevant. Is there a current trend you can associate with your brand? Marketer Takeaways. trend one
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  21. Users increasingly trust peer reviews more than the word of brands and our marketing material. UGC’s always been important, but it will be a bigger trend in 2022, in a time where brand trust is quite low.
  22. • Gen Z and Millennials are less trusting of the average brand. 
 • 19% of consumers fi nd brand-created content authentic. 
 • 56% of consumers revealed that they’re more in fl uenced by social posts when online shopping than during pre-pandemic times. 
 • Consumers today are belief-driven and increasingly look for authenticity from brands. TikTok made me buy it.  Take, for example, CoverGirl and their Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation. The brand went vegan in 2019 and dropped a new line of makeup which fl ew under the radar for many. That is, until a TikToker made a now viral video declaring that this $7 foundation was much better than higher-end brands she’d tried before. Much like other TikTok-famous products, this one fl ew o ff the shelves and went out of stock in a few days. More and more brands are realizing the value of UGC and putting in measures to scale it. 
  23. Early Movers. Saks embraces the UGC style. Saks Fifth Avenue has been ahead of the UGC game for years now with a dedicated hashtag customers can use while featuring their Saks hauls on social media. The #SaksStyle hashtag has been used in 118K posts on Instagram at the time of writing this eBook.
  24. #LulusOriginal and the next viral dance challenge. Online retailer Lulus partnered with HerCampus and Jalaiah Harmon to create an original song and dance in a bid to encourage a dance challenge on TikTok. This contest also included a “$1,000 Lulus shopping spree, the chance to be featured on Lulus’ TikTok, and a virtual styling session for the winner + their bestie.” As of writing this eBook, the #LulusOriginal hashtag has amassed over 10.8 million views on TikTok. Early Movers.
  25. Clinique says #ZitHappens. In a bid to reach younger audiences, Clinique launched a TikTok campaign called #ZitHappens to remove the stigma that surrounds acne. The brand even created an accompanying track and got users to show o ff how they use Clinique’s three-step skincare regime (cleanse, tone, and moisturize). According to Sameer Agarwal, the vice president of Clinique North America, this campaign not only reached new audiences but also helped drive sales. Early Movers.
  26. • Analyze what your customers are sharing. • Analyze the demographic that posts the most about you • See which product they talk about most • Identify where they are posting their pictures of your products (if geotagged) • Ask yourself more questions about these users and their behavior. • Conduct a challenge. Initiate a contest or challenge and encourage users to participate, by incentivising it. • Engage with the community. Encourage the users already posting about your brand through reposts, sharing, and mentions. Marketer Takeaways. trend two This will help you craft a strategy to leverage UGC at scale.
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  28. Users are moving away from social media and its noise to niche communities around shared experiences.
  29. Privacy-focused Video-centric Live-streaming Audio-centric Diversity of Emerging Niche Platforms
  30. • 24 billion+ views and has even given brick-and-mortar stores a sales boost. • Social media is noisy • Some users are moving away to create niche communities where they can communicate with like-minded individuals about shared interests. 
 • Slack channels • Facebook Groups • subreddits, and forums #Trending On BookTok
  31. The fi shing subreddit r/ fi shing has seen a good growth in posts in 2021. Jumping on this trend early can help you build strong relationships with your audience before the competition does.
  32. 433 is the The Home of Football. 433 is a niche football community that has grown over the years and tries to live up to its name. The community is spread across multiple social networks and creates content that stands out on all of them. Data from Falcon Benchmark Early Movers. 61% 433’s Instagram follower count 2020 growth
  33. • 150 Million Monthly active users • 19 Million Active servers per week • 4 Billion Server conversation minutes daily 
 • Technology and Consumer Electronics • Sports, Education • Retail Chains • Food and Beverage Hot Topic, Discord, Anime & Beyond Global Taco Day on Discord On Global #TacoDay, in addition to its own Discord server, Taco Bell also dropped gift cards and special o ff ers in other channels and across various social networks.
  34. LetterboxD Breaks the Box O ffi ce. Introduced in 2011, this social media site just for movies has blown up in the last couple of years. The number of users has almost doubled since the beginning of the pandemic.
  35. What does a #NoBonesDay mean?
  36. Come #Studywithme
  37. TikTok Updates • New creative tools to strengthen brand and creator collaborations • Creative tools to turn brands into creators • TikTok For Business Creative Center, TikTok Video Editor, Dynamic Scene, Vimeo Create: Templates, Canva: Templates, Customized Instant Page, Pop-up Showcase. Gesture Ads and Super Like 2.0. Story Selection 
 New branding solutions to measure the value and impact of TikTok • Reach & Frequency Ad Buying Type, TikTok Brand Lift Study, Viewability Partners, Brand Suitability Tools New solutions to connect community, entertainment and commerce • TikTok Shopping, Product Links, LIVE Shopping, Collection Ads, Dynamic Showcase Ads, Lead Generation
  38. Pinterest is Still Here Don’t underestimate its power. • 14.1 million people use Pinterest • Generate tra ffi c, leads & revenue • Set it up as a search engine Source; Statista July 2021
  39. • Redesigned Home Feed to o ff er Pinners either “browse” or “watch” • Takes: a new way to respond to a creator’s idea • More actionable Idea Pins: • seasonal and interactive stickers • thousands of music tracks with new editing capabilities • new video editing and recording capabilities • preview mode before publishing. 
 • Creator Rewards • Get paid to create content that people are searching for • Micro-grants for creator projects • Product tagging tool to include the Amazon Associates Program  
 so creators in the US can add a ffi liate links • Making Pinterest More Shoppable • AR Try on • LIVE Shopping • Visual search on video for the fi rst time Pinterest Updates
  40. "We’ve been building Pinterest for 11 years, and ever since our users routinely tell us that Pinterest is the ‘last positive corner of the internet’…" - Evan Sharp, Co-Founder, Chief Design and Creative O ffi cer • Be kind: Ensure content doesn’t insult or put others down • Check my facts: Make sure information is accurate and factual • Be aware of triggers: Practice discretion when it comes to visually sensitive content  • Practice inclusion: Never intentionally exclude certain groups or communities • Do no harm: Make sure any call to action or challenge is safe Pinterest Creator Code Shoppers who visit Pinterest weekly outspend non-Pinners by 2x every month and have an 85% larger basket size.*
  41. • Identify your goals. • Who do you want to reach? • Where do they usually hang out? • Do you want to create your own channel, or is it okay to participate in conversations in an existing channel? • Create a community around your niche. • Create a Slack channel, Discord Server, Facebook Group, etc. • Don’t focus too much on making a sale • Mark your presence in an existing community. • Run ads on the communities that allow them (ie. subreddits and niche platforms like Dribble and Goodreads) • Make sure you’re adding value to the community. Marketer Takeaways. trend three
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  43. Consumers are fast turning to social media for customer service. Instead of waiting 24 hours for an email response, the 1:1 aspect of social media support will only increase in appeal.
  44. • Consumer crankiness is at an all-time high right now: adults are throwing tantrums while dining, fl ying, and shopping. • Irate customers talk; usually on social media. • Customers expect help and answers in a blink, and your support team needs to respond just as fast! • Forrester predicted that digital customer service interactions will increase by 40% in 2021.  Expanding Beyond the Basics to using chatbots & providing personalized advice.
  45. (Culture) Kings of productivity. This Australian premium streetwear brand — and a customer — has managed to double the number of direct messages and improve productivity by a mile.  Early Movers.
  46. Spotify really cares. SpotifyCares has been ahead of the social customer service game for years and is an evergreen example every new brand should look up to. Early Movers.
  47. BMW Germany and Whatsapp. BMW Germany uses Whatsapp to optimize workshop customer service. This has led to the brand’s callback requests dropping by 60% thanks to real-time Whatsapp updates. Early Movers. 60% fewer callback requests 90% Recommendation rate for WhatsApp 3,800 customer messages processed per month
  48. • Use social listening to communicate with customers proactively. Look for trends; Jump into conversations with customers; Fix issues quickly. • Create a new handle for customer support. Like Spotify with SpotifyCares, create a dedicated customer service handle to respond to customers and support them. • Make sure to document your processes. Edit them on the go so your support team can put their best foot forward on social. • Tools like Falcon also allow you to set up custom response templates to common questions you receive via DMs, making customer service even smoother. Marketer Takeaways. trend four Only 13% of customers have received proactive service from brands.
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  50. Consumers increasingly trust peer reviews more than branded content, making influencers drive social commerce in 2021 & 2022.
  51. While we’ve already looked at livestream shopping and UGC, one aspect of social commerce that will gain considerable traction in 2022 is in fl uencer marketing.  In fl uencers can: • Help you reach a bigger audience and create brand awareness.  • Sway your target customers’ purchasing decisions. • Improve brand loyalty and trust.  
 Look to activate in fl uencer partnerships on Twitch and TikTok. Social eCommerce Is Booming 36% Increase of US social commerce sales to $36.62 billion in 2021.
  52. Brands that can't incite word of mouth on their own …miss out on engaging in the place where we spend most of our time online. The solution? Developing relationships with others in social media who have an affinity for your brand or similar products. — Neal Schaffer “ “
  53. Wonderful Pistachios partnered with streamer GoldGlove. This packaged foods company sponsored streamer GoldGlove’s live streams to reach his vast audience base on Twitch and YouTube. The brand also ran exclusive promotional o ff ers for viewers in a bid to broaden its clientele. • Early Movers. 80% of esports fans eat or drink while watching live streams. This was a Wonderful opportunity for this brand to reach new audiences.
  54. Dr Pepper at zero gravity. To promote its Zero Sugar soda, Dr Pepper teamed up with Triller to take 20 in fl uencers on a zero gravity fl ight. This was de fi nitely a unique way to use in fl uencer marketing to drum up excitement about a product release. Early Movers.
  55. The Charli & Dixie x Simmons mattress. In early 2021, mattress brand Simmons partnered with the D'Amelio sisters to launch a memory foam mattress. They also promoted it through a TikTok sweepstakes. This was a smart approach to speaking to the Gen Z crowd on TikTok, especially considering the net follower count the D’Amelio sisters have. #SimmonsDreamRoom had 47.8 million views at the time of writing this eBook. Follower count Charli D’Amelio: 125.2 million Dixie D’Amelio: 55.2 million Early Movers.
  56. Social listening is key Making sure to keep an eye on social media, and being able to use listening to see how consumers are talking about your brand will keep you in the loop and ready to respond to naturally occuring brand ambassadors! Unplanned Ambassadors @trinidad1967 eye cream show & tell on TikTok Why it worked? Raw, authentic, trusted, brand relevant, advocate, in fl uence. The best micro in fl uencer campaign that could have happened to (brand) Peter Thomas Roth.
  57. • De fi ne your goals. This will help you work backwards and identify the in fl uencer(s) who will help you achieve your goals. • Find the right in fl uencers in your niche. • Identify the in fl uencers operating in the same vertical or niche as your brand. • Micro and nano in fl uencers, in particular, can help you engage better with your niche target audience. • Use analytics to measure results. In fl uencer marketing e ff orts need a strong feedback loop. Marketer Takeaways. trend fi ve
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