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How to Use Mobile Phone to Update Facebook Pages

How to use mobile to update your fans on Facebook with status updates and photos. For iPhone, use the Facebook for iPhone application. For Blackberry or any device with email, post photos or status updates by emailing to your Page's secret upload email address. Lastly, you can also update status via text message.

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How to Use Mobile Phone to Update Facebook Pages

  1. Use Mobile to Update Fans:Convenient, Real-Time, Authentic<br />February 2010<br />
  2. 3 easy options to update fans via mobile<br />
  3. 1) Email: Save your Page’s email address<br />2) Click “Edit” under Mobile section<br />1) Click “Edit Page” under profile picture<br />3) Save Page’s email address in phone.<br />[Suggestion: save as “Facebook” + Page name ]<br />
  4. 1) Email: Upload photo or update status<br />If uploading a photo, <br />include photo as attachment and<br />a caption in the email subject line.<br />If updating status,<br />put text in email subject line.<br />
  5. Pau Gasol uses email to update fans from his BlackBerry<br />
  6. Eva Longoria uses email to post photos via her BlackBerry<br />
  7. 2) Facebook for iPhone Application<br />3) Tap “Camera” icon to upload photo or “What’s on your mind?” to update status<br />2) Tap “Pages” on bottom right, then tap on your Page<br />1) Tap “Friends”<br />
  8. 2) Facebook for iPhone Application – Add Favorite<br />3) Page is now on Facebook App Home Screen for easy nav<br />1) Tap Top Right Corner of Page<br />2) Tap “Add Favorite”<br />
  9. The Rocket Summer using Facebook for iPhone to update fans<br />
  10. 3) Text Message: Activate SMS to update Page<br />2) Click “Edit” under Mobile section<br />1) Click “Edit Page” under profile picture<br />3) Click “Sign up for Facebook Text Messages…” and complete flow<br />
  11. 3) Text Message Activation<br />Quick 3-step flow to activate.<br />To update status, send SMS with status update to 32665 in the US (may be different in other countries)<br />Note: one mobile number can be associated with one profile or fan Page.<br />
  12. Slash uses Text Message to update 1.4 million fans<br />
  13. Optional: Twitter Exporter: http://facebook.com/twitter<br />You <br />
  14. Ex: Selena posts on Facebook to her 3.5MM fans and automatically updates her 1.5 MM followers<br />
  15. Ex: Eva Longoria posts photos to Facebook and automatically updates followers<br />
  16. Power Tip: photos engage and attract new fans<br />“A picture is worth a thousand words” – especially with a global fan base (many do not read English)<br />Photo feels more authentic<br />Photos are more “viral” – tend to attract more likes and comments, which spreads out to more friends of fans – attracting new fans.<br />E.g., Vin Diesel almost always includes a photo with each post and has 7.4 million fans currently<br />
  17. Thank You<br />Resources:<br />http://facebook.com/celebs <br />http://facebook.com/influencers <br />http://facebook.com/facebookpages<br />