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Lotus valley international school

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Lotus valley international school

  1. 1. LOTUS VALLEYINTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Arise, Awake, And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached
  2. 2. THE SCHOOL WITH A DIFFERENCELotus Valley International School is founded on thephilosophy of providing global exposure and Indianvalues. Every student is treated as an individual withdistinctive learning inclination and unique ability. Thelotus underlines Lotus Valley International Schoolscentral philosophy of eliciting the best from eachstudent so that all can rise above the quagmire ofmodern day negativity and pessimism, just as the lotusthrusts itself upwards from the mire in an act ofbeautiful transcendence.
  3. 3. ABOUT THE SCHOOL Lotus Valley International School has a studentstrength of around 2900 students from classes PreNursery to XII , where in we are exposed to a diverse and yet balanced curriculum. Students can hand pick any activity and sport of their choice and aregiven a free hand to explore and work on their skillset. We believe that learning is a lifelong voyage of self-discovery and understanding of the world.
  4. 4. Events and Occasions
  5. 5. Lotus Valley holds a beautiful plethora offunctions where students from the pre-primarywing, all the way to the senior wing, displaytheir knowledge, skill and performing abilitywhich also reflect the time and hard work put inby them and their teachers. These programs andevents include Aakriti, the exhibition,Rhapsody [juniors] and Indradhanush [seniors],the annual day, and the respective sports daysand athletic meets of the senior and juniorstudents.
  6. 6. Events and Occasions