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Fara strategy and mtop 2014 2018 eob july 2013

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Fara strategy and mtop 2014 2018 eob july 2013

  1. 1. Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa FARA’s Strategic Plan and Medium Term Operational Plan (MTOP) for 2014-2018 6th FARA General Assembly Accra, 20 July 2013
  2. 2. 2 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 2Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Outline 1. Why a new Strategic Plan and MTOP for FARA? 2. Process followed 3. The Strategy – Strategic Priorities and expected results – Implementation arrangements 4. Budget
  3. 3. 3 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 3Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Why a new Strategic Plan & MTOP? 1. Timing: current MTOP ends Dec 2013 • New MTOP (2014-2018) • Current Strategic Plan (2007- 2016) 2. Changes in operating environment call for FARA to reposition itself to: • respond to emerging challenges and opportunities • take advantage of lessons learned and build upon achievements
  4. 4. 4 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 4Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Emerging Challenges & Opportunities • Globalisation (need to improve competitiveness) • Attention to regional integration • Robust economic growth in the South—BRICs; •  Population, Urbanisation • Increased investments in AR&D (African govts, CGIAR, global initiatives—FtF, G8 New alliance, IntenseAfrica, Multi-lateral FIs) • Drive to transform African agriculture (CAADP momentum) • Increased recognition of transformative power of markets and private enterprise • Economic slow down in developed countries  value for money and short term investment horizon
  5. 5. 5 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 5Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Achievements on which FARA will build • A strengthened ARD institutional architecture in Africa • Strengthened relationship with AUC and NPCA • Recognition of value of regional level collective action • FAAP and increased awareness of contribution of ARD to agricultural transformation • Validated approaches for catalysing innovation and for capacity strengthening
  6. 6. Process followed Retreat of CAADP Pillar IV Stakeholders (March 2012) Consultation on position paper by DPs & Pillar IV stakeholders (Brussels) Draft 1 developed Stakeholder consultations with Draft 1 as reference Consultations with DPs and validation by all other stakeholders Draft 3 developed Approval by General Assembly Internal reflection  Position paper Validation by FARA Board Final Draft Draft 2 developed
  7. 7. 7 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 7Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Stakeholder recommendations 1. Recognise maturity of institutions that were ‘clients’ into effective partners (avoid competing with them) 2. Embrace the entire agricultural innovation system; widen scope beyond focus on research 3. Recognize farmers as key private-sector actors and treat private sector actors as partners in development. 4. Respond appropriately to CAADP’s transformation agenda 5. In absence of mandate to lead implementation of CAADP Pillar IV, draw on wide stakeholder acknowledgement of FARA’s leadership in innovation- related aspects of CAADP 6. Develop an all-embracing and integrated capacity-development framework for African agriculture
  8. 8. 8 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 8Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa THE STRATEGY 2014-18
  9. 9. 9 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 9Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Strategic Statements Goal: To contribute to the sustainable reduction of food insecurity and poverty in Africa while enhancing the environment. Purpose: To contribute to generating high broad-based and sustainable agricultural growth in Africa Value Proposition Strengthening Africa’s capacity for innovation and transformation, by visioning its strategic directions, integrating capacities for change and creating the enabling policy environment for implementation.
  10. 10. 10 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 10Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Core functions of FARA 1. Facilitating Collective Action around the promotion of innovations in Africa 2. Capacity strengthening to enhance the functionality of agricultural innovation systems in Africa 3. Intellectual leadership for ARD in Africa 4. Partnerships to enhance broad-based productivity, competitiveness and markets in Africa 5. Advocacy and communication for improved ARD in Africa 6. Tracking of progress in Africa’s agricultural development
  11. 11. FARA Change Theory FARA stakeholders (govts, private sector, NGOs, DPs in R&D, policy makers, academia, scientists, change agents, entrepreneurs, farmers, etc) Stakeholders working in isolation with uncoordinated, fragmented support Development is about transforming lives of people By CONNECTING individuals and stakeholder with different capacities, we make them aware of different actors’ capacities and LEARN to harness critical capacities to bring the needed CHANGE in institutional arrangements for collaboration We undertake VISIONING through foresight and analysis to provide strategic directions that guide new and future actions By forming PARTNERSHIPS and strategic alliances we combine the strengths of all stakeholders to respond to needs High RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS in AR&D leading to high broad- based, sustainable agric.growth HIGH impact on reducing food insecurity and poverty while enhancing the environment By COMMUNICATING best practice and policy options based on evidence, we ADVOCATE for enabling policies and institutional structures and processes that enable implementation of actions on demand
  12. 12. 12 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 12Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Strategic Directions Strategic Priorities 1. Visioning the kind of agriculture Africa wants and the collective actions needed to achieve it 2. Developing the capacities needed to achieve it 3. Developing the enabling environment to enable effective implementation of needed actions Currently …. 4 Networking Support Functions 1. Advocacy and Policy 2. Access to Knowledge and Technologies 3. Capacity Strengthening 4. Partnerships and Strategic Alliances Emerging thematic areas • Climate Change • Bioenergy • Nutrition • Youth Cross cutting issue • Gender
  13. 13. Generic Services of FARA Figure 1. Strategic Priorities and Generic services of FARA Visioning
  14. 14. Networking Support functions Services supported 1. Visioning Africa’s agric Transformation 2. Integrating capacities for change 3. Enabling environment for implementation Business Research Extension Education Policy
  15. 15. Overall OutcomesSP1: African agric. stakeholders determining how the sector should be transformed & establishing the needed collective actions in a gender sensitive manner SP2: Strengthened and integrated continental capacity responding to stakeholder demands within the agricultural innovation system in a gender sensitive manner SP3: Enabling environment for increased ARD investment and implementation of agricultural innovation systems
  16. 16. 16 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 16Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa How the results will be delivered 3. Mobilising Forum Members – Pool of Experts: – Core Research and Development Support team: – FARA Fellows network: – Africa Agricultural Science Week: – Internships – Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Visiting Scientists – Diaspora 1. Partnerships in line with Subsidiarity 2. Performing core functions & services
  17. 17. The human resources required Board of Directors
  18. 18. Budget (2014 – 2018) (USD, 000s) Unit Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Executive Directorate 11,552 11,552 11,552 Strategic Priorities 102,048 79,188 50,564 Deputy Executive Directorate 5,413 4,750 5,148 SP1: Visioning Africa’s Transformation 24,500 18,709 11,887 SP2: Integrating Capacities for Change 35,489 27,007 20,887 SP3: Enabling environment for implementation 36,646 28,722 12,642 Finance 3,069 3,069 3,069 HR and administration 4,701 4,701 4,701 Grand Total 121,371 98,511 69,886
  19. 19. 19 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 19Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Resource Mobilisation • MTOP is the main tool for resource mobilisation • Resource Mobilisation strategy to be developed upon approval of the MTOP • Resources sought from: DPs, African govts, Private sector
  20. 20. 20 Click to edit Master title style 7/27/2013 20Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Conclusion • Strategy and MTOP reflects the aspirations of FARA constituents; is designed to respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities • FARA is well positioned to lead the mobilisation of science and knowledge in the transformation of African livelihoods
  21. 21. Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Thank you for the attention www.fara-africa.org