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#Mojocon 2016 Journalism Tools Slides

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How to choose the right tool for your story? Pick - Stick - Dig.

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#Mojocon 2016 Journalism Tools Slides

  1. 1. Journalism Tools Session MoJoCon – Dublin 2016 @Journalism2ls
  2. 2. BIG
  3. 3. BIGGER
  4. 4. MOBILE
  5. 5. APPAGEDON 50.000 new apps every month + numberous online tools & resources.  
  6. 6. 7 2 ° 5 t 6 8 ? 9 é How to choose?
  7. 7. Pick Keep it simple. Chose tools that suit your workflow. Stick Be consequent. Dig Get to know your tools. Learn the shortcuts. RTFM. c z e
  8. 8. Pick
  9. 9. idea research report publication feedback ? ? A E 2 I s n é v h é 7 9
  10. 10. Workflow Design
  11. 11. @Journalism2ls Twitter Workflow Collect and Curate Enrich Publish & Engage Analyse
  12. 12. Example Video Workflow Record Edit Stylize Publish
  13. 13. Example Social Template Workflow Take Picture Make Graphic Combine Add Audio Publish
  14. 14. Stick
  15. 15. The 80/20 Rule ; Focus on what works for you. Make a selection of 10 tools to do 80% of the work. Be open for new things. Dare to experiment in 20% of your work. experiments daily 20% 80%
  16. 16. Dig
  17. 17. Good tools attracts attention, raise interest for the subject, add value and engage the reader to stay longer on the page, dig deeper and share the story. 4 MUST HAVES FOR STORYTELLING TOOLS 01ATTENTION 04ENGAGEMENT 03VALUE 02INTEREST W j ^ ls
  18. 18. Interaction Determine the level of interaction you want. Do you push, pull, allow conversation, ask for interaction. Is it live or not? Single- or multi-user? V Time/Skill How much time do you have to build something? 10 minutes or 10 months? How much skill do you need to get the job done? $ Price Check the price. Some tools are open source and free. Others work with subscriptions, clicks or have to be bought. a Story Elements Identify the elements of your story. Which one do you want to highlight or add with a tool? Time, place, persons, sounds, images, relationships, data,... “ Form/Function Make sure the form of your tool follows the function it has and not the other way around. Don’t distract, add value. 5 Platform Consider the platform your readers will use to access the story: web, mobile, touch,... U „
  19. 19. A New Platform To Explore Tools
  20. 20. New Tools to Explore
  21. 21. 121  King  Street   24   FOLLOW: @Journalism2ls Journalismtools.io t o CONTACT: +32 477 27 58 71 journalismtools.mailbox@gmail.com 5 É Want more?