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Solved! How to Ask Better Questions on Experts Exchange

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Want to get better solutions to your questions?

It all starts with knowing how to ask the most effective questions. We'll explain some of the ways you can ask better questions on Experts Exchange.

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Solved! How to Ask Better Questions on Experts Exchange

  1. 1. Solved! How to Ask Better Questions on Experts Exchange Want to get better solutions to your questions? It all starts with knowing how to ask the most effective questions. Below, we explain some of the ways you can ask better questions on Experts Exchange.
  2. 2. What to Expect? Part 1: A breakdown of the Question Wizard 1. Four main ingredients to a great question 2. Attach relevant content 3. Create a concise and descriptive title 4. Select relevant topics 5. Preview and edit as needed 6. Submit! Part 2: You’ve posted your question - now what? 1. Open communication with Experts within your question 2. Review the Content 3. Requesting Attention if you need further assistance 4. Selecting a solution and awarding points 5. Success!
  3. 3. Part 1: A breakdown of the Question Wizard
  4. 4. Four Ingredients for Success The first step is to write a description of the question, because you will pull the title from the keywords in this section. Four ingredients to a great description: Tone: Write the description as if you are speaking directly to the Expert. First Sentence: Include the question you are asking within the first sentence so that Experts know if this is a problem they can assist you with. Experience Level: Describe your experience level with the issue you are having. For example, have you ever used this technology before? Steps Executed: Explain the steps you have already completed. This helps the Expert understand where you are in the process of solving this issue, and will save time in troubleshooting.
  5. 5. Attach Relevant Content Be sure to include screenshots, code, or various attachments needed to clarify your question. Please remove any personal information from this content before posting or attaching it to your question.
  6. 6. Create a Concise and Descriptive Title Review your description and pick out the keywords within it to create your title. Experts typically only see the first 40-50 characters of a title so it’s important to keep the title descriptive but concise.
  7. 7. Select Relevant Topics We recommend that you add up to five relevant topics. The topics are ultimately what sends your question to the correct Experts who are qualified in that area of technology.
  8. 8. Preview and Edit As Needed Before submitting your question, select preview to make sure that you have included the four ingredients of a great question. Once you have reviewed and edited your question, click submit. Check for formatting and spelling errors. Also, make sure that items are attached correctly
  9. 9. Part 2: You’ve Posted Your Question - Now What?
  10. 10. Communicate with Experts Within the Question If an Expert has commented on your question but it does not solve your problem, reply to the Expert explaining why their suggestion has not worked. Include any steps that you have tried since posting the question. Continue communicating with the Expert until you get a resolution to your question. If you cannot come to a resolution through communication with Experts on the question, Request Attention to get further assistance from the site Moderators.
  11. 11. Review the Content At this point, please review these elements of your question: 1. Title Check that your title includes keywords that apply to your question 2. Body Read your description out loud and confirm that makes sense. Does it include all four of the main ingredients discussed earlier? 3. Topic Do you have at least 3 relevant topics? Remember, you can select up to 5 total. If you have not received a comment on your question within 12 hours of posting, the question will be labeled “Neglected.” An alert goes out to the top Experts associated with the topics on your question to get more attention to your question. This is an automatic alert, and there is no action needed on your part.
  12. 12. Requesting Attention Use the Request Attention button when: 1. The question has been posted for 24 hours with no comments 2. If a comment is disruptive or not in the spirit of Experts Exchange 3. Asking for sensitive content to be removed After you click the Request Attention button: Submit a comment to the Moderators to bring more attention to your question. Be sure to detail why you need further assistance.
  13. 13. Selecting a Solution and Awarding Points Do the comments on the question solve your problem? Yes? If you have received the solution from one or more comments on the question, select those comments as the solution. If you find your own solution please post it onto the question thread and accept that as the solution. The question is added to our knowledgebase and future members can utilize the solution. After you have selected the solution, post a closing comment explaining why you selected those comments
  14. 14. Resources Customer Support Center http://support.experts-exchange.com/ Find guides to new products and features, adding to your personal profile, and more! Upcoming Webinars http://support.experts-exchange.com/customer/portal/articles/2311768 Keep an eye on this article for announcements of future webinars Suggest Future Webinar Topics https://experts.wufoo.com/forms/webinar-topic-suggestions/ Would you like more information on a particular feature of Experts Exchange? Watch Solved! How to Ask Better Questions on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ExpertsExchangeTV Check out our newest products! Live http://support.experts-exchange.com/customer/portal/articles/228979 If you need 1:1 assistance with a project, we offer Live as a real-time collaboration tool that connects client with consultants. Gigs http://support.experts-exchange.com/customer/portal/articles/2290148 If you have a project that is outside of your own personal technology scope, submitting a Gig will allow freelancers to bid by posting their proposal. Accept a proposal, agree on a date and payment amount for the work to begin. Careers http://support.experts-exchange.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2290063 If you have a full-time position, all members have the ability to post and apply for jobs.
  15. 15. Thank you!