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The Talent Gamble

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Great people are the key ingredient of any successful company. Numerous business leaders from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to Richard Branson and Lawrence Bossidy have identified hiring people as their most important task and the secret to their success.

The trouble is though, great people are hard to find. Great people need to be able to cope with a dynamic and fluid business environment that didn’t exist ten or fifteen years ago. Great people need to be more tech savvy than ever before. Great people understand that corporate and social responsibility aren’t buzzwords for the careers page on the business website, they are fundamental parts of a businesses make up.

It makes no sense then that most businesses continue to try and recruit these people using the same methods that have consistently provided underwhelming results for years.

This slideshare is a bit of a rant about this problem – and what we think is the solution to it. We won’t spoil your fun; put it into full-screen mode and click away.

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The Talent Gamble

  2. 2. 1 2 3 4567 8 9 1011 12 Considerthisyourwakeupcall.
  3. 3. INTANGIBLE ASSETS (i.e. people) now account for 3timesmore than TANGIBLE ASSETS in a company’s valuation.
  4. 4. “The secret of my success is that we went to exceptional lengths to HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE in the world.” Steve Jobs, Apple “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than HIRING AND DEVELOPING PEOPLE.” Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of General Electric “The key for us, number one, has always been HIRING VERY SMART PEOPLE.” Bill Gates, Former CEO of Microsoft I’msureyougetthegist…
  5. 5. Agreatbusiness startswith greatpeople
  6. 6. Great people are at theheartof what you do This is common knowledge but NOT COMMON PRACTICE
  7. 7. The trouble is, this desire to hire greatpeoplecreates some real problems…
  8. 8. Firstly… Few people know how to hire trulygreatpeople
  9. 9. Or where to find them as there AREN’T MANY OF THEM ABOUT Realtalentisscarce
  10. 10. There’s a DIGITAL REVOLUTION going on, requiring more tech savvy leaders GEOPOLITICAL UNCERTAINTY requires planning and agility to quickly adapt to changing environments CORPORATE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is no longer a token gesture thereasonit’sscarceisbecauserealtalenthasto beabletohandleabravenewworld. It takes a special type of person who can ADAPT AND THRIVE in this environment
  11. 11. CHANGES IN SOCIAL DEMOGRAPHICS, the baby boom to bust in North America and Europe, combined with a globally mobile international people economy means there’s a: Lackofqualifiedtalent Lackofavailabletalent
  12. 12. Sowhatdomostbusinessesdo ?
  13. 13. YOU NEED YOU SEE They do the same thing they’ve been doing for years… ONLY looking in active talent pools Butarethebestpeopleinthis10%‘active’pool?
  14. 14. 1324 5678 9123 3455 12/18 And when that doesn’t work… Unlikely Theyengagepeopleontheirbehalfwholookinthesame placewhiletreatingcandidatesastransactions
  15. 15. neep neep Who incentivise on speednotquality
  16. 16. Do the MATHS + - x ÷ Howmanygreatpeople willthatprocessgetyou?
  17. 17. £100K £360K And what’s the costto your business ifthathiredoesn’tworkout?
  18. 18. 2 6 4 8 15 1113 17 If you continue hiring like this Theoddsaren’tstackedinyourfavour.
  19. 19. Hope is not a strategy. Soareyougoingtotakeagambleonrecruitment? Or do you want a REPEATABLE PROCESS for finding and attracting top talent??
  20. 20. If you’re still unsure, look at your HIRING OBJECTIVES. Do you want to: Place employees at the lowestpossiblecost Place top talent and get the highestpossibleROIOR
  21. 21. cost roi If you answered 1Lowestpossiblecost We’ll give you a minute while you PACK UP YOUR THINGS...
  22. 22. If you answered 2then we’re TALKING THE SAME LANGUAGE. Italsomeansyouwanta competitiveadvantage. Lets show you the two things top businesses do to get this advantage…
  23. 23. 1m Firstly you need to be a: DestinationEmployer
  24. 24. ADestinationEmployerisabusiness thatisatoptalentmagnetandis renownedforunderstandingand nurturinghumanpotential.
  25. 25. People see working for them as the pinnacle of their career – it’s where everyone wants to be. They clearly articulate and communicate company values, culture, strength of leadership, rewards and opportunities within a job role. Identifying potential, offering growth development, freedom, autonomy and exciting challenges. They don’t want to just be ‘known’, they are renowned for being it within their industry. ADestinationEmployerisabusiness thatisatoptalentmagnetandis renownedforunderstandingand nurturinghumanpotential.
  26. 26. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers Want to JOIN THEM?
  27. 27. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers It’s the blood, sweat and tears they put into succeed- ing for you – they’re not just commodities. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE INVESTMENT TOP TALENT MAKES1.
  28. 28. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers They’re as discerning as your most important customers. They don’t accept mediocrity and won’t tolerate it, instead they thrive on partnership and authenticity. YOU NEED TO TREAT TALENT AS CUSTOMERS2.
  29. 29. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers Employees want leaders that are respected and allow them to develop and will lead from the back. Not leaders that restrict a person’s abilities because they’re afraid of them. YOU NEED TO DEMONSTRATE HIGH QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP3.
  30. 30. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers Planning is guessing if you haven’t got your culture right. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT CULTURE TRUMPS STRATEGY4.
  31. 31. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers They know if you don’t provide opportunity to grow your competition will. YOU NEED TO DEMONSTRATE HOW YOU GROW PEOPLE5.
  32. 32. TheSixPillarsofDestinationEmployers After a point financial rewards won’t appeal. What really matters is the fulfillment they get, that they feel they belong and are central to your company’s future. YOU NEED TO COMPREHENSIVELY REWARD6.
  33. 33. And the RESULT of all this? Youwillbecomeatalentmagnet
  34. 34. great! Although we’re now fit to go to market there’s something else you need to apply to ensure you attractthebestpeople. Read on... Got all that?!
  35. 35. s Secondly you need: marterHiring
  36. 36. SmarterHiringuses cuttingedgetechniques tofind,attractandassess toptalentThatotherbusinessescan’taccess.
  37. 37. SmarterHiringuses cuttingedgetechniques tofind,attractandassess toptalentThatotherbusinessescan’taccess.Not one or the other, do all three and successfully bring them in to be a PART OF YOUR BUSINESS. CUTTING EDGE TECHNIQUES are the opposite of the outdated recruiting techniques commonly used If you can LOCATE AND ATTRACT TOP TALENT other businesses can’t, you’ll have more superstars in your team and win the talent war.
  38. 38. EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring
  39. 39. 10% you can’t access 10% you see 75% receptive EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring DEEP DIVE INTO THE WHOLE TALENT POOL Although 90% of candidates are already employed, 75% are still receptive to attractive propositions presented in a credible and professional way. 1.
  40. 40. EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring 10% you can’t access 10% you see 75% receptive UNDERSTAND WHAT TOP TALENT DESIRES Incentivise by more than just money. Top talent often doesn’t desire more financial gain, rather increased freedom, new challenges, autonomy and affiliation. You need a deep insight into what they want and what shapes their decisions and behaviours. 2.
  41. 41. EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring 10% you can’t access 10% you see 75% receptive SEDUCE & NURTURE Constantly scan and track top talent, using your destination employer credentials to create a compelling, tailored proposition. The pipeline of talent requires you to seduce and nurture: your approach has to be special. 3.
  42. 42. EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring 10% you can’t access 10% you see 75% receptive APPLY RIGOROUS ASSESSMENT Remarkably, a lot of businesses screen their graduates much more thoroughly than their more critical executive hires. Matching and evaluating, using a range of technology and media to transmit as much valuable information about the candidate ahead of meeting them face to face. 4.
  43. 43. EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring 10% you can’t access 10% you see 75% receptive USE SCIENCE TO TEST BEHAVIOURS AND ATTITUDES You need to get inside the heads of your critical hires and that means testing at- titudes not just competences. Use science to evaluate and really understand candi- dates, to get to the truth, and to avoid wasting time interviewing unsuitable candi- dates face to face. Businesses hire on experience and fire on behaviour. 5.
  44. 44. EvolvingThroughSmarterHiring 10% you can’t access 10% you see 75% receptive ALIGN FUTURES AND CLOSE Agree what the future looks like, agree on a journey, a vision and a goal. By aligning on day one you increase the chances of the inevitable counter offer being rejected. 6.
  45. 45. Ifyoubecomeadestinationemployerthat implementssmarterhiringyou’llnever struggletoattractthebesttalent.Everagain.
  46. 46. And you’ll surround yourself with people who:
  47. 47. Plus there’s an ADDED BENEFIT… Greatpeopleattractothergreatpeople
  48. 48. Peoplewhoenergiseyourcompanyand buildyourcompanybrand. Just as surely as mediocre people can do the opposite. (Beware the oxygen thieves.)
  49. 49. Letsnotkidourselves Finding, hiring and retaining top talent has alwaysbeenhard. And now the power has shifted from employers to employees it’s evenharder.
  50. 50. But as the DOGFIGHT FOR TALENT gets fiercer… It’s more important than ever to have the RIGHT PEOPLE guiding your business to gain a competitive advantage.
  51. 51. Take a look in the mirror & ask yourself: “Arewedoing absolutelyeverythingtoday toensurewefindand attracttoptalenttomorrow?”
  52. 52. Bottomline… Your success comes down to the PEOPLE YOU HAVE. Raise your game, recruit smarter, become a destination employer or: get leftbehind. recruitment recruitment
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