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My Ex Girlfriend is Ignoring Me! How Do I Get Her Back?

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You just broke up with your ex girlfriend. You are hurt and devastated.

What's WORSE is that she is COMPLETELY ignoring you.

In this slideshow I will show you exactly what to do when your ex ignores you, and the steps you need to take if you ever want her back.

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My Ex Girlfriend is Ignoring Me! How Do I Get Her Back?

  1. 1. My Ex Girlfriend is Ignoring Me! How Do I Get Her Back? Take These Steps to Start Creating Attraction Inside of Her Again By: Frankie Cola
  2. 2. You broke up with your girlfriend, you're confused, you're hurt.
  3. 3. WORSE: It doesn't help at all that your ex girlfriend is ignoring you.
  4. 4. You want to do all that's possible to "fix" the relationship and get her to be your girlfriend again... but when you try to communicate with her, she doesn't reply.
  5. 5. This, of course, is driving you crazy and impatient... because you feel that if you don't act at this critical time, everything will be LOST FOREVER.
  6. 6. You wonder... Can I ever get her back? Is there any part of her that still loves me? Is there ANOTHER MAN in the picture?
  7. 7. If this all sounds familiar, then read on...
  8. 8. Now here's a question I got on an email coaching session that I think you'll find helpful. (Read the entire coaching session on this article right here)
  9. 9. ***Question*** My Ex Girlfriend is IGNORING ME! I need few solutions to get my girlfriend back. It's been a week that we had this break up. I did mistakes of chasing her all the time just to protect her but she didn't like it much. Now she is full angry on me. Whenever I call her from a new number, she cuts the call and blocks my number. She says that she has no feelings for me at all and that wants to start a new life away from me.
  10. 10. But now I have completely changed and have been positive but its too late to make her understand. We committed 5 years back, we had so many fights but this is the biggest. Please give me a solution. - M
  11. 11. >>>My Comments If you have the same problem as M, then here's the procedure of what you should do to re-attract your ex girlfriend...
  12. 12. Start by avoiding the following mistakes...
  13. 13. 1. First, absolutely DO NOT call her from another phone. Hold on to your horse there buddy. While messaging your ex girlfriend from a different number solves the immediate problem (she blocking you)… it doesn't solve the FUNDAMENTAL problem: She doesn't want to hear from you right now. Dodging her block only ignores her REAL issue with you and makes her angrier (which actually happened)
  14. 14. 2. Second, just because you were in a 6-year long, deep-loving relationship, it doesn't mean it will be easier to get her love back. In other words, the fact that she was madly in love with you LAST YEAR has no bearing on the love she has for you RIGHT NOW.
  15. 15. Yes, Even if You Engaged in “Future Talk” Even if you made plans of trips you were going to take in the future… Even if you entertained the possibility of marriage… Even if she imagined having kids with you… The state of mind she was in to have those fantasies was in THAT MOMENT she was in, NOT now when her heart has hardened for you.
  16. 16. “I Love You” is in the Moment Likewise, if a woman said "I love you" last year, it only means she loved you ON THAT DAY when she said it. Likewise, if she has no feelings for you today... that only applies to TODAY. And that's great news, my friend, because it means you can create feelings in her again.
  17. 17. Now here's something you should know: A woman's love for you builds and fades slowly over time. If she has no love left right now, it means you did too much “WEAK BEHAVIOR” over time to make her lose attraction. And guess what? You are probably still acting weak right now… and it's making it IMPOSSIBLE to re-attract your ex back. Therefore, you have to learn the “STRONG BEHAVIORS” that create attraction so that you BUILD her love back up by doing things that TRIGGER attraction in her.
  18. 18. Start By Replacing Weak Behavior With Strong Behavior Ok so your ex girlfriend blocked you and she's ignoring you… what should you do? The correction action is NO ACTION AT ALL! That's the STRONG move.
  19. 19. Stand Up For Yourself Instead of chasing a woman who's ignoring you and treating you bad, stand up for yourself, and walk away! Remember this: A man who values himself and his TIME doesn't waste time with a girl who only gives him second- class treatment. That's why you should walk away and DO NOTHING... ...unless she decides to unblock you and gets in touch with you again.
  20. 20. You see, this is extremely important because you 1. break away from the weak behaviors that chipped away at your girlfriend's attraction level and that got you into this break-up wasteland… and... 2. You instead start doing strong behaviors that make her notice that you're finally acting like a man… and this will make her feel attraction for you once again.
  21. 21. Again, you've been acting weak all this time by chasing her and treating her special even though she treats you like DIRT. It's time to take control and start acting strong by walking away and never looking back... until she gets in touch with you again.
  22. 22. Then when she does, assume she wants to see you and say "I'd like to see you, when are you free to get together?" And you make a date. If she doesn't want to, then say "Great, get in touch if you change your mind" and once again, WALK AWAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK
  23. 23. You only want to hang out with this woman if she decides to be nice to you and give you first-class treatment. When a real man encounters a situation that doesn't suit him, he doesn't lower his value to hopelessly salvage the relationship. No, he walks away.
  24. 24. In the mean time, I recommend that you read this free eBook so that you have a solid foundation on how to re-attract your ex girlfriend.
  25. 25. Get the FREE eBook: “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” Inside you will learn: ● how hormones can ruin a great relationship… ● how to reverse past mistakes… ● how to correctly play “hard to get”… ● how to re-establish contact with your ex girlfriend… ● how to rebuild a stronger relationship than you had before… ==> Click Here to Download the “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” eBook
  26. 26. Once you opt-in to get the free report, you'll also receive my free email newsletter with valuable articles on the topic of “re-attracting your ex girlfriend” (You'll also be able to get free email coaching from me, Frankie Cola)