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ExactTarget Client Success - Portland Trailblazers

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Using ExactTarget's Interactive
Marketing Hub and its SocialEngage and Email applications,
the Trail Blazers centralized its interactive marketing campaigns,
analytics and reporting, giving its marketing team new insights to offer
more relevant promotions and improve real-time engagement with fans

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ExactTarget Client Success - Portland Trailblazers

  1. 1. CLIENT SUCCESS ExactTarget SocialEngage™Portland Trail Blazers “CHALLENGE:On game night, thousands of Portland Trail Blazer fans cram into the Rose Garden arena Before ExactTargetto cheer for their favorite NBA players. Beyond the arena, an exponential number of fans SocialEngage, we weretake to social media to stay connected to their team. In the last year, the Blazers have less connected to what weseen their Twitter following double to over 80,000 and have also reached over 386,000 were doing on social media.fans on Facebook. SocialEngage has allowedThe task of keeping this sizeable fan base informed, excited, and engaged falls on the more people to becomePortland Trail Blazers’ interactive marketing department. But without a formalized process involved in our social mediaor an efficient tool to coordinate messaging across multiple social platforms, they needed a marketing and increased ”way to communicate effectively with their fans while managing social media across severalinternal teams. engagement online. —CAITLIN VOLKMANSOLUTION: Interactive Manager, Portland Trail BlazersThe Blazers found a clear winner in ExactTarget SocialEngage™. Now, they have a way toeasily communicate on Facebook and Twitter and get a pulse on their fans throughout theseason. It also gives them a tool for optimizing their sales and marketing efforts beyondsocial media. “The assigning and scheduling features have been invaluable for us to makesure nobody’s posting at the same day or time,” says Caitlin Volkman, Interactive Managerfor the Portland Trail Blazers. “Now, we even have the tools to track social media and takeit back to each department.”By integrating ExactTarget’s email marketing tools with SocialEngage, the Blazers are alsoable to view a real-time, intelligent dashboard, tracking all marketing and sales effortsincluding their ticket “Deal of the Week.” This integration allows the Blazers to create,target, and measure their “Deal of the Week” email and social promotions through onecomprehensive tool.Because the Blazers find SocialEngage so easy to use, it allows more team members toget involved in social media marketing. It also gives the Blazers a way to bring together theircommunication, sales and service, and interactive marketing departments like never before.RESULTS:SocialEngage has helped the Blazers: The Blazers use SocialEngage to create, target, • Increase email ticket sales through the “Deal of the Week” by 210% and measure • Effectively engage 386,000+ Facebook fans and 80,000+ Twitter followers their “Deal of the Week.” • Collaborate across teams and departmentsSocialEngage has given the Blazers the power to easily communicate, listen, and mobilizea large fan base in real time. In the future, they plan on using SocialEngage as a sales and Ready tomarketing tool for sponsors who want a measurable way to effectively reach and engageBlazer fans.“I’m a huge fan of ExactTarget because I’m very comfortable using the interface. Whenpeople come to me about the application, I have confidence showing it to people and learn more?knowing they’ll have success using it as well,” says Volkman. www.ExactTarget.com/Social