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The 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Europe, March 2011, Ingelheim, Germany

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Future Forces Impacting Pharma and the Evolving Role of Digital

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The 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Europe, March 2011, Ingelheim, Germany

  1. 1. register by Proudly 11 feb 2011 Presents: to receive The Discounted rate! Digital Annual The 3rd 28-29 March, 2011 Pharma Boehringer ingelheim headquarters ingelheim, germany europe Bert Tjeenk Willink, keynote Member of the Board, Corporate future forces impacting Pharma Board Division Marketing & Sales, speaker: BoehRingeR ingelheim and the evolving role of DigitalThe Varied expertfaculty will include: The Scope: All the top of mind issues covered: Alexander Bittner, Senior Manager, European Client, pfiZeR Top Social Media Impact, The Emegence of Health 2.0, Mo- bile Marketing, Multi-Channel eMarketing, The Growing Duncan Cantor, Government reasons Importance of ePatients and eDocs, and much more! and Public Affairs Manager, to Attend the BoehRingeR ingelheim 3rd Annual The Faculty: We discover the ground breaking speakers Richard Emmerson, Marketing Senior Digital and deliver them to you first! The ideal mix of pharma case Manager, Amgen euRope studies, eDocs, ePatients and leading service providers Nick Green, Senior Lecturer, Pharma univeRsiTy of deRBy, uk hepatitis c epatient and Advocate europe The Unconference: This is the most cutting edge event in the industry that breaks down the barriers of con- Ansar Jawaid, Global Brand Diagnostics Manager, Global Marketing, AsTRAZenecA ventional conferences with “unconference” parameters Guillaume Maurin, Brand Manager, pfiZeR The Networking: With over 300 senior-level execu- tives in attendance last year, we have unmatched oppor- James Moade, Director of Global Marketing, tunities to network with those leading the way in meAd Johnson digital pharma Kay Rispeter, Leader, Multi-Channel Marketing, Public Relations & Communications, msd shARp & dohme gmBh The Location: The only industry event that continues to be hosted by Judith von Gordon, Head of Media & PR, BoehRingeR ingelheim a leading pharmaceutical companyother Participating Companies include:Blue lATiTude meRZ phARmA Boehringer ingelheimdigiTAs heAlTh shARpBRAinsuniveRsiTy of deRBy, uk WhydoTheAlThunlocked ZimmeR sponsors:JAnssen Zdc consulTing Copyright by Tomas RiehleTo Register Call 212-400-6240 Or visit: www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, Mission statement:Welcome to the 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Europe! Dig- To provide a groundbreaking, interactiveital Pharma continues to be a global phenomenon within forum to explore the latest innovations inthe pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Spanning bothcoasts of the US and Europe, this event series has come to rep- digital marketing for the pharmaceuti-resent the potential that the online communications revolutionhas for the ways that pharma can communicate with patients, physi- cal industrycians and all industry stakeholders.ExL Pharma is coming off the biggest event in its history—with over 400 Who Should Attend?attendees at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia. The event was buzzingwith excitement, learning and networking. It is our mission to continuethis success and build on the 2010 Digital Pharma Europe that took placeat Bayer Schering headquarters in March 2010. This spring we look forwardto continuing this tradition by bringing the event to Boehringer Ingelheimheadquarters. This conference is designed for professionals from theParticipants at Digital Pharma are encouraged to collaborate and test the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology and medicalwaters of social media, Health 2.0 and other eMarketing and Digital channels device industries whose responsibilities include:to find new and innovative solutions that help improve brand and corporatecommunication. We will provoke thought and provide insight. Our unique • Marketing • Public Relations“unconference-like” approach knocks down conventional barriers and en- • eMarketing • Advertising & Promotionssures that all participants can share best practices and learn from each other’s • Digital Marketing • Brand Managementexperiences. Digital Pharma has evolved to become much more than just aconference… it is a place of digital innovation and future orientation. • Social Media • Product ManagementPlease join us this March in Ingelheim, Germany! • Multi-Channel Marketing • Information TechnologySincerely, • eBusiness • Regulatory AffairsJudith von Gordon Fred Bassett This program will also be of interest to:Judith von Gordon, Head of Media & PR Fred Bassett, Director Agencies, consultants, and organizations thatBOEHRINGER INGELHEIM BLUE LATITUDE specialize in Digital MarketingCo-Chairperson Co-ChairpersonPre-ConferenCe WorkshoP8:00 sessions: DAy one Monday, 28 March Pre-Workshop Registration and Continental Breakfast 1 Workshop A: Workshop B:8:30 Gain a Better Understanding of Your Audience Through a 8:30 “How Do I Do That?” Case Studies on Social Media from the Systematic Approach to Mobile Industry If you realize that last year was a turning point in the reoccurring This interactive workshop will provide case examples from the indus- theme of “The Year of Mobile” -- and you’re either planning or testing try (and outside as well) that highlight best practices for social media your mobile strategies and capabilities, but are still figuring out what programs. While not Social Media 101, the session will cover basic to do or what more you can do -- then you’ll want to attend this principles and work towards creating this roadmap for action. workshop. The workshop’s purpose will be to move beyond mobile Listening – how do I listen effectively to my customer’s needs? What trends to focus on strategy development and best practices. As with all tools can I employ to be effective and efficient? What processes need marketing vehicles, success in mobile demands a systematic and logical to be implemented in order to prepare to leverage the data for my approach, beginning with understanding your audience. The workshop business needs. We’ll look at case studies from the industry that ex- will answer the questions: amine the challenges and benefits of listening, before, during and after • How is mobile impacting all stakeholders in healthcare? marketing and communications programs are implemented. Topics • What tools need to be mastered? covered include: • What simple executions can I use to kick-start my program? • Internal processes to manage data • What are the key measurements? • How to establish keywords for listening In addition, during this workshop a workable approach and methodology • Choosing a partner/technology solution will be presented for the purposes of creating your own mobile strategy. • Resources needed to assess and distribute information Workshop Leader: Workshop Leaders: James Moade, Director of Global Marketing, MEAD JOHNSON Zoe Dunn, Consultant, ZDC CONSULTING (Makers of Enfamil® the world’s #1 baby formula brand) Silja Choquet, CEO, WHYDOT10:00 30-Minute Networking and Refreshment Break11:30 Workshop concludes; Luncheon for Workshop participants To Register Call 212-400-6240 or visit www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope
  3. 3. MAin ConferenCe Begins: Monday, 28 March12:30 Co-Chairpersons Opening Remarks 3:15 How Pfizer Oncology Works as a Cross-Functional Team to Make Judith von Gordon, Fred Bassett, Digital Projects Happen Head of Media & PR, Director, • How does brand management lead and coordinate the project to BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM BLUE LATITUDE bring in all key stakeholders? • Discuss ways in which the team functions on the IT side12:45 KEYNOTE WELCOME ADDRESS: Brave New World for the • How are legal and regulatory matters approached? Pharmaceutical Industry or Nothing New? Guillaume Maurin, Brand Manager, PFIZER Bert Tjeenk Willink, Member of the Board, Corporate Board Division Alexander Bittner, Senior Manager, European Client, PFIZER Marketing & Sales, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM 4:00 What Are Our Options to Align the Internal Perception of Online1:15 What Do Patients and Supporters Really Want? Activities with Their De Facto Relevance? • Personal experiences with e-resources and Hep C (progression of Frequently, eMarketing still: different purposes for accessing online sources and their value) • does not hold its own budget • The development of online support since 2004 • is not fully integrated in franchise teams and decisions regarding • The good, the bad and the ugly of online activity – sites which are communication strategies useful and supportive, sites which can be misleading and that have • is obligated to prove its cost-effectiveness in contrast to traditional poor or inappropriate information, that examples of how free ac- marketing activities cess can result in abuse by some individuals • is not recognized as a “business driver” • How might support develop in the future? Reaching the Hep C The presentation will: community • summarize data on the relevance of online communication for our • The potential of online resources– what could realistically be achieved? customers in Germany Nick Green, Senior Lecturer, UNIVERSITY OF DERBY, UK • give examples for successful online campaigns Hepatitis C ePatient and Advocate • show parameters for successful and unsuccessful eDetailing • give an example how to calculate the efficiency of eMarketing activities2:00 ThinkDigital 2011: Key Research and Insights into Kay Rispeter, Leader, Multi-Channel Marketing, Public Relations & Transformational Marketing Communications, MSD SHARP & DOHME GMBH ThinkDigital 2011 is new research from Digitas Health London. Pre- sented in Europe for the first time, this exclusive research looks at the 4:45 Effectiveness of Using Digital Assets to Launch and Grow a transformation of the pharmaceutical industry business model and Personalised Medicine the sales and marketing challenges that lie ahead. • Challenges and learnings in implementing a digital strategy to sup- • Deliver the industry perspective on what this business transforma- port drug-diagnostic launch and growth tion will look like and how different organisations are embracing the • Case studies on online presence and smartphone application to need to change. educate and train new customer groups • This research will reveal, amongst other findings, if the industry is • Global vs country- where does digital live ready for this transformation. How will the major players review and • Getting buy-in and tackling the ROI question reappraise existing business function, improve services to customers • Global vs. country – where does digital live? and make better use of existing and new resources? Ansar Jawaid, Global Brand Diagnostics Manager, Global Marketing, • The research will share some of the new organisational structures, ASTRAZENECA skills, processes and technology major pharmaceutical companies are planning to introduce and how these will affect physicians, their 5:30 Networking Reception service, their patients. June Dawson, Managing Director, London, DIGITAS HEALTH2:45 Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break Boehringer Ingelheim Headquarters Binger Str. 173 55216 Ingelheim, GermanyConferenCe VenUe:ExL Pharma is pleased to be hosting the 3rd Annual Digital Pharma Europe at Boehringer IngelheimHeadquarters in Ingelheim, Germany. In welcoming this conference, Boehringer Ingelheim is helpingExL Pharma to provide a unique platform to discuss the key issues that marketing/communicationsprofessionals face today. We look forward to providing you with the rare opportunity to learnfrom and network with speakers and attendees, representing leading pharmaceutical, biotech andmedical device companies throughout Europe. ExL Pharma looks forward to greeting you at thisspecial event and would like to extend a special thanks to Boehringer Ingelheim for allowing thisconference to take place at its headquarters.TrAVeL ArrAngeMenTs:For those who are traveling to the event, ExL is offering sleeping rooms at the Hyatt Regencyin Mainz, Germany, conveniently located 20 minutes from Frankfurt International Airport. Shuttleservice will be provided throughout the conference from the sleeping hotels to the conferencevenue at Boehringer Ingelheim. For additional information on hotel options, please visit our website: Copyright by Tomas Riehlewww.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope To Register Call 212-400-6240 or visit www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope
  4. 4. MAin ConferenCe: DAy TWo8:008:30 Continental Breakfast Co-Chairs Recap of Day One 2 Judith von Gordon, Tuesday, 29 March Fred Bassett, Head of Media & PR, Director, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM BLUE LATITUDE TRACK A: New Media and the Organisation TRACK B: Multi-Channel eMarketing8:45 Integrating Digital Media into the Entire Business 8:45 The Emergence of Multi-Channel eMarketing Strategy and the • How adaptation changes corporate culture and how to initiate this Shift from Traditional Marketing shift • Digital Marketing Strategy: What are the changes in the environ- • Looking beyond technology and platforms to see all the humanity ment and customer behavior? of it • Understanding how to listen, respond, engage and build relation- • What it does to the internal structure and cross-functional teams ships with your customers • The availability of new channels of engagement. Change the way we Alex Butler, Digital Strategy & Social Media Manager, look at the marketing mix and empower customers to become the JANSSEN center for innovation • New ways to consider the integration of online and offline marketing strategies Isabel Silva, Director of eMarketing, QUEST DIAGNOSTICS9:30 Addressing What Matters Now in Pharma Marketing 2011 9:30 Understanding Payers by Mapping Influence and Information Flow • Who will bring mobile health innovation together? Consumer-side/ • Payer dynamics and the payer ecosystem Provider-side… But what’s in the middle? • What are the online and offline channels and sources of informa- • How understanding the entire patient experience should guide tion used in the ecosystem? fundamental shifts in marketing, research, clinical trials and the old • Mapping influence and information flow in the healthcare system models of the healthcare ecosystem • Using network analysis to help understand the ecosystem • With Pharma streamlining so many departments what are the best • How do these spheres of influence impact prescribing and medical ways to improve the Pharma-vendor-agency triangle, so that we are decisions? more productive and successful? • What do the findings mean for your organisation? Speaker TBD Klynn Alibocus, Senior Consultant, BLUE LATITUDE10:15 Morning Networking and Refreshment Break10:45 The Boehringer Ingelheim Social Media Dashboard and 10:45 What is the Potential for Serious Gaming in Healthcare? Influencer Mapping • How can serious gaming be a part of a set of healthcare solutions? • Is it good or is it bad? Boehringer Ingelheim’s tonality analysis of • How can gaming make sense in your marketing mix? traditional and social media monitoring • How does it contribute to compliance and adherence? • Do we see it early or are we late? • What opportunities are there for partnering with various groups in • Social media monitoring as an early alert system this space? • Who is important – who is not? Influencer analysis at a glance • What links are being forged between the electronic game industry Julia Meyer-Kleinmann, Corporate Director, Media and PR, and healthcare/public policy? BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM Len Starnes, Head of Digital Marketing, BAYER SCHERING PHARMACEUTICALS11:30 Lessons Learned in New and Social Media 11:30 How to Achieve a Solid Foundation of Activities and Process • How Pharma can move on from Version 1 apps Implementation for eMedia • Thinking out of the box - getting the right people on our digital teams • Practice report about the Merz Aesthetics eMedia activities in the • How building up a network will push the internal learning curve and last six months ensure that you are not perceived as the lonely advocate for new media • What kinds of activities have been planned? • How to “sell” new media within the organization • Experience Report: How was the project interaction between affili- Line Berg Ostergaard, Interactive and New Media Manager, ZIMMER ates and regulatory departments? Gillian Tachibana, Director, eMedia & Social Media, MERCK SERONO Janet Friedel, Project Manager, Online Media, MERZ PHARMA12:15 Luncheon for Conference Participants1:15 Utilizing Digital Assets Effectively in a Product Launch: Orphan 1:15 Using Web-Based Systems to Link Patients and Their Surgeons Drug Case Study • Exploring SPRiNT: Online patient engagement in spinal surgery • Identifying social networks and creating strategies to influence all nodes • A short history of evidence in spinal surgery • The use of digital in training activities to up-skill the field-force • The emergence of Patient Recorded Outcome Measures as a standard • Supporting and creating digital content (webcasts and interviews) • How the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is innovating online -developing trusted content (ESH and KOLs) outcomes • Focus on the ‘basics’, successfully - website, MOA and other animations Matthew Shaw, eDoc & Spinal Surgeon - developing trusted content (village council) • Lessons learned about effective tactics: internal support, measuring Matt Jameson Evans, MD and Founder, HEALTH UNLOCKED effectiveness, improving quality and managing the project Richard Emmerson, Marketing Senior Manager, AMGEN EUROPE To Register Call 212-400-6240 or visit www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope
  5. 5. MAin ConferenCe: DAy TWo2:00 Space 2 Panel: Setting Global Guidelines for the Company in the Digital • Keeping the industry focused on making new digital tools, apps with 2:00 Tuesday, 29 March Digital Neurotechnology: A New Frontier for the Brain? • Exploring Neurotechnology 101: What are its implications for Pharma? • Case Studies: Fluid intelligence training, visual-restoration therapy, a clear objective and utility to help build overall digital credibility Computerised C-CBT • Understanding the five tenets to being competitive in the digital • Brain-computer interfaces, neuromarketing and other emerging landscape —be personalized, engage, act in real time, be participatory technologies and be useful • Opportunities for Pharma in assessment, prevention and therapeutics • Develop personal and non-personal initiatives using available tech- Jamie Wilson, Platform Director at SHARPBRAINS nologies and that have a broad scope Panelists: SharpBrains’ mission is to provide independent, research- Martin Hensen, Head of eStrategies, UCB based infor mation and guidance to navigate the growing Christoph Ferse, Senior Director, Global Commercial Excellence, GRUNENTHAL cognitive and brain fitness market. SharpBrains is based James Moade, Director of Global Marketing, MEAD JOHNSON in San Francisco. Gary Monk, Product Manager (Marketing), JANSSEN2:45 Mid-Afternoon Break, Plenary Sessions Resume Sponsorship &3:00 Group Panel: What Form Does Twitter Success Take for Pharma? Exhibiting Opportunities Twitter has evolved into an essential tool for any business to communicate with its customers. In healthcare, Twit- Do you want to spread the word ter is used for a variety of reasons to meet populations with different needs. This panel explores: about your organization’s solutions • How Twitter can be used to reach different types of users and services to potential clients • Case studies where Pharma utilized Twitter for communications with patients, doctors, journalists and politicians who will be attending this event? • Boehringer Ingelheim’s approach to Twitter Take advantage of the opportunity • Overarching strategy (Twitter isn’t a strategy, it’s a tactic) to exhibit, underwrite an educa- Panelists: tional session, host a networking John Pugh, Director, Online Communication, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM event, or distribute promotional Duncan Cantor, Government and Public Affairs Manager, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM items to attendees. ExL Pharma Veronica Johow, eMarketing Manager, ASTRAZENECA will work closely with you to cus- tomize a package that will suit all of3:45 “UNCONFERENCE” SESSION BEGINS your needs. To learn more about “Future Forces impacting Healthcare” these opportunities, please contact: UnConferenCe • Which future forces will influence healthcare over the next 10 years? Jayson Mercado • How is the industry responding to these challenges? session Director of Business Development • Real examples from Pharma and beyond (212) 400-6236 jmercado@exlpharma.com5:00 Event Concludes MEDIAPARTNERSThree Ways to Register: Group Discount Program: Cancellations: For every three simultaneous registrations from your If you need to cancel your registration for an up-Phone: 212-400-6240 company, you will receive a fourth complimentary regis- coming ExL conference, please note the followingEmail: register@exlpharma.com tration to the program (must register 4), a savings of 25% policies derived from the Start Date of the event: per person. Four weeks or more: A full refund (minus a €95Online: www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope Can only send three? You can still save 15% off of every processing fee), or a voucher to another ExL event registration. valid for two years from the voucher issue date. To find out more on how you can take advantage of these Four weeks or less: A voucher to another ExL event group discounts, please call 212-400-6240 valid for two years from the voucher issue date.Fees and Payments for 3rd Digital Pharma Europe *Discount offers may not be combined* All discounts are To receive a refund or voucher, please fax your Early Bird Pricing taken from the standard rate request to 888-221-6750. Pricing Before 11 February, 2011 Make checks payable to ExL Events, Inc. and write code Conference registrations may be transferred to P627 on your check. You may also use Visa, MasterCard, other colleagues in the event you are unable to Conference + Workshop €1795 Discover or American Express. attend. Conference Only €1595 Payments must be received by 14 March, 2011. To receive a refund or voucher, please fax your **Please note that there will be an administrative charge request to 888-221-6750. Standard Pricing of €300 to substitute, exchange and/or replace atten- *ExL Pharma’s liability is limited to the confer- Pricing After 11 February, 2011 dance badges with a colleague occurring within five busi- ence registration fee in the event of a cancel- ness days of any ExL conference.** lation Conference Workshop €1995 Conference Only €1795 Please Note: Speakers and agenda are subject to change without notice. In the event of a speaker cancellation, every effort to find a suitable replacement will be made. *The opinions of this faculty do not necessarily reflect those of the companies they represent or ExL Events, Inc.* To Register Call 212-400-6240 or visit www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope
  6. 6. To Register: METHOD OF PAYMENT: q Check q Credit Card Make checks payable to ExL Events, Inc. CARD TYPE: q MasterCard q Visa q Discover q Amex 212-400-6240 212-400-9408 Card Number: www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope Exp. Date: q Yes! Register me for the Conference and Workshop Name on Card: q Register me for the Conference Signature: Please contact me: q I’m interested in marketing opportunities at this event q I wish to receive email updates on Exl Pharma’s upcoming events Name: Title: Company: Dept.: Address: City: State: Zip: Email: Telephone: Fax: sponsors: register by Proudly xx to Top reasons Presents: receive The to Attend the 3rd Annual Discounted rate! Digital Pharma europe The Scope: All the top of mind issues covered: Digital Social Media Impact, The Emegence of Health 2.0, Annual The 3rd Mobile Marketing, Multi-Channel eMarketing, The Growing Importance of ePatients and eDocs, and much more! Pharma The Faculty: We discover the ground breaking speakers and deliver them to you first! The ideal mix of pharma case studies, eDocs, ePatients and leading service providers 28-29 March, 2011 Boehringer ingelheim headquarters ingelheim, germany europe future forces impacting Pharma The Unconference: This is the most cutting edge event in the industry that breaks down the barriers of con- ventional conferences with “unconference” parameters The Networking: With over 300 senior-level ex- ecutives in attendance last year, we have unmatched opportunities to network with those leading the way and the evolving role of Digital in digital pharma The Location: The only industry event that contin- featuring expert faculty from the ues to be hosted by a leading pharmaceutical company following Companies: Amgen euRope univeRsiTy pfiZeR of deRBy AsTRAZenecA shARpBRAins keynote speaker: Blue lATiTude heAlThunlocked WhydoT BoehRingeR JAnssen ZimmeR Bert Tjeenk Willink, ingelheim meAd Johnson Zdc consulTing Member of the Board, digiTAs heAlTh meRZ phARmA Corporate Board Division Copyright by Tomas Riehle Marketing & Sales, BoehRingeR ingelheimTo Register Call 212-400-6240 Or visit: www.exlpharma.com/digitalpharmaeurope