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Eworks WSI Cyprus online testing oct 2010

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Optimize your webpages for more conversions with professional online testing tools and processes. Eworks WSI Cyprus optimizes your conversion rate using an online testing methodology that is outlined in the attached presentation.
We serve businesses in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Pahos in Cyprus.

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Eworks WSI Cyprus online testing oct 2010

  1. 1. Online Testing – the  O li T i h light in the tunnel light in the tunnel October, 2010
  2. 2. AGENDA • What is Online Testing? What is Online Testing? • How is it working? • Variables of Success i bl fS • Case Studies • Conversion Optimization Consulting
  3. 3. What is Online Testing? Online Testing (OL) Definition: Online Testing (OL) Definition: In a nutshell, online testing  involves testing one or more  g variable from a webpage to  identify which ones can create a  positive difference in the  conversion.  The winning variable then  h bl h becomes the control, or bench  mark, which future ones are  mark which future ones are measured against.
  4. 4. Online Testing Steps Scientific testing involves the following steps: 1) Determining which element(s) of a page you want to test.  2) Creating the test / the test page 3) Setting up the tool use for the testing 3) Setting up the tool use for the testing 4) Keeping good, accurate test records. 5) Running the test campaign. 6) Tracking and comparing results to determine which test variable is the  6) ki d i l d i hi h i bl i h winner. (100 conversions) 7) Repeating the cycle, constantly attempting to beat your existing control
  5. 5. Categories of Online Testing • A/B test, Split test / , p • MVT ‐Multivariable test Page 1: Control (the original) Page 1: Control (the original) SUBSCRIBE  SUBSCRIBE NOW SEND ME THE FREE  GUIDE NOW Page 2: Test page Page 2: Test page SEND ME  SEND ME THE FREE  THE INFO GUIDE NOW GUIDE NOW
  6. 6. Time needed for testing? LONGER Test Period SHORTER Test Period # of Alternatives /  More (MVT) Less (A/B) Variables Difference in Results Lesser Greater Traffic Volume Less More Confidence Level Higher > 90% Lower < 90% 100 conversions
  7. 7. Case Study 1 – Relevancy  ORIGINAL TEST
  8. 8. Partial results
  9. 9. Relevant?  NOT YET ! NOT YET !
  10. 10. Risks? What Risks? • All Test Types are not All Test Types are not  Equal • Comparing & Contrasting  A/B and MVT A/B d MVT • The Risk of the Endless  Test
  11. 11. KEY principles for online tests Test Methodology – Is A Process ! – Single Variable Test Formula • The most important tool for performing a useful experiment The most important tool for performing a useful experiment.  – The (relevant) Academic Vocabulary • There are Concepts, Terminology, Differences between Variable • Understand and Use them Properly d d d h l – Test Protocol • Use proper tool organizes each stage of the test process and  automatically calculates all of the key equations.
  12. 12. KEY principles for online tests Test Validity y • Understanding of validity principles, so that you can be  confident in the results of your test. – The Threats to Test Validity • "history effect",  • "instrumentation error" "instrumentation error" • "sample distortion” – The Sample Size Validity The Sample Size Validity • The key mathematical equations for determining test  size. – The Validity Formula
  13. 13. KEY principles for online tests Test Planning • Which variables to test?  – Knowing what to test is as important as knowing how to test.  – The Optimization Formula • Prioritize your testing goals Prioritize your testing goals.  • More revenue = right order. – The Test ROI Calculation Tool • Calculates the compounding ROI on a given series of tests.  • Saves time and money as it helps you determine the impact of each  test on your marketing budget. – Radical Redesigns • How to capture multi‐variable test results with single variable testing  techniques q
  14. 14. What’s the big deal about Online  Testing? • Online Testing: Online Testing: – Motivation – Value proposition Value proposition – Incentive –A i t Anxiety – Friction  C = 4m + 3v + 2(i f) -2a © 2(i-f) 2a
  15. 15. When? • How would you Know WHEN need TO APPLY this strategy? hi ? • The right answer:  • ALL THE TIME there is an ALL THE TIME there is an  Opportunity pp y • Amazon – case study:  200 live online tests running every day 200 li li t t i d
  16. 16. Case Study 2‐ The Formula! 816% Growth in New Subscribers ORIGINAL TEST
  17. 17. Case Study 3 – Prove It!
  18. 18. Case Study 3‐ Treatment 100% Money BacK Guarantee – Eliminating anxietY Call to Actions highlighting the benefits
  19. 19. Let’s compare … ORIGINAL TREATMENT
  20. 20. Case Study 4: Is It Worth it? Professional Photographer g p • Status: – New site – Artistic / flash / – Minimum content – No commercial aspect • Goals: – To get New Clients • Strategies: – They decided to do PPC – Adding some wedding pictures on the actual site Adding some wedding pictures on the actual site
  21. 21. Case Study 4 – cont. • Our proposal: Our proposal: – Landing Page g g • Reaction: – Fighting • Agreement: – Online Testing 
  22. 22. Case Study 4 – cont. • Results: – Our page performed better: 71.6% improvement  in conversion (contacts) in conversion (contacts) • The client got 4 wedding contracts, with an  online marketing budget of 3.5% spent online marketing budget of 3 5% spent
  23. 23. Oak Photography LP Differences
  24. 24. Oak Photography LP Differences
  25. 25. ATTENTION • Controversy about Best Practices Controversy about Best Practices • Example: Video on AutoStart or  Press Play l
  26. 26. Case Study 5 ‐ controversy Video Play Not Play Vid – Pl or N t Pl ? 63% improvement in conversion with Video on autoplay
  27. 27. CONCLUSIONS • Do not go Blind with  your marketing  your marketing • Focus your money and  resources where it  counts • Get confirmation you  are on the right track g
  28. 28. Conversion Optimization Eworks WSI Cyprus: • Consulting Services Consulting Services • Landing Page / Website / Email  Marketing M k ti • Report (14‐20 variables analyzed) • 100% Money Back Guarantee  (certain conditions apply) • Our Clients Implement 95‐100 %  of our recommendations of our recommendations
  29. 29. EworksWSI Cyprus SERVICES: - Webdesign - Interactive Content ( g (digital p publishing) g) - Landing Pages Design -Digital Marketing - Website Conversion Optimization Optimi ation - Flash Content - Landing Pages - Print Design Conversion Optimization p - Logo Design - Email Marketing Conversion Optimization CONTACT INFO:  info@eworkswsi.com.cy i f @ k i +35799‐555747 www.EworksWSI.com.cy www EworksWSI com cy
  30. 30. PROMO ! ONLY for our clients: ONLY for our clients: ‐ Until Dec 31, 2010 ‐ O li Online testing discounted f i di d from €500 to €300 € 00 €300 ‐ A d hi i And this is not all …… ll
  31. 31. PROMO ! Package 1: Package 2: Package 3: 1 sample design 2 sample design 2 sample design Cost Package: Cost Package: 1 Online Testing €450  €450 €600  €600 Cost Package:  Cost Package: (Information  (Information  €685 Architecture Doc  Architecture Doc Architecture Doc  Architecture Doc (Information  (Information completed) completed) Architecture Doc  completed)
  32. 32. Contact  Eworks WSI Cyprus Contact us for more info Contact us for more info Eworks WSI Cyprus k S C info@eworkswsi.com.cy www.eworkswsi.com.cy www eworkswsi com cy Tel: +357‐99555747