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Your Ultimate Race Registration Guide: How 9 Race Directors Save Time & Sell More

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Learn more at www.eventbrite.com/blog/10-reasons-to-use-eventbrite-for-your-race-registration

Managing a race is a massive undertaking — and no one can do it alone. To help your race day go smoothly, we asked 9 race directors how they manage their races without becoming overwhelmed.

From a short fundraising walk to a full-length marathon organizer, they all agreed: choosing the right race registration partner is key to saving time and streamlining your work. And when it comes to attracting more participants or increasing your fundraising, your registration partner may be more important than you realize.

Don’t believe us? Don’t take our word for it. Click through the slides for 10 tips to optimize your race registration, in the words of our race director partners.

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Your Ultimate Race Registration Guide: How 9 Race Directors Save Time & Sell More

  1. 1. 1 How 9 Race Directors Save Time and Sell More Your ultimate race registration guide
  2. 2. Race day is approaching. You’re under pressure to keep costs low and registrations high.
  3. 3. To help you save time and sell more, we asked 9 race directors how they selected their registration partner.
  4. 4. Here are their top 10 tips.
  5. 5. Use an intuitive, DIY platformTip 1
  6. 6. Instead of wasting time waiting for your registration partner to make manual changes…
  7. 7. 400 registration errors with their old registration partner... Dana Point Turkey Trot went from manually troubleshooting
  8. 8. no errors with Eventbrite. ...to having
  9. 9. ...avoid registration errors and make updates yourself, instantly.
  10. 10. Our main goal was to figure out the most efficient way to minimize the manpower needed and have the flexibility to change event details because every event is unique in nature. Eventbrite is totally seamless. It’s easy and you can do it yourself. —Tunnel to Towers
  11. 11. Eventbrite was the only system capable of providing solutions to the many nuances of our registration structure. Not only is Eventbrite intuitive and easy to use, their team is flexible, creative, and provides outstanding customer service. —FitOne
  12. 12. Tip 2 Save time on customer service
  13. 13. Stop spending your time answering questions about registration...
  14. 14. 90% decrease in incoming customer service calls after switching to Eventbrite. Dana Point Turkey Trot had a
  15. 15. In our first year using Eventbrite, we saw a decrease in incoming phone calls by about 70%! We love the ‘Contact the Organizer’ link directly on our registration page. Also, the integration of our website and social media sites helps us to better inform our registrants before they have to pick up the telephone.” —FitOne
  16. 16. … and instead get your questions answered by your partner’s 24/7 customer service .
  17. 17. 18 We were truly blown away by the Eventbrite customer service… We were always greeted with a smile on the other end of the line, and there was no question too simple or too complex. —Longhorn Run
  18. 18. Increase sales with faster registrationTip 3
  19. 19. Instead of losing sales because of a complicated registration process...
  20. 20. It was important to us to have a platform that registered people quicker. We felt like many of the legacy endurance sports registration platforms were getting bogged down in the details, when people really just wanted to sign up quicker. —Easy Day Sports
  21. 21. ...make registration fast and easy for your participants.
  22. 22. Tunnel to Towers had a Image or graph FitOne had a After switching to Eventbrite,
  23. 23. Tip 4 Sell more with free promo tools
  24. 24. Use your partner’s free promo tools to attract new participants...
  25. 25. We love Eventbrite’s social tools and the support we’ve received through their newsletters and website integration. Last year with Eventbrite, their tools helped us garner nearly 15,000 impressions. —Dana Point Turkey Trot
  26. 26. 25% of all Crescent City Classic site visits were driven by Eventbrite promo tools.
  27. 27. ...and see registrations skyrocket.
  28. 28. Eventbrite promo tools drove in sales driven for Wendy Walk.
  29. 29. Grow sales year over yearTip 5
  30. 30. Choose a partner that helps you sell more registrations...
  31. 31. 75%increase in participant registrations in the first two weeks after switching to Eventbrite. Monumental Marathon had a
  32. 32. After switching to Eventbrite, FitOne had a
  33. 33. ...and find out what promotions are most effective to keep growing each year.
  34. 34. Working with Eventbrite has helped us sell more tickets. We’re able to track who’s clicking from where, how many people view the link, and if that results in a sale or not. Anyone who’s as data obsessed as I am will absolutely love Eventbrite’s backend. —Dana Point Turkey Trot
  35. 35. Tip 6 Drive buzz and sales with social media
  36. 36. Use intuitive social integrations to sell more registrations...
  37. 37. Social media is one of our best marketing tools, and Eventbrite makes it easy to share that they are attending on Facebook. A huge portion of our event traffic comes from Eventbrite’s social sharing tools. —Tunnel to Towers
  38. 38. ...and turn participants into followers.
  39. 39. Tunnel to Towers attracted Dana Point Turkey Trot had a With Eventbrite’s social integrations, 50% of their traffic via Facebook 75% increase in Facebook followers
  40. 40. Eventbrite’s innovative social media is beyond anything we have seen. Our runners are excited to register and share. — Crescent City Classic
  41. 41. Make it easy for participants to register on mobileTip 7
  42. 42. Mobile registrations are growing each year...
  43. 43. With Eventbrite, the Longhorn Run had a
  44. 44. ...so make it easy for participants to register on-the-go.
  45. 45. Not only does Eventbrite make our pages reflect our brand, they also make it really easy for attendees to sign up with their two-step registration process, both online and through mobile. —Crescent City Classic
  46. 46. Tip 8 Streamline on-site sales with a free mobile registration app
  47. 47. Use mobile to enable on-site registrations and shorten check-in lines...
  48. 48. The Eventbrite Neon mobile app enabled a reduction in on-site registration time for Wendy Walk.
  49. 49. Before, we had to rely totally on pre- registration, and were limited to cash... Eventbrite Neon has enabled us to register walk-ons at the event, which is probably 30% of our attendees. And we can now take credit cards for raffle and auction items during the event. —Wendy Walk
  50. 50. The Longhorn Run saw a
  51. 51. ... all while using fewer check-in devices than ever.
  52. 52. 1.5x reduction in devices needed at check-in for Human Movement Management.
  53. 53. Shorten lines with dynamic bib assignmentTip 9
  54. 54. Use Dynamic Bib assignment to shorten lines and streamline entry...
  55. 55. Human Movement Management saw a
  56. 56. We love that Eventbrite has incorporated Dynamic Bib into Eventbrite Neon. We really like knowing that everyone is easily tied to a bib for liability and legal purposes. It’s a comforting thought while on-site. The entire check-in process is so seamless and quick! — Human Movement Management
  57. 57. ... so you can keep registration open until the starting gun goes off.
  58. 58. The Dynamic Bib assign feature is a game changer. The days of spending hours pre-assigning bibs and having 20+ volunteers to hand out bibs at pre-race packet pick-up are gone. It is the most innovative thing we’ve seen. For putting on shorter races like 5Ks, it was important to keep registration open as long as we could. With Dynamic Bib assign, we can now leave online registration open all the way until the gun goes off. — Easy Day Sports
  59. 59. Tip 10 Integrate fundraising and registration to boost donations
  60. 60. Empower participant fundraising by integrating Crowdrise in your registration...
  61. 61. 11% Tunnel to Towers saw an increase in fundraising per participant after integrating Crowdrise and Eventbrite.
  62. 62. Our first year using Eventbrite and Crowdrise was our most successful year yet. Last year it took around six minutes to register and create a fundraising page, and this year it dropped down to two! Instead of sending people to two platforms, a participant can register on Eventbrite and immediately be asked if they want to fundraise. It’s totally seamless. —Tunnel to Towers
  63. 63. ...and collect credit card donations day-of, no WiFi necessary.
  64. 64. “Eventbrite Neon has been so instrumental in helping Wendy Walk to raise funds on the go. We often have events that are in public park spaces where there is no access to WiFi, and because the app works so well with a cell phone, we can still easily take credit card information and raise money for research.” — Wendy Walk “Eventbrite Neon has been so instrumental in helping Wendy Walk to raise funds on the go. We often have events that are in public park spaces where there is no access to WiFi, and because the app works so well with a cell phone, we can still easily take credit card information and raise money for research.” — Wendy Walk
  65. 65. 66 or speak to an expert at (855) 292-7905. Want to make sure Eventbrite’s right for your race? Watch the Demo for Race Directors
  66. 66. Emily Carter, Director of Programming Wendy Walk Meet the race directors Jamie Monroe, Managing Director Easy Day Sports race series Heather Hill, Event Director FitOne 5K, 10K, and half marathon Laine Thomas, Event Manager Crescent City Classic 10K
  67. 67. Cecelia Lopez Cardenas Program Coordinator Longhorn Run 5K & 10K Blake Boldon Race Director Monumental Marathon Meet the race directors Logo or thumbnail Logo or thumbnail Paola Tornabene VP of Corporate Affairs Tunnel to Towers 5K Meagan Augustine Registration Manager Human Movement Management race series Vickie McMurchie Sr Operations Manager Dana Point Turkey Trot 5K & 10K