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HR Hackathon 2019 - Event & Sponsoring Information_v2

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The 3rd HR Hackathon will take place on 16th/17th November in the Berlin.

In this presentaton you will see what the event is and does, and how you will most benefit from it as a sponsor.

The HR Hackathon is an international event, where HR & Tech work together on HR Tech.

Experience the spirit of the fast-paced agile working environment filled with people who have one mission at heart: drive HR & HR Tech innovation.

Make sure to be part of this unique event in the HR Tech industry.

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HR Hackathon 2019 - Event & Sponsoring Information_v2

  1. 1. Sponsoring Info
  2. 2. The Next One Will Be 16th/17th nov. 2019 Berlin Follow Us On Twitter https://twitter.com/hr_hackathon For Regular Updates Subscribe To Our Mailing List: http://evazils.com/HRHmailSignup Event Video: https://vimeo.com/164529791
  3. 3. This is… what happens, when you put HR Practitioners and Developers In 1 Room For 2 Days
  4. 4. They Collaborate, Create And Improve HR Tech:
  5. 5. Why The HR Hackathon? • The Role Of HR Is Changing • In This Event, HR Will Work In A Tech-Focused, Agile Environment • HR Tech Is Internationalising • HR Tech Vendors Need To Understand Current HR Pain Points Both On A Global And National Level • HR & Tech Work • The HR Hackathon Inspires HR And Developers To • Make New Tools For HR & Tech • Improve Existing HR Tech • Exchange At Eye Level With The User Group & Tech Experts
  6. 6. What’s In For You As A Sponsor • See What Kind Of Tech HR Really Needs • See Developers & HR Improve Your Product • Get Instant Feedback On Products By The User Group • Discuss Your Tech With International HR Tech Experts • Increase Your Brand’s Visibility In The HR Tech Scene • Pitch Your Coding Challenge Or Product Idea • Bring Your Tech, Developers And VP Product • Bring Your Favored Customer (Coporate HR only) • Get Access To People From Different Cultural Backgrounds Passionate About HR Tech
  7. 7. The HR Hackathon Key Facts • 100 Participants • 40% Developers • 40% HR Managers • 20% Sponsors, HR Tech Experts, Startups • 2 Day Event - usually on a weekend • 1 inspiring Co-Working Location • Professional networking and collaboration in the fast-developing and thriving HR Tech industry • Tech Environment • Prizes • Event T-Shirts for everyone • 5 Jury Members (from different backgrounds) • Excellent Catering • 500 cups of coffee, 300 bottles of water, 250 energy drinks • Only enthusiastic, productive and creative People
  8. 8. Who Comes To The HR Hackathon? • HR Practitioners, Who Want To Push Innovation And Their Role In HR • Developers / Web Designers With A Passion For HR Tech • Startup Founders / Entrepreneurs • International HR Tech Experts
  9. 9. HR Hackathon Participants Feedback This was definitely one of the best events I have been to in a long time (and I visited a lot). Look forward to coming to the next. Oscar Mager, CEO of RecruitingEssentials The HR Hackathon has opened a new chapter in HR history. Barbara Brähmer, CEO intercessio GmbH Eva offered me the opportunity to participate in the HR Hackathon with my team from Rocket Internet. It was an amazing, positive and fun-filled events where we developed a product that got some of us a change in our career path (I landed a CTO job at a local startup). and also we got to experience the amount of untapped potential in the HR scene. Highly recommended for any entrepreneur-minded developer, designer and HR-passionate. Enrico Foschi, CTO The Event is unique because you get ideas from HR folks AND coders. All together we made Tech Recruitment suck less but did it from totally different angles. This is where innovation happens. Iwan Gulenko, Developer & Consultant
  10. 10. HR Hackathon Net Promoter Score
  11. 11. Some Previous Sponsors’ Voices “The HR Hackathon gave us a lot of inspiration and the possibility to support young startups.” Martin Jäger, CSO Trenkwalder International AG, Gold Sponsor “The HR Hackathon is an event where people do not just talk but actually develop useful technology.” Jakub Zavrel, CEO Textkernel, Silver Sponsor “The HR Hackathon gives us the opportunity to present us as innovation drivers in the agile HR software development. Of course we will be sponsoring the next edition.” Marco Kainhuber, CEO GermanPersonnel, Bronze Sponsor
  12. 12. Sponsorship Opportunities eva@hrhackathon.net
  13. 13. • Pitch Your Coding Challenge Or Product Idea • Build Your Team • Bring Your Tech, Developer Team And VP Product • Invite Your Favored Customer (Coporate HR only) • Your Logo On The Event Page, Company Description, Link (Bronze Section) • Mention In The Press Releases • Distribute Your Giveaways (Please Check With Us) • … Want More? -> Turn To The Next Page HR Hackathon Bronze Package
  14. 14. Want More? For example: ● Branded Goodie Bags For Everyone ● Your Rollup On Event Stage ● Sponsored Post On Online-Recruiting.net ● … Get In Touch For Our Platinum, Gold Or Silver Packages eva@hrhackathon.net
  15. 15. In Good Company Our Previous Sponsors Include
  16. 16. Event Video https://vimeo.com/164529791
  17. 17. Let’s Talk Eva Zils Founder of Online-Recruiting.net and the HR Hackathon A native German, Eva is a trilingual HR Blogger since 2007. She consults Corporate HR, Agencies, Job Portal Owners and HR Tech Startups. In 2014, she has initiated the HR Hackathon to build an international community of People passionate about HR Tech. Eva has been in the HR online media industry since 2004. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, swimming, Mindfulness and practising Aikido. For more information visit my LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evazils/ eva@hrhackathon.net M: +33 (0) 684 88 98 33