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Real World IoT Architecture Use Cases

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At Red Hat Summit 2016 Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech Chief Product Officer, presented Real World IoT Architecture Use Cases

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Real World IoT Architecture Use Cases

  1. 1. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Red Hat Summit Real World IoT Architecture Use Cases Wednesday June 29th, 2016 Giuseppe ”Pino”, Surace Eurotech Group CPO
  2. 2. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Eurotech Overview Eurotech’s Essence • Founded in 1992, headquartered in Italy, with global footprint • One of the top players in the global Embedded Computer market • M2M / IoT Software Platform pioneer • 20+ Years of experience in “M2M / IoT” and distributed systems – 20+ Years experience in embedded / gateway hardware & software – 16 Years ago co-developed MQTT with IBM – 10+ Years experience with Java in embedded – 6+ Years history in M2M/IoT cloud platforms • Behind the products & services of more than 20 Global 500 companies • Strong vertical market competences: – Industrial & Logistics – Transportation – Defense & Security – Healthcare & Medical
  3. 3. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 The Internet of Things Connecting Diverse Worlds DATA IOT Sensors SERVICES platform M2M monitoring management REMOTE Preventive Maintenance many-to-one machines DEVICES actuators HMI nearreal-time MQTT PROTOCOLS field bus HARDWARE gateway MULTI SERVICE REST unattended OT IT/OT INTEGRATION iPaaS IaaS BIG DATA ANALYTICS business intelligence IT CEP CLOUD on-premise database ESB SaaS MOBILE APPLICATION INTERNET virtualization IaaS IP open source CONTEXT DECISION BusinessModels ASSET cellular wireless satellite BUSINESS INTEGRATION services servitization COST CUSTOMER PARTNER OEMs ORGANIZATIONS PRODUCT VALUE support INFRASTRUCTURE outsourcing new business models everything as a service DaaS iPaaS TCO FLEXIBILITY Carrier Certifications … requires seamless integration between the things in the field and the enterprise applications with new agility at the edge
  4. 4. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 IoT is an Ecosystem Play 4 Open Source & Open Standards Enterprise IT Experience & Products OT Experience & Products IoT Solutions Solid Partnership Enables Enterprise-Class IoT Solutions
  5. 5. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Core Competencies Combined Multi-service Gateway IoT Integration Platform Anatomy of IoT Solutions
  6. 6. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 The Internet of Things Full Enterprise-Class IoT Stack IoT / OT Infrastructure Enterprise IT & Application Communication Infrastructure Field Infrastructure MQTT IoT Integration Platform Device HW Device, Gateway, OS, Security Device Application Framework Certifications, etc IoT Integration / Application Enablement / OT Data & Device & Application Management Platform SIM & Communication Infrastructure Integration Management Optimum IoT Protocols Sensors, HMIs, Actuators, etc. aPaaS SaaS Other Enterprise Applications Big Data Databases Analytics IT Management Mining CEP ERP CRM MIS ESB / Enterprise Service Bus BI
  7. 7. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 The Internet of Things Putting Things in Perspective Application Integration IoT Integration Platform Device HW IIoT Process Handling Data Management Other Applications Data Warehousing / Big Data IT Infrastructure Management & Services Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Warehouse Management System (WMS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Core IT Infrastructure
  8. 8. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 INTELLIGENT GATEWAY Data acquisition, integration, and rules activation, providing dynamic intelligence at the edge Bridge between IT and OT by streamlining the many data formats and velocities • Process and act on data at scale • Reduce latency and bandwidth • Apply real-time decisions locally • Transform IoT data and connect with enterprise systems • Control and manage millions of IoT devices
  9. 9. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Intelligent Multi-Service Gateway The ReliaGATE 20-26 Software Defined IoT Gateway • Powerful Industrial-grade IoT Gateway • Many connectivity & I/O options • Ships loaded with software, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and ESF, Eurotech’s Java / OSGi based Middleware for IoT Edge Devices
  10. 10. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Eurotech IoT Use Cases Many Customers & Applications
  11. 11. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 IoT Solutions Use Case Hitachi High-Tech: Predictive Maintenance Application Description: Analytics for Motor Failure Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. The solution is combining smart sensor and analytics capabilities at the edge of the network infrastructure with powerful analytics and visualization solutions at the enterprise IT level. The presented solution is targeted to valuable industrial equipment and solutions that contain motors, compressors, generators and transmission systems. Key Success Factors: Short time to market for the system Pedigree IoT HW / OS / Middleware Reduced risk (total implementation) Reduced Time-to-Market Robust, small footprint M2M gateway with all required I/O Eurotech’s M2M / IoT / IIoT experience Products: ReliaGATE 10-20
  12. 12. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 IoT Solutions Use Case Eurotech: Industrial PLC Integration Application Description: IoT / Industry 4.0 application showing the integration of PLCs as deployed in huge numbers in many manufacturing devices and systems. In this particular example is shown a telemetry application for live data monitoring of a electro mechanic cylinder and sensors controlled by a (Bosch) Rexroth PLC. The integration ensures a full two way communication and integration with applications anywhere in the enterprise or factory floor. Key Success Factors: Short development time for the system Pedigree HW / OS / Middleware Aggregated real-time data streams for applications Robust, small footprint M2M gateway with all required I/O Middleware to support integration of industrial protocols like Modbus or in this case OPC-UA PLC register values are represented in “key value pairs” with “zero config” in the IoT infrastructure Products: ReliaGATE 10-20
  13. 13. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Vertical Market Example Use Case Ariston/Elco: Boilers & Heaters Application Description: The customer, Ariston Thermo (including ELCO their German brand), a leading company in the global market for heaters and boilers required an IoT solution that would allow them to develop and offer new services. One goal is for end users to remote control their own thermo-devices but also for technical assistance operators to perform remote diagnostics. In addition valuable data for the R&D, service, marketing departments of the Customer to develop & sell new products and services. Key Success Factors: Service-oriented business model Open and industry standards based solution ESF hardware abstraction, Java/OSGi Remote device & embedded applic. management Real time data M2M / IoT know how in Eurotech Eurotech worldwide footprint SW Development Services Product: 3rd Party HW
  14. 14. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Vertical Market Example Use Case Use Case: Tram Fleet Management Optimization Application Description: The customer, a transportation company based in Italy (Tramvie Venete Bergamasche (TEB), Bergamo,), wanted to accomplish a fleet management optimization by tuning the time table with particular attention to school students fluxes. The solution consists of providing several trams with Eurotech’s Passenger Counters and one DynaCOR per vehicle. This combination enables passenger counting with associated GPS positioning, doors opening/closing events and collection of other information with regards to the route. Information is available for the customer through a web application that leverages Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud platform. Key Success Factors: Complete set of building blocks offered Complete end-to-end solution PCN features & technology (e.g. stereoscopic vision) Short development time Easily integration with web app performance, flexibility and simplicity of data treatment (storage, download, accessibility, analysis) Product: DynaCOR with PCN-1000 Passenger Counter HW / SW Development Services Support
  15. 15. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Vertical Market Example Use Case Use Case: Remote Device Monitoring & Management Application Description: The customer manufactures sophisticated medical equipment that is deployed internationally in hospitals and clinics. Typical deployment situations make it difficult to do remote monitoring and maintenance because of the security requirements on the customer side. With Eurotech´s M2M/IoT building blocks a solution is implemented that overcomes the typical security and network issues and enables besides management access, applications for data collection and analytics. One example is preventive / predictive maintenance for the distributed medical devices. Key Factors:Product: ReliaGATE 10-20 & ReliaCELL Flexible HW platform Wired, wireless and cellular connectivity Internationally deployable (ReliaCELL) solution Everyware Software Framework on the Multi-Service Gateway simplifies app development on the device Everyware Cloud as Integration Platform for Data and Device Management including Everyware VPN Eurotech M2M/IoT knowledge and experience
  16. 16. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Eurotech @
  17. 17. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 Eurotech @ Red Hat Summit 2016 • Eurotech is in Booth 122 – Come visit us! • Cool Chain Monitoring Demo – RH IoT Partner Showcase
  18. 18. SAN FRANCISCO, CA JUNE 27-30, 2016 www.eurotech.com Thank You!