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Machine learning with TensorFlow

  1. ML with TensorFlow Eslam saeed
  2. Eslam saeed ➔ Web developer at Savvy Tech. ➔ Freelancer as a web developer since 2015. ➔ GDG Alexandria Co-Organizer ➔ Founder at HYPEREM 2
  3. 3 Modern Machine Intelligence Real World Impact Introduction to Machine Learning Moving onto MLCC What’s TensorFlow Our Agenda You should be excited about what’s coming! 😆
  4. 4
  5. 1. Modern Machine Intelligence
  6. “Modern Machine Intelligence is a branch of computer science that builds systems to perform similar functions to human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, self-correcting, and adapting. 6 Modern Machine Intelligence
  7. 7 Real World Impact 5- Real-world 4- Google products ML has already made a huge impact in the world especially in the areas of science and health care.
  8. 8
  9. 9 Image of retina Blood pressure predictions focus on blood vessels Person’s risk of a heart attack or stroke
  10. 10 Trajectory prediction
  11. Netherlands Happy Cows 11
  12. Google Products Using ML
  13. 13 Machine Learning is Widely Used at Google
  14. A mobile-first product ● Optimized for the small screen ● Optimized for touch interfaces ● Near-ubiquitous connectivity ● Low power An AI-first product ● Learns and adapts ● Assists and anticipates ● Conversational and interactive ● Context aware ● Trustworthy
  15. 15 Google Translate
  16. 16 Street nameStreet number Street View Sign Business facade Sign Business name Traffic light Traffic signStreet number
  17. 17 [glacier] 17 Google Photos
  18. 18 Smart reply in Gmail 10% of all responses sent on mobile
  19. “ What’s Machine Learning ? 19 ML is the process of training a piece of software, called a model, to make useful predictions using a data set. This predictive model can then serve up predictions about previously unseen data.
  20. 20 Define a ML problem and propose a solution Construct your dataset Transform data Use the model to make predictions Train a model Idea to Implementation
  21. ML Use Cases Structured Data Classification/ Regression ● Customer Churn Analysis ● Product Diagnostics ● Forecasting Recommendation ● Content Personalization ● Product X-Sells/Up-sells Anomaly Detection ● Fraud Detection ● Asset Sensor Diagnostics ● Log Metric Anomalies Unstructured Data Image Analytics ● Identify damaged shipments ● Explicit Content Classification ● Identify “styles” in images Text Analytics ● Call Center log analysis ● Language Identification ● Topic Classification ● Sentiment Analysis
  22. Launching new resources for learning and sharing 22
  23. A repository of pre-trained model components, packaged for one-line reuse Easiest way to share and use best approaches for your task 23
  24. Completely free Machine learning course 24
  25. Questions ? Do you’ve any question 25
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