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Mindmore Design Firm

Mindmore Communications Agency Profile

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Mindmore Design Firm

  1. 1. AGENCY PROFILE graphic design publishing interactive etc. MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS
  2. 2. Dear our best friends and colleagues,At Mindmore*Communicationswe offer creative solutions for your brandand business through out strategic andeffective approach in a variety ofcommunication activities.If you need support for your company’s communicationactivities, please do not hesitate to contact us. MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS
  3. 3. Mindmore Communications Our team-work has expertiseTHIS IS is an advertising and publish- in journalistic, public relationsBLA ing agency stand under and advertising campaignBLA PT Era Media Indonesia. activity.BLAOF US We have been working since We have experience to sup- 2006 to provide ‘Media Phar- port corporate communica- ma Indonesia’, a magazine tions activities, especially in reviews national economic pharmaceutical companies, issues, pharmaceutical and hospitals, hotels, department healthcare business in Indo- stores, exhibition and semi- nesia. nar organizers. Furthermore, PT Era Media So, with the experiences, we Indonesia began to provide offer co-operation to sup- services in advertising and in- port campaign activities and house media development, in contribute to your corporate print, electronic and on line. communications goal.
  4. 4. our daily life Creativity of communication led us as part of our daily lives. Loving creativity makes us In designing a message, we We believe that good commu- philosophy, science, technol- feel that life is becoming always looking for the better nication with others is a noble ogy and public trends. moremeaningful. angle, interesting parts and activity. As a creative team, we always understand that the lights, That’s the way we have, to try to share to everyone. colors, composition, textures, The ability to make people will create a meaningful message, symbols, images, shapes and be more sensitive to see, hear, so makes the communication So, it’s very nice to be able voices have important role in a feel and responds to every will be more powerful in creat- to give something good and harmony to create a balance. movement in our daily lives. ing good image among the meaningful to others. It be- public. came an inspiration, to guide From here, we always endeavor us in designing and writing a to create each message by add- That’s what we believe. creative message. ing aesthetics values; culture,
  5. 5. Based in Jakarta, our extensive experience will help you to communicate your business progress graphic design publishing interactive * Branding and * Full editorial * Website strategic & corporate identity services planning * Marketing collaterals * Publication planning * Website design * Sales collaterals & concept * Website development * Print ad * Publication design & * Website maintenance * Signage layout * Packaging * Online publication * Production and * Web advertisements distribution * Multi media Interactive * Internet BroadcastingOur Services
  6. 6. We focus on the ideas and passions of our clients to drive their brands forward. We understand the importance of budgets, adding value and generating a return-on investment. We match our service to our client’s budget and time expectations. graphic design*As a multi-disiplined Our services include but are not limited to:agency, we work with Branding & corporate identity Advertisements Sales collateralsa wide variety of clientsthat cover all walk of * Logo * Print advertisements for magazine, * PowerPoint presentation * Stationery ranging from business newspaper, billboards & other * Sales document design & layoutlife. card, letterhead to your email print media * Internal document design & layout signature * Web advertisements andAt our core we are * Corporate identity guide other electronic mediagraphic designers which Marketing collaterals Information design Packaging designpermeates into everyproject we undertake. * Brochures & direct mail * Signage * Product packaging * Newsletters * Front office design * CD/DVD packaging * Mailers & leaflets * Environmental design * Exhibition concepts & stand design * Booth & backdrop design * Promotional gifts & branded clothing
  7. 7. Custom publishing is a powerful tools to connect you with your stakeholders. It is one of the tools that enhance your company image, strengthen customer bonds and keeps your stakeholders updated with the latest company progress. publishing*We able to provide 10 Our services include but are not limited to:pages newsletter or a100 pages of magazine, Full editorial services Production and distribution Online publicationwe have the capabili- • Managing editor * Preparing final artwork * Online presence of your publication. ties to published solu- • Writing & editing (before printing) This might include: • Proofreading * Proof checking - Websitetions. * Printing services - E-Newsletter * Distribution of the printed magazineWe integrated wellwritten content with Publication design & layout Publication planning & conceptgreat design to ensure * Creative & art direction * Content & structure planning ofthat you deliver a rel- * Article design and layout the publicationevant communications, * Photography * Publication concept design * Illustration * Publication design guidelineeye catching, engaging * Image research, retouch & editingand entertaining.
  8. 8. Our interactive services include the facilitate to give you cost effective and instantaneously interaction between you and your customers. interactive webOur comprehensive suiteof e-marketing services Our services include but are not limited to:are tailored to enhance Website strategic planning Website design Domain & hostingthe value of your brandand deepen customer * Website structure planning * Website design & layout * Website domain management * Concept development * User interface design * Website hosting managementrelationship. * Prototyping * Image research, retouch & editingMindMore* interactively Website maintenance Publication & Advertisement Video & live streamingand gain a commandingtools that connect you * Regular maintenance of your website * Content planning of the publication * Concept development * Content maintenance to keep your and promotions * Content & structure planning ofto your customer in the website up-to-date * Flexible Banner the publicationmost affordable manner. * Flexible monthly plan package * Animations * Production & placement according to your needs
  10. 10. graphic design MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS
  11. 11. graphic designPT NARDA TITA (GROUP)Sales Colleterals - Product Catalog
  12. 12. graphic designPT ERHA GROUPMarketing Colleterals - Brochures
  13. 13. graphic designPT ERHA GROUPMarketing Colleterals - Print ad
  14. 14. graphic designPT ERAJAYA GROUPMarketing Colleterals - Annual Report 2011
  15. 15. graphic designPT IGMCorporate Identity
  16. 16. graphic designPrint Ads - PT Modern Internasional, PT Kimia Farma Tbk, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk
  17. 17. graphic design THIS IS JAVAPLANT. WORLD CLASS NATURAL INGREDIENT MANUFACTURER HAS A LOT TO OFFER. SERVING WORLDWIDE CUSTOMERS IN PHARMACEUTICAL, NUTRACEUTICAL, COSMETIC, JAMU INDONESIA, FOOD AND BEVERAGE. Product Category Product Application Tea, Floral, Fruit , Coffee, Cocoa, Instant Powder Drink, Ready To Drink (Rtd), Natural Herb, Spice Color, Natural Preservative, Natural Additive, Personal Care, Seasoning, Phyto - Pharmaceutical, Product Type Homeophatic Remedy, Nutritional Supplement, Extract, Plant Material, Granule, Nutrition Bar, Sports Nutrition, Functional Drink, Essential Oil, Oleoraisin Traditional Drink, Green Food, Indonesian Jamu. +62 21 58906892 | info@javaplant.net | www.javaplant.net FA Javaplant Print Ad SWA A4.indd 1 3/17/11 4:07 PMPrint Ads - PT Tri Rahardja (Javaplant)
  18. 18. graphic design EVERYONE IS INVITED. Established in 2000 | Specialize in botanical extraction | The first to introduce vacuum dried extract | GMP certified, ISO certified, US FDA registered, C-TPAT compliant, Halal certified | 2 production facilities | Capacity - 115,000 kilograms per month of botanical vacuum dried extract | Supplying food and beverage | Supplying pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and agriculture | Well positioned as natural ingredient manufacturer | Supplying domestic and international MAIN OFFICE Perkantoran Aries Niaga Jl. Taman Aries Blok A1 No. 1X Kembangan Jakarta 11620-Indonesia Phone : +62 21 58906892 Fax : +62 21 58906893 Email : info@javaplant.net REGISTERED FACILITY www.javaplant.net JAVA PLANT PRINT AD NON CO 210X275.indd 1 1/10/11 1:26 PMPrint Ads:PT Tri Rahardja (Javaplant), PT Boehringer Indonesia,PT Grundfos Pompa, PT Caraka Logistic, Bank Mandiri
  19. 19. graphic designPrint Ads:PT Kimia Farma Tbk, PT Bondor Indonesia,PT Pacific Aman Garda, PT Combiphar, Bank Jabar Banten, Bank Mandiri Syariah
  20. 20. design & production 10 FLOOR TH ELEVATOR TOILETS EMERGENCY HALL B ELEVATOR TOILETS EMERGENCY LOBBY CAFE SMOKING AREAInformation Signage &Environmental design
  21. 21. design & productionBooth & Backdrop
  22. 22. design & production
  23. 23. publishing MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS
  24. 24. publishingps: Youth MagazineInhouse MagazinePT Senayan Graha Sempana
  25. 25. publishingps: Reguler MagazineInhouse MagazinePT Senayan Graha Sempana
  26. 26. publishingMedia Pharma IndonesiaFree Magazine of Pharmaceutical Business
  27. 27. Media Pharma IndonesiaFree Magazine of Pharmaceutical Business
  28. 28. publishingHOSPITAL NEWSFree Magazine of Hospital Management & Business
  29. 29. publishingWELLNESS NEWSIn house Magazine of RS HUSADA - JAKARTA
  30. 30. interactive MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS
  31. 31. interactiveMulti Media Interactive & Web design:Pentas Indonesia, RS Bersalin Duren Tiga, PT Boga Rahardjo Adipratama, Bank Muamalat,Bhakti Investama, Institut Ungu, Vindo Design, PT Aldaberta Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, D’Consulate Lounge.
  32. 32. etc. new services in With a wide experience in previous years in support of promotional activities for our partners, in January 2012 we offer a new service that includes; MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS 2012 Event Media Placement Audio visual Organizing Productions * Product Launching * Media Planing * TV Commercial * Seminar & Workshop * Placement * TV Program * Company Gathering * Media Gathering * On air/off air Talkshow * Exhibition * Press Conference * Video profile * Media Center * Sales Promotion * Trade PromotionSEMINAR GABUNGAN GDP - GSP OMNI GREEN CELEBRATION NATIONAL CONGRESS 2011 PHARMACEUTICAL GATHERING OSTHOPOROSIS ONE DAY SEMINAR SERVIKS CANCER ONE DAY SEMINAR INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPGabungan Perusahaan Farmasi Indonesia Rumah Sakit OMNI Gabungan Perusahaan Farmasi Indonesia PMMC RS Husada Jakarta RS Husada Jakarta Gabungan Perusahaan Farmasi Indonesia
  33. 33. our clients PHARMA New Platform*New Energy PHARMA INDUSTRY, BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY MEDIA
  34. 34. thank you Contact Us MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONS PT ERA MEDIA INDONESIA Gedung Triguna Jl. Hang Lekiu III No 17 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12620 Phone 021 722 8638 Direct 021 40 626 525 0882 100 10 567 Fax. 021 722 8628 mindmoredesign@gmail.com
  35. 35. MIND* MORE COMMUNICATIONSClick ‘Esc’ on your keyboard to exit.