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  2. • What was the story all about? • What is the significance of using the umbrella as a metaphor for the experience of the writer?
  3. Are these familiar to you?
  4. 21st Century Literature  New literary works created within the last decade  Imaginative writing  Deals with current themes and reflects technological culture  Often breaks traditional writing  Traces artistic representation of shared and familiar experiences
  5. Why 21st Century Literature? Simply because SHS students were all born in or just before the 21st century. This century is their century. For them, the 20th century is what the 19th century is to us teachers. -Isagani Cruz, Philippine Star
  6. Why 21st Century Literature? “On or about December 1910 human character changed, something major happened to literature on or about December 2000.” - Virginia Woolf
  7. 21ST Century Literature Genre
  8. ILLUSTRATED NOVELS Story through text and illustrated images
  9. DIGI-FICTION It is a literary experience that combines three media: book, movie/video, and Internet websites.
  10. GRAPHIC NOVELS Narrative in comic book formats.
  11. MANGA It is used in the English-speaking world as a generic term for all comic books and graphic novels originally published in Japan.
  12. Shonen - Boy’s Manga (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) Shojo – Girl’s Manga (Sailor Moon) Seinen – Men’s Manga (Akira) Josei – Women’s Manga (Loveless, Paradise Kiss) Kodomo – Children’s Manga (Doraemon, Hello Kitty)
  13. DOODLE FICTION A literary presentation where the author incorporates doodle drawings and hand written graphics in place of traditional font.
  14. CHICK-LIT Genre of fiction which addresses issues of modern womanhood, often humorously and lightheartedly.
  15. FLASH FICTION A style of fictional literature of extreme brevity
  16. Ernest Hemingway: For sale: baby socks, never worn. Margaret Atwood : Longed for him. Got him. Shit.
  17. SPECULATIVE FICTION Dystopian, supernatural fiction, weird fiction, superhero fiction, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, fantastical fiction, sci-fi
  18. SPOKEN POETRY Oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection.
  19. “ “Reading literature gives one a better understanding of human nature and the complexity of the human condition. It makes one less judgemental and more sympathetic. Literature can also be more insightful than non-fiction.” – Professor Tommy Koh
  20. “The possibility of being as free with the camera as we are with the pen is a fantastic prospect for the creative life of 21st Century.” – Carlos Fuentes
  21. THERE’S LITERATURE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Place your screenshot here
  22. TEXT-TALK NOVEL - Blog, email, IM format narratives - Stories told almost completely in dialogue simulating social network exchanges.
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  24. THERE’S LITERATURE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Place your screenshot here
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  26. 5 Elements of Literature
  27. CHARACTER - a person, sometimes animal, who takes part in the action of the short story or other literary work
  28. SETTING - the time and place in which it happens - using descriptions of scenery, buildings, seasons, landscapes, etc.
  29. PLOT - a series of events and character actions that relate to a central conflict.
  30. CONFLICT - a struggle between two people or things in a short story. - the main character is usually on one side of the conflict, struggling against another main character
  31. THEME - central idea or belief in a short story
  32. Create a six-word flash fiction of your chosen theme/topic. ACTIVITY
  33. Thank you!