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Proposal for Turner - Erna

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Proposal for Turner - Erna

  1. 1. Background • TURNER is an integrated marketing communications agency that specializes in travel and lifestyle brands. • TURNER offers the following services: Media relations Content marketing Digital communications Crisis communication Events and showrooms Celebrity placements Press trips Partnerships Influencer relations Research
  2. 2. Challenges • How do you grow business with current clientele? • How do you tap adjacent business related to travel and lifestyle? TURNER is challenged to grow their business. • How do you position the company as a truly integrated agency that delivers valuable digital and social media services? TURNER is challenged to promote awareness about their digital capabilities.
  3. 3. Recommendations • How do you grow business with current clientele? • How do you tap adjacent businesses? • How do you create awareness about digital expertise?  TURNER should highlight their success throughout the years.  How has the company helped its clients meet their goals?  TURNER should highlight their knowledge of the emerging market.  How is the company able to assess and foresee outcomes?  TURNER should highlight their digital offerings and services.  How is the company able to keep up with the latest digital trends?
  4. 4. Publics TURNER Current Clientele Future Clientele Industry Related Organizations EmployeesCompetitors
  5. 5. Messages • TURNER will communicate the following messages throughout the campaign.  TURNER builds personal relationships with their clients which translate to mutual growth and success.  TURNER helps clients assess trends and foresee outcomes using the proper knowledge and expertise.  TURNER keeps up with the evolving digital trends which give their clients a competitive edge.
  6. 6. Goals and Objectives • Objective 1 • Increase overall business by 20% Goal 1 Grow business with current clientele and tap adjacent business • Objective 2 • Increase thought-leadership in digital realm Goal 2 Promote awareness about digital offerings and capabilities • Objective 3 • Increase public awareness through the use of employees Goal 3 Promote growth within the company and out
  7. 7. Strategies and Tactics Strategy 1 Highlight the success of the company by promoting the personal relationship they build with the clients From Me to You What are your clients saying? Out and About What can you and your client do? Something is Brewing What is next for your client? Current Clientele and Adjacent Businesses
  8. 8. From Me to You What can your client say about you? • Have a client create a blog post on behalf of Turner • Interview a client and ask about your collaboration • Create a video featuring your client
  9. 9. Out and About What can you and your client do together? Curated team building  Account specific  Goal oriented Celebrate success  Reconnect  Future
  10. 10. Something is Brewing What can people expect from your clients? • Using Turner assets to promote clients • Teasers that can leave audience curious • DO NOT BE HARD SELL
  11. 11. Strategies and Tactics Strategy 2 Pitch CEO to industry related media and conferences and owned platforms specific to digital communications Turner Story Who is Christine Turner? Turner Lifestyle What is the Turner lifestyle? Turner Corner What would Christine Turner do?
  12. 12. Turner Story How do you pitch the CEO? • Who is Christine Turner? • What is her success story? • When did she start Turner? • Where did she start it? • Why is it transitioning?
  13. 13. Turner Lifestyle What kind of lifestyle did Christine Turner create for the company and its employees? • What is a typical day in Turner? • How does Christine communicate with the employees?
  14. 14. Turner Corner What would Christine Turner do? • Weekly blog posts and/or digi talks from Christine • Christine can talk about upcoming projects, collaborations, and digital trends
  15. 15. Strategies and Tactics Strategy 3 Encourage employees to promote the company through digital Turner Takeover What is happening today? Page Turner What are your thoughts for the week? Turner Hackathon Should we come together?
  16. 16. Turner Takeover
  17. 17. Page Turner What do your employees think? • One blog post a week from employees • Employees can talk about the agency life, digital trends, etc • Management chooses one post per week FUN FACTS!
  18. 18. Turner Hackathon When should you get together with regional offices? • Chicago, New York, and Denver offices get together • What are the plans moving forward? • How can we help each other?
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. Audit Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn Snapchat Followers 648 3,538 1,203 519 2,855 n/a Posting Frequency Weekly Daily Every 2-3 days n/a Every 2 days Daily Content Company & client events, behind the scenes at Turner Client & industry news, chats Client & industry news Travel destinations, style, food/drink Company info, job postings, industry information Behind the scenes at Turner, Client work
  21. 21. Audit
  22. 22. Social Media Playbook The essentials  Purpose and objectives  Roles  Social media channels  How to be social  Content Social Media Playbook ✔ ✖ Consider audience on social channel ✔ Check previous content before creating your post ✔ You do not need to evaluate content ✖
  23. 23. Recommendations • User more trending hashtags • More visual content than informative content Instagram • Central hub for news/events and updates • Original video content from management Facebook • Engage with influencers and potential clients • Promote news/events from Facebook page Twitter • Turner work culture • Day to day of Turner employees at work Snapchat • Promote articles from Spin Kitchen • CEO to share company stories LinkedIn
  24. 24. Constraints Budget restrictions Employee count and expertise Getting existing clientele on board
  25. 25. Success Factors • Did business increase by 20%?Clientele • Which projects were featured? • Did these attract more clientele? Awards • Where was the company mentioned? • Are the correct messages reflected? Impressions • Was there an increase in website clicks? • Did these convert into action? Traffic • Are there more job applications from people with background in digital communications? Jobs