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How to Retire in Two Years with Network Marketing

  1. How to Retire in Two Years with Network Marketing
  2. Network marketing has changed the lives of millions of Americans and millions of people around the world
  3. The reasons for choosing network marketing are as varied as the people involved in the industry, but there are a few common threads for all of those who have successfully walked this path.
  4. Network marketing opportunities often don’t require a lot of initial capital investment, and it offers the opportunity to build a business that will continue to provide you with the funds to live and retire —well after you stop working yourself.
  5. By building a team of successful marketers, you create a foundation and business that will allow you to retire or move onto new ventures.
  6. If you follow the key steps in developing your skills and in developing your network marketing company, then you can build a successful career and even a successful company in the industry.
  7. The key steps for building a network that will allow you the freedom you deserve include the following:
  8. 1. Become a great leader and then cultivate leadership.
  9. 2. Invest in training and develop the right mindset.
  10. 3. Create a foolproof system for your team.
  11. 4. Become a great leader and invest in your Brand.
  12. Great Leadership is the Foundation of a Great Network
  13. Good leaders bring out the best in their followers but great leaders bring out their followers’ great leadership qualities.
  14. If you think about the greatest leaders of history, the one thing that sets them apart from others was the fact that they empowered the leaders in their followers, creating a pyramid structure not unlike the structure of a network marketing company.
  15. Ray Higdon calls this process “becoming a King and Queen Maker.”
  16. Never be afraid to share your trade secrets, tips, and top techniques, particularly with your team.
  17. You only have so much time, but when you empower your team by teaching them to become great leaders and teachers, then you effectively leverage your time, your influence and your success exponentially.
  18. The key to developing leaders in your team is in taking a step back and allowing the limelight to be focused on your team, rather than yourself
  19. You do this naturally as a parent and your children grow up into adults that shine but as an employer, it is easy to become sidetracked by your own progress and the progress of your business.
  20. Many employers lose sight of the individuals in their teams but a true entrepreneur brings out the star qualities of others so that they can carry the torch on behalf of the business.
  21. By giving your team members a chance to grow and shine, you cultivate leaders who will in time be able to take over some of the responsibilities you have, which gives you the opportunity to grow and develop new goals.
  22. Developing a team of leaders gives you the opportunity to take more time out once you network has been established. If you want to retire, then building a team of leaders who can take the reins when you retire is essential.
  23. Invest in Training and Develop Your Mindset
  24. One of the most important traits you need to develop if you want to build a successful networking business is to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur.
  25. The foundation of a successful mindset is, of course, belief.
  26. Law of attraction, affirmations, and beliefs are vital for success at any level. Invest your efforts by constantly implementing, practicing, and improving these skills.
  27. The internet offers unprecedented opportunities to learn from the best in the industry. Webinars, online courses, and seminars are now available at the touch of a button, giving you the opportunity to watch the masters in action and to learn from them.
  28. Implement what you learn. Set yourself a goal to learn or implement new techniques to ensure you get the most from your investment.
  29. Although the personality traits of successful entrepreneurs are as varied and endless as the entrepreneurs themselves, entrepreneurs share some basic qualities.
  30. Here are some of the characteristics you should think about and acquire to increase your chances of being a successful entrepreneur:
  31. *Constantly seek to solve the problems of your clients. These are the problems that will give you future business opportunities.
  32. *Don’t begrudge others their success but instead respect them and learn from them. Analyze what they are doing right because life is too short to learn from your own mistakes.
  33. *Put your ideas into action. Remember failure is just discovering one way that does not work.
  34. *Focus on where you want to be, not where you are. Losers focus on the race they lost, while winners begin to train for the next one. Keep focused on what you want to achieve and keep moving the goal post.
  35. *Focus on what you want to become.
  36. *Do not place value on acceptance or approval.
  37. *Constantly strive to learn more about your industry, about people, and about life in general.
  38. *Learn to be grateful for everything you have without feeling entitled to anything.
  39. Create a foolproof system
  40. You see it on every level of business and society: people fail, systems don’t.
  41. If you plan to retire in two years, then you need to invest in developing a system that others can implement easily or one that delivers consistent results.
  42. Creating a foolproof system requires a lot of thought and an ability to assess what works for you, and what works for your team.
  43. You need to recognize the characteristics that are important in each aspect of your business, and you need to quantify those characteristics to create a set of detailed instructions that will allow your employees to repeat the process.
  44. The system will most likely never be complete. Keep learning from results to improve the system and teach your team to keep growing by analyzing their results.
  45. A foolproof system includes the how, what, when, and why of your entire process.
  46. If you can quantify and capture the things you do for success, you can pass that onto your team and to the leaders in your team, and train them to train their team.
  47. If you have a comprehensive system then you stand a good chance of creating a system that will not only fund your retirement, but will fund you and your family for the rest of time.
  48. Become a great leader and invest in your Brand – YOU
  49. We all know we are unique. We have different talents. We have all heard someone tell us that, “there is no one in the world quite like you.”
  50. We also accept that whether we are building a network marketing business or working for an employer, we sell our services for money.
  51. Yet few entrepreneurs realize that what they are actually doing is selling their brand. The brand is YOU.
  52. The exercise of establishing yourself as a brand can be a great way to focus on your core skills, what you have to offer, and what you want to achieve.
  53. Your customers don’t work with your company, they work with you. They are buying into you, not into your product line.
  54. Establishing yourself as your brand gives you the opportunity to build a business of followers, rather than customers. When followers buy into you as a brand, they will follow you irrespective of what you sell in the future.
  55. Here are some tips for establishing YOU as a brand:
  56. 1. Be authentic – Don’t be tempted to follow trends. Be yourself. Take time to work out what makes you unique. Ask yourself why people are attracted to you and what you have to say, and focus on those qualities for your brand.
  57. 2. Be true to yourself and your brand – Once you have established your characteristics and strengths, be true to your brand. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a few minutes to ruin one.
  58. 3. Promote your brand – Use every opportunity to promote your brand. You are after all your most valuable commodity. Invest in promoting your brand in the same way you would promote your most important product.
  59. 4. Define your Niche and Focus – Make sure you know your target market in terms of who you are aiming at and who you appeal to. Marketing that is unfocused is a waste of time and resources, and building a brand is similar to marketing.
  60. 5. Reach out on social media and via email and connect with your target audience as often as possible.
  61. Sharing is caring and if you genuinely reach out to your followers and share your knowledge and wisdom with them, you are in effect building brand ambassadors who will help you to build your brand.
  62. Remember – You are your most valuable commodity – and personal branding is a way of implementing marketing strategies to grow your most important product.
  63. Implementing a Strategy to Retire in Two Years with Network Marketing
  64. If you want to retire in two years, then you need to devise a plan to do so. Take the time to focus on what you want, believe you can achieve it, and create a roadmap for your success.
  65. Network marketing offers incredible opportunities for those willing to learn and to put what they learn into practice. Use the tips and techniques above, build you own team of winners and leaders, and teach them to be leaders so that you can retire.
  66. Network marketing can truly be a way to pay-it- forward, not just for yourself but also for your entire team.
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