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Sections a4 final_high

  1. 1. Communicationsfor allWe believe that connectivity is astarting point for economic growthand improved quality of life. Connectivity is improving livelihoods… For every 10% increase in broadband penetration, GDP increases by one percentage point Source: Ericsson and Arthur D. Little, 2010-2011 To date Connect To Learn has brought 21st-century education to 33 schools …by making around the world education available to everyone… About 2.5 billion people worldwide are unbanked …by bridging the – yet 1.7 billion of them digital divide… have mobile phones with the potential to access m-commerce servicesSource: World Bank There are 43 million refugees worldwide …by fostering peace and 185,000 people have registered on the reconnecting Refugees United mobile platform families… Source: Refugees United and UNHCR …and by supporting Ericsson Response disaster-relief volunteers have assisted in more than 40 relief efforts. efforts in 30 countries over the past 12 years Source: Ericsson
  2. 2. reducing ourenvironmentalimpactWe are reducing ourenvironmental impactthroughout our value chain. The carbon footprint of an average ICT user is estimated to decrease 20% between 2007 By 2017, 85% of the world’s and 2020… population will have access to mobile-broadband coverage via 3G networks Ericsson’s Psi Ψ 3G coverage …so we are solution reduces power designing consumption by up to 40% products and solutions to The Antenna-Integrated Radio make this (AIR) cuts energy consumption happen… by 40% Ericsson increased its video conference rooms globally by …finding 60% in 2012, contributing to smarter ways of the reduction of CO 2e working… emissions per employee …and reducing carbon emissions34% of our global in our ownfacilities use certified operations. In Sweden, we have usedgreen electricity 100% certified green electricity since 2008and 74% at measuredEuropean facilities Source: Ericsson
  3. 3. enabling alow-carboneconomy Wa ste Transport & travel 13% 3% Forestry 17%The ICT sector contributes Industry ICT 2% Agriculture 14%about 2% of global CO 2 e 19%emissions, but can helpeliminate a significant portion Buildings 8% Energy supply 26%of the remaining 98% fromother industries. ICT 2%Source:Ericsson andTeliaSonera, 2012 By 2050, 70% of the global population will reside in an urban area or city. Source: UN HABITATThe SMARTer 2020 studyestimates that ICT-enabledsolutions could reduceglobal CO 2e emissions by ICT solutions16.5% in 2020 will enable theSource: GeSI low-carbon economy of the future… The CO 2e from an annual mobile subscription is equal to driving a car for about 1.5 hoursSmart grids can help address67% of the energy lost dueto inefficiencies before Stockholm Royal …and will transformreaching the consumer Seaport is an industries andSource: Ernest Orlando Lawrence ICT-enabled cityBerkeley National Laboratory and GeSI cities. district that will be climate-positive by 2030 Source: Stockholm Royal Seaport Innovation Center 373 A 2012 study of eight ICT-related services in six countries showed they could produce energy savings of 373 million million barrels of oil equivalents per year Source: Yankee Group and GeSI Source: Ericsson
  4. 4. conducting business responsibly Wherever we operate, integrity and high ethical standards are fundamental to our work. Through high ethical standards and our Close to 100% of Ericsson Code of Business employees worldwide have Ethics, we promote fair acknowledged our Code of employment, safe Business Ethics working conditions and concern for the environment. We have zero tolerance for Our auditors conducted corruption… over 640 supplier Code of Conduct audits in 2012 …and put human rights in focus throughout our value chain. In 2012, Ericsson joined the Institute for Human Rights and Business Framework to discuss best practice for corporate responsibility in Myanmar Our Sales Compliance Board is improving internal governance of human rights issues in the sales processSource: Ericsson